What Other Exercises Should Be Done with Deadlifts?

When deciding what other movements can be performed for deadlifts, you can remember your aspirations and what you want to do during your workout.

If you require a deadlift supplementary exercise, a deadlift complementary exercise, a deadlift hybrid exercise, or a deadlift training exercise to complete the package, you must consider how one of these activities can help you develop the deadlift.

Choosing an exercise would focus on whether you want to boost your deadlift max, power, or stamina over the span of months, weeks, or years.

What Other Exercises Should Be Done with Deadlifts?

What Exercise to Pair with Deadlifts?

There are several movements that can be combined with deadlifts.

The deadlift should be combined with the bench press, burpees, thrusters, pull-ups, or squats.

Jumping jacks, sit-ups, RDLs, and stationary cycling sprints are also drills

It all depends on what the fitness objectives are.

Do you want to bulk up, gain stamina, and provide a better foundation of support?

When choosing which workout to combine with your deadlift, you can ask yourself all of these questions.

You must also decide on the frequency, speed, period, and form of the deadlift.

In other terms, how often do you deadlift, how explosive are you on contraction, how long do you do these for, and are you doing a normal, sumo, or Romanian deadlift?

Both of these factors come into play when deciding which workout to combine with the deadlift.

Another workout that can be performed using a deadlift:

  • Pistol squats.
  • Curtsy Lunges.
  • Wide Grip Pullups.
  • Romanian split squats.
  • Mountain Climbers.
  • Push-up Jacks.
  • Bench Press.
  • Bicep Curls.
  • Dips.
  • Planks.

Deadlift Supplemental Exercises

What Other Exercises Should Be Done with Deadlifts

When deciding what other workouts to perform for deadlifts, you can suggest performing a deadlift supplementary workout.

A supplementary exercise for the deadlift is something that mimics the normal deadlift and improves the capacity to perform so.

This may be a sumo squat, a sumo deadlift, a Romanian Deadlift (RDL), a front squat, or a back squat.

You’re doing the same general activity style, but with a subtle focus on different muscle classes.

Power Clean is one of the supplementary drills for the deadlift.

  • Power Clean.
  • Sumo Squat.
  • Sumo Deadlift.
  • Jump Squats.
  • Romanian Deadlift (RDL).
  • Front Squat.
  • Back Squat.
  • Thrusters.
  • Wall Balls.
  • Banded or Chained Deadlifts.

Deadlift Complementary Exercises

The deadlift parallel workout is another exercise that can be completed for deadlifts.

These exercises will help you develop the accessory muscles that will help you produce a strong deadlift.

The bigger your complementary muscles are, the simpler it would be for the big muscle movers such as the quads, glutes, and back to raise the heavyweight.

Choose movements such as band runs, lunges, and hip flexors.

These movements would work the muscles of the inner and outer leg, the lower back, the quads, and the glutes.

Reverse Lunges are one of the deadlift complement movements.

  • Reverse Lunges.
  • Curtsy Lunges.
  • Band Walks.
  • Glute Ham Raise.
  • Hip Abduction and Adduction.
  • Plank.
  • Side Lunges.
  • Clams.
  • Jump Lunges.
  • Kettlebell Swings.

Deadlift Combination Exercise

The deadlift hybrid workout is a different style of exercise that can be performed with the deadlift.

This is an exercise that you should do right after the deadlift to complete a superset.

Exercises such as the hang tidy, thrusters, and renegade rows may be used.

Most of these deadlift hybrid exercises would enable you to either do your deadlift with dumbbells or switch to dumbbells after your deadlift.

Any of them let you use the barbell to jump right into the next workout.

Power Clean is another movement that can be combined with the deadlift hybrid exercise.

  • Thrusters.
  • Hang Clean.
  • Renegade Rows.
  • Situps.
  • Glute Raises.
  • Ab Rolls.
  • RDL’s.
  • Standing Rows.
  • Reverse Flies.

Deadlift Preparation Exercises

What Other Exercises Should Be Done with Deadlifts

Some drills to perform with a deadlift include deadlift training exercises.

These can help to brace and warm up the body for a strenuous deadlift session.

Ride a stationary bike for 10 minutes, stroll on the stair climber, perform any air squats or sprint for 10 minutes.

This will prepare your legs and back muscles for your deadlift exercise.

Some deadlift training drills include jogging or running.

  • Run or Jog.
  • Ride a Stationary Bike.
  • Walk on the stair climber.
  • Air squats.
  • Jumping Jacks.
  • Jump Rope.
  • Walking Lunges.
  • Elliptical.

Best Exercises to Improve Deadlift

Finally, these are the easiest workouts to boost the deadlift.

These exercises can specifically challenge the quads, glutes, spine, and hamstrings.

They can engage various muscle groups while still promoting complete leg flexibility.

Banded or Chained Box Squats are excellent movements for improving deadlift.

  • Split Squats.
  • RDL’s.
  • Glute Raises.
  • Nordic Ham Curls.
  • Jump Squats.
  • Weighted Lunges.
  • Kettlebell Swings.
  • Romanian Deadlift.

The Romanian deadlift is a perfect movement to perform for the deadlift.

This can best be done using a single leg and dumbbells.

They can target the posterior chain more thoroughly, like the hamstrings and glutes.

Combine this with the regular deadlift for a more intense deadlift exercise.

Workouts to Increase Deadlift Max

Combine the exercises mentioned above to create a difficult and demanding routine if you’re searching for exercises to boost deadlift intensity and workouts to raise your deadlift max.

Combine the deadlifts with other movements to build a HIIT workout.

To raise your deadlift limit, make sure to gradually increase your reps, sets, speed, and type.

Perform full-body exercises. To get a more full raise, incorporate bands and chains into the workouts.

You will potentially raise the deadlift by 100 to 200 pounds in a single year if you regularly train hard during the year.

Should I start my workout with deadlifts?

You will profit from performing the first, second, or in either order. You’ll be allowed to use more weight if you do them first. So, if you want to improve the deadlift statistics, start with them. Doing them last allows you to exercise intensely while also stimulating your back, but without using too much weight.

How Often Should I Do Deadlifts? – How Many Times a Week Should You Do Deadlifts?

Training deadlifts 1 to 3 days a week can support both novice and intermediate lifters. There could be an argument for deadlifting more often, for example, whether you’ve reached a power deficit or want more advanced practice, but you must closely monitor the difficulty and volume of such exercises.


If you’ve determined what other workouts you can do for your deadlifts depending on your priorities, it should be simpler to design a routine that will develop muscle and stamina, challenge your body, aid in weight loss, and provide you with a solid and sturdy set of legs.

Your back power, as well as your posture and equilibrium, will strengthen. Remember to perform some supplementary, parallel, mix, and deadlift training workouts in addition to the deadlift to strengthen the deadlift week after week.

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