15 Best Vertical Jump Training Equipment

The latest vertical jump training equipment is used by the best athletes in the country.

Vertical jump equipment not only helps you jump further but will also help you improve your pace and stamina.

Have you ever seen an athlete who seems to be superior to anyone he meets?

In my time, I’ve had the privilege of training a few of them.

What sets them apart from the competition still appears to boil down to a few key factors.

They put in more effort than anyone else and take the requisite action to achieve results.

They put in more effort in the gym, in drills, and in honing their craft than their peers.

I eventually found a smidgeon of this special sauce when I was in my mid-twenties.

I began practicing in the proper manner, lifting in the proper manner, and doing so in a progressive and methodical manner.

I’d perform wind sprints with my buddy, use a pace and agility ladder on a daily basis to develop my quickness and footwork, and use the Plyo boxes on a regular basis to improve my vertical jump.

You can never achieve the expectations you have set for yourself if you are not training to the maximum of your abilities and with the opportunities that we already have at our disposal.

Vertical Jump Training Equipment [15 Critical Pieces]

1- Speed Ladder

The speed ladder is an important piece of vertical jump training equipment.
I ranked the pace ladder first because the calf power and footwork you gain by using one are indispensable to an athlete.

If you’re a football safety, a tennis player, a basketball player, or a wrestler, your footwork might be the difference between excelling and slipping behind in your sport.

An individual with good footwork would have more chances to create a better move on the ball or against an adversary than anyone who does not.

Below are five advantages of utilizing a speed ladder for physical exercise or sports:

  • The Speed Ladder can boost the footwork, helping you to play more aggressively and making better decisions in different situations.
  • You’ll have more strength, which is what you’ll need to beat your enemy.
  • When it comes to maintaining your job, you’ll make fewer errors.
  • Improved stamina, or the willingness to shift directions instantly in a sport, will help you stay ahead of the ball handler in basketball, make a shot on a ball on the other side of the court in tennis, or cut through the small hole in soccer.
  • The Speed Ladder encourages your body to save energy for the remaining activities in each game. Every amount of rest for an athlete will help them rebound better, helping them to contribute more strength and commitment throughout the remainder of the game or individual action.

Grab this SKLZ Ladder to get started. This 15-foot 11-rung heavy-duty ladder can help you improve your agility, pace, flexibility, and balance. Individuals and players of every sport will benefit from this.

Vertical Jump Training Equipment

2- Sports Cones & Discs

Cones are a perfect way to put your stamina to the test and offer you something to aim for during your workout.

They encourage you to practice sprinting, cutting, backpedaling, and changing directions in preparation for your sport.

They can also be used to establish a border or competitive area so that you can practice in a difficult and limited setting.

Their bright patterns will aid in fast object recognition and mental acuity.

Try out this 50-piece package of Pro Disc Cones. These cones are made to last and are both flexible and sturdy. This collection is a perfect addition to every sport or physical fitness program because of the array of high-exposure colors.

Vertical Jump Training Equipment

3- Parachute

The parachute is an excellent item of pace and vertical jump training equipment.
I’m an athlete who competes in sprints. I like sprinting and would like to perform 1 mile of sprint bursts over 1 mile of slow jogging.

If there’s a way to make me run quicker, I’ll take advantage of it.

Sprinting provides a lot of fitness advantages and it’s one of the strongest HIIT (high-intensity interval training) exercises you can do.

Sprinting has a number of advantages, including:

  • Enhanced pace, which can be used in virtually every sport.
  • The more short twitch muscle fibers you have, the more strength you will generate.
  • Sprinting is one of the most effective methods to burn fat, and you will get the same results in a fraction of the time as steady-state aerobic exercise.

The 40-yard run and a 40-yard diagonal or horizontal sprint are two examples of parachute drills. For the resistance parachute, attempt bounding and standing long leaps.

Get this StillCool pace training parachute. This 56-inch-diameter parachute would have a resistance of 25-35 pounds. Combine two for a more difficult task.

Vertical Jump Training Equipment

4- Speed Hurdles

Speed hurdles are a perfect way to improve vertical jump and produce a mixture of quickness and strength.

A speed hurdle practice can instruct you to move your legs upward and then downward to execute a strong ground attack, enabling your body to build explosive lateral or front-to-back quickness.

Many running backs are experts at creating side-to-side ground strikes, rendering them incredibly difficult to catch, particularly in the open field.

A speed barrier will show you how to juke and drop your adversary in the dust.

Grab the Net World Sports FORZA SPEED HURDLES. Made from sturdy weatherproof plastic tubing, these obstacles are made to last. These obstacles allow improving footwork, pace, and ground strike a breeze.

5- Bungee Bands

The bungee belt is a perfect way to help offer resistance while someone is performing shuttle, agility, sprint, or vertical jump training exercises.

A bungee band is usually carried by an assistant who sits behind the athlete’s line of movement and attempts to resist them with a certain degree of energy.

It can even drag you along and push you to run quicker than you can yourself, usually called Overspeed running.

If you add a slope to the calculation, you could be able to cut your 40-yard dash time in half.

Overspeed conditioning at the optimum slope of 5.8 degrees improved participants’ maximal pace by.35 seconds, resulting in a 6.5 percent 4.0 percent reduction in 40-yard sprint time as opposed to flatland exercise, according to one report.

Bungee bands can be an ideal technique for keeping your body primed for the different pressures that may be applied to the body during an athletic event, whether you’re using them for resistance or Overspeed exercise.

To improve stamina, pace, and agility, I like to use the SMASH SPEED Running Bungee Bands. For up to 80 pounds of resistance, you can run quicker, climb higher, and dig deeper.

Vertical Jump Training Equipment

6- Jump Rope

The jump rope is one of the finest items of vertical jump fitness equipment.

I’m still working on improving my foot speed and building bigger, more powerful calf muscles.

When you combine jump rope and agility ladder exercise, the calf muscles will be ready for something that falls their way.

The advantages of jumping rope preparation are that you would be able to:

  • Speed
  • Quickness
  • Coordination
  • Cognitive function

Make an effort to improve your speed. Then practice and re-track how much you can do in 30 seconds. Make sure you’re getting better each session. To add to the difficulty, try single foot and double or Triple-Unders.

The WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope is one of my favorite lightning-quick jump ropes. This rope’s sewing pattern is extremely swift and steady, leaving most in the dust. Dubble the way to seeing the fastest foot you’ve ever seen.

Vertical Jump Training Equipment

7- Vertical Jump Trainer

Your vertical jump training curriculum will benefit from the use of a vertical jump program.

I like the trainer and you don’t have to move those heavyweights around.
You should put it on and start hopping right away.

With only a few minutes of preparation per day, you will improve your leg strength, explosive ability, and stamina.

I used to be fascinated about finding new ways to jump higher. I really didn’t know where to begin.

You may begin a jump training program with the vertical jump trainer at almost any age.

Begin by performing a vertical jump test and recording the highest jump height. Start a weekly vertical jump training schedule and aim to improve the jump by an inch or two every couple of weeks.

You need the INNSTAR Vertical Jump Trainer whether you play soccer, hockey, baseball, baseball, or tennis. This system’s expert craftsmanship can boost your explosive ability, leg strength, stamina, sprint pace, and, of course, vertical jump.

8- Boxing Reflex Ball

About any sport needs good hand-eye coordination.

Sports can not be for you if you can’t convert what you’re doing into what you need to do with your hands.

If you had the opportunity to concentrate on hand-eye coordination when you were younger, you might have had an advantage over the field.

According to one report, children who learned hand-eye coordination early in life became fitter, had a healthier body image, and had better hand-eye coordination in their future sports than their unprepared peers.

The boxing reflects a ball is a fantastic tool for improving hand-eye coordination. It forces you to be mentally alert and fast with your paws, as well as allowing you to practice and develop a basic hand-eye coordination routine.

Try the TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball, which comes in two degrees of complexity. This reflex ball is softer than a tennis ball and is ideal for improving response time, stamina, and hand-eye coordination.

Vertical Jump Training Equipment

9- Balance Board Trainer

The balance board simulator is ideal for surfers, paddle boarders, snowboarders, and skateboarders.

When challenging the heart to hold the body balanced, this board increases equilibrium, body coordination, stamina, and leg power.

The balance board teacher puts the neuromuscular answer to an uneven footing to the test. It aids in the maintenance of attention and body consciousness.

You should do it on more than just your legs; consider imbalanced pushups, planks, and mountain climbers to make your muscles work harder.

Use the balance board simulator at the gym, in front of the tv, or also at the workplace stand-up desk.

The URBNFit Balance Board Trainer is available for purchase. Your balance, stamina, and endurance exercise would be more enjoyable with this slick-looking roller board. This high-quality surface, made of pine and poplar wood, will assist you in achieving your training objectives.

Vertical Jump Training Equipment

10- Interactive Metronome

You may be wondering why a metronome is on a list of items to practice for rhythm, agility, and vertical jump.

The explanation for this is that a metronome will provide you with a rhythmic target or phase pace to aim for while doing a drill.

Let’s assume you want to boost your lateral quickness by having somebody side shuffle between two separate positions on the court. Increase the speed of the metronome and see how the subject will keep up. The metronome encourages and motivates people to still send a bit more and move a little further.

An immersive metronome software enhanced an athlete’s motor pacing and rhythmicity, according to one report.

Another research showed that immersive metronome preparation would help people develop their temporal processing resolution and performance.

The metronome serves as an emotional and physical motivator.

If you complete each workout interval, you can still increase the pace slightly from the previous period.

Athletes and coaches also hit a stage where they are satisfied with their pace or quickness.

However, there is still a need for change when it comes to athletes.

If you’ve allowed your body to hit a fitness plateau, the metronome will help you bust through certain pace and quickness barriers.

Use the Tetra-Teknica EMT-800 LCD Display 3 in 1 Digital Metronome from the Essential Sequence. With 9 distinct rhythms to choose from, the pacing ranges from 30 to 260 beats per minute. You may also use it as a tuner and tone generator if you’re into music.

Vertical Jump Training Equipment

11- Agility and Reaction Ball

I’ve spent much of my time playing baseball, but I’ve had plenty of ground ball practice. The majority of ground balls will be simple to treat. But then there’d be the one ball that tried to take a wild hop right before it was about to reach your glove. You wouldn’t be expecting that, because it would ram through your frame, skirt around your thighs, or go over your shoulder if you weren’t expecting it.

An endurance and response ball will help you brace for the unexpected at a sporting event. It may be the quick hop ground ball or that extra topspin on the tennis serve you have to return.

All of these aspects necessitate fast reflexes and exceptional hand-eye coordination.

Take a moment to appreciate Roger Federer’s tennis game or Mike Trout’s baseball game.

From the ball to the racket or bat, their gaze is fixed on the ball.

This is where the agility and response ball comes in handy.

Making touch with a ball that does not bounce as it does requires a lot of concentration.

Get the SKLZ Reaction Ball Reflex and Agility Trainer for baseball and softball. With this instant feedback simulator, you will have fun when improving your reflexes, response time, and agility. This random re-bounder will keep players on their toes.

Vertical Jump Training Equipment

12- Speed Training Sled

When you combine the pace running sled with the parachute, you’ve got yourself a tough sprint exercise.

The sled works your upper and lower bodies together, requiring you to maintain strength in your back, elbows, and heart while you propel the sled forward.

The sled is an excellent way to develop explosive strength and muscle stamina.

In one research, athletes who did resistive sprint training improved their phase length, which is a common limiting factor for sprint success in many athletes. They also discovered that the sled group’s 30-meter pace fell by 2.5 percent, opposed to 1.2 percent for standard sprinters.

Another research found that sprinters would boost their capacity to apply the resulting force in a horizontal direction during the acceleration process by working with sled weights.

Sprinting behind a sled can be difficult, but it can pay off big time if achieved regularly.

The CFF Gen 3 High/Low Push Pull Sled is needed for serious athletes. This heavy-duty sprint trainer can handle up to 600 pounds and is suitable for people of all fitness levels.

13- Mobility Bands

Mobility bands are an excellent instrument for improving lateral strength and pace, securing knees and ankles, and increasing hip flexor pace for a powerful knee lift.
Mobility bands have resistance in a variety of angles and ways that weights can’t match.

To strengthen my legs and protect my ACL, I begin every leg workout with a lateral band walk after warming up. I progressively improve my lateral quickness by gradually increasing the side-to-side level.

Wrap one end of a band around a pole or immovable target and the other end around the toe for a powerful knee lift. In your paws, grab another pole or immovable object and drive your knee up as quickly as you can.

Bands are often useful for gradually the difficulty of conventional lifts.

Let’s say you want to improve your bench press to make it more full and strong.

Wrap the bands across the barbell’s end and underneath the table. Since the bands become tighter when you get up to the peak of the lift, the exercise can get more difficult. Without the use of bands, this is when the raise becomes smoother.

To give an extra factor of resistance to your raises, try adding bands.

Try these UPOWEX stability and powerlifting workout bands, which are of the highest standard. They increase stamina, stimulate muscle growth, aid in the development of speed and agility, and are suitable for all levels of exercisers.

Vertical Jump Training Equipment

14- Plyo Boxes

The Plyo Box is an easy option for the right piece of vertical jump equipment. Plyo boxes have always been one of my favorite materials to use when it comes to jumping training.

It was still exciting to jump further than I had ever been willing to.

I will drive my plyometric training regimens to the full by using Plyo boxes.

The aim of plyometric training is to maximize strength by exerting full force for brief periods of time.

Plyo boxes will assist you in achieving this goal and can be a part of your plyometric preparation routine.

You’ll snatch more rebounds, spike more hoops, and deflect more throws if you can climb higher than anyone else on the field.

Plyometric preparation was shown to be statistically important for the rising vertical jump in one analysis. The preparation resulted in the greatest risk (8.7%) in the counter-movement leap.

Increase the leg speed, leg speed, vertical leap, and tower over the competition by using Plyo frames.

Titan Fitness Jumping Boxes are my favorite Plyo boxes. On these soft, non-slip surfaces, you may increase your vertical. With a box that can go from 20′′ to 24′′ to 30′′, you can test your power.

Vertical Jump Training Equipment

15- Speed Training Harness

A pace training belt is an excellent opportunity for a coach to test an athlete’s various lines of pull when sprinting up the track.

The harness will test your lateral quickness and provide sprint resistance if you make a quick change of course.

The pace training brace can push you to deliver high-quality ground strikes and make your sprint resisted moves more explosive.

Get smoother, stronger, and more flexible with the X-PLOSIVE Speed Training Kit. Atypical athletic motions are possible thanks to the 360-degree architecture, which was created for real-world movements in sports like soccer, rugby, basketball, and tennis.

Vertical Jump Training Equipment

Conclusion: 15 Critical Pieces of Vertical Jump Training Equipment

If you want to beat the field as a competitor, you must invest in yourself and your fitness technology. You must practice like the athlete you aspire to be if you want to have incredible strength, stamina, and a strong vertical leap. Check your skills, and train and re-test them. 

Never get stagnant with your exercises, or everything you’ve accomplished up until that stage will be for naught. Each week, improve your aerobic peak and continue to challenge yourself to become the strongest physical and emotional version of yourself.

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