11 Best Total Gym Models [Choose The Right One]

You’ve undoubtedly noticed celebrity endorsements for Total Gym. Total Gym equipment has grown in popularity over the years due to its efficacy, particularly in home gyms.

However, the variety of Total Gym models on the market today may make selecting one difficult.

Here’s a guide I put together that looks at many of the “available” Total Gym models – actually, there have been around 30 in total, including original and new models, so I’ve chosen a fair distribution of 11 of the finest Total Gym models.

I’ll also go through the distinctions. With this information, you may choose the model that best meets your requirements.

Total Gym Models Review

We begin with our best overall choice, followed by a costly Total Gym commercial grade system, which can be found at any decent gym.

However, as one reviewer put it, “Serious Machine for Serious Workouts.” Aside from a significant decrease in retail pricing, there is a 10% discount on certain goods as well as additional perks. Keep an eye out for the promotion.

1- Total Gym XLS 

The Total Gym XLS machine is well-known for providing full-body exercise. By doing various familiar physical actions, the exercises reconstruct and strengthen your body.

It also has over 80 exercises that may be used to train various muscle areas.

Its design is strong and comfy, and it can support a maximum weight of 400 pounds. It has six resistance levels or six levels of inclination. The resistance is provided by your body weight.

Three attachments are included: a leg pulls attachment, a wing attachment, and an improved squat.

The equipment also has rails that can be quickly folded into rollers and ladders for convenient storage. A nutritional program, four DVDs, and a food plan are also included with the Total Gym XLS.

The finest Total Gym model in terms of quality and affordability includes a ribbed squat stand, wing attachment, and leg pull accessory with two ankle cuffs.

2- Total Gym GTS

The Total Gym GTS is the most expensive unit machine offered by Total Gym.
It offers the most workout choices, the greatest weight capacity, the longest warranty, and the most attachments.

Total Gym GTS model with a white background this model comes with an almost infinite number of workout options, over 250 in total, so you’ll never get bored.

The exercises that are feasible include the body in all directions — an unlimited range of motion.

It comes with a comprehensive workout booklet that outlines every exercise you may do with the machine.

This machine has the most attachments when compared to other versions. The telescopic squat stand, soft-grip bars, a three-grip bar, and a six-piece strength package are among the accessories.

With 22 resistance levels and a weight capacity of 650 pounds, the GTS may be the only similar machine available if you’re a large man (or lady) – keep in mind, that weight includes any extra weights.

The frame is covered by a five-year guarantee, while the components are covered by a one-year warranty, and the upholstery and rubber are covered by a 90-day warranty.

3- Total Gym FIT

Unlike previous versions, the newest Total Gym FIT machine uses low-impact action to protect your joints.

It includes 12 degrees of resistance and over 85 workouts for heart health, strength, and flexibility. It has a maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds.

The FIT, like other Total Gym models, comes fully built. It also includes four attachments: the famous ab crunch accessory, a leg pull attachment, a two-piece wing attachment, and an improved squat stand.

You may also expect to discover six exercise DVDs, a nutritional program, and a food plan to assist you to achieve your fitness objectives.

The machine is extremely lightweight and robust, making it simple to store and move. The frame is covered by a lifetime guarantee, while the components are covered by a two-year warranty.

4- Total Gym Supreme

If you don’t want to spend more money on home gym equipment than necessary, the Total Gym Supreme is a good option.

The Total Gym Supreme is the least costly choice of the models we’ve tested, but it can still give a great workout. This model provides customers with 60 workout options and 12 distinct resistance levels.

Total Gym Supreme model with white background Supreme can support up to 275 pounds of weight. It has four attachments: an ab crunch, a leg pull, tri-grip shaper bars, and a squat stand.

It also includes four exercise DVDs as well as a food plan.

5- Total Gym Apex G5

Each of the three Apex versions is somewhat different in terms of specifications.

The G5, being the most costly model, offers the most features, with 80+ workout options and 10 degrees of difficulty. The weight capacity is also increased to 375 lbs.

The Apex G5 also offers the most attachment choices, which include a wing attachment, a bigger squat stand, a leg pull accessory, dip bars, two stability mats, and a training deck with a holder.

The plastic card container for all of the flashcards depicting the different activities is the training card deck. Very helpful.

Along with previous models, Total Gym TV access, workout and nutrition guidelines, a user manual, and a DVD are included.

Although you may call me a pedant, I like the square shape of the pillowed headrest. The footboard is also round. Except for the Apex G1, all Total Gym models feature a footboard.

6- Total Gym Apex G3

The Apex G3 has comparable features as the XLS variant but is somewhat less expensive. It features eight degrees of resistance and over 70 workout choices.

The Apex G3 and G1 also include the leg pull attachment, which is a fantastic feature that can be utilized for both arm and leg motions.

Weight capacity of 300 lbs. The G3 comes with a cable pulley system, wing attachment, leg pull accessory, dip bars, and a squat stand.

There are two floor mats to put beneath each end of the machine to make it steady on a level surface, which is a great addition that protects the floor.

It also includes a “Start it up” DVD flip chart and the Total Gym TV on-demand video training platform.

Like most of these designs, including the Total Gym, their space consumption is in the length, so plan ahead of time where it will go.

The machine is 93 inches long, 43.25 inches tall, and 15.5 inches broad when in operation. One-year warranty

7- Total Gym Apex G1

You can get the Apex G1 even cheaper than the G3, but I believe it’s worth the extra money just for the footboard.

Except for the lack of a footboard, all three versions are quite similar. Both feature a sturdy steel frame and good cushioning on the slide board.

With 6 degrees of resistance and over 60 training variants, the G1 offers a somewhat lower exercise capacity.

It, like the G3, holds a maximum suggested weight of 300 lbs (remember, this includes any extra weight you may add in addition to your body weight).

It also comes with a wing attachment, a leg pull accessory, a workout wall chart, Total Gym TV access, and an exercise and nutrition handbook.

When fully extended, the Apex G1 is 93 inches long, 43.25 inches tall, and 15.5 inches broad.

So it’s the same as the G3 and G5, and then they only offer a 6-month guarantee compared to the other two Apex Total Gym models, which have a 1-year warranty — strange.

8- Total Gym 1900

The Total Gym 1900 was one of the first versions available on the market. This machine has approximately 60 workout options and 12 distinct resistance levels (incline adjustments).

It also comes with six extra accessories, which is more than the previous and high-end versions.

Dip bars, a multi-functional bar, press-up bars, leg pull, ab crunch boards, and a Pilates bar are among the accessories.

This type has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds. It also includes two exercise DVDs as well as a flip chart.

9- Total Gym 1600

In comparison to the Total Gym versions mentioned above, this equipment is small, lightweight, and simple to operate.

It also has a number of features, such as over 60 workout options for flexibility, cardio, and strength training.

It features eight degrees of resistance and four attachments: a press-up bar, a dip bar, a squat stand, and ankle cuffs.

Because of its tiny size and low weight, assembly is a breeze. It has a well-padded seat that gives you the comfort you need while working out.

This machine has a maximum weight load capability of 250 pounds. It also includes a DVD exercise and a flip chart.

10- Total Gym 1400

This was one of the first Total Gym machines. Despite the fact that it is an older model, it does offer a few useful functions.

One of the most frequent characteristics of previous Total Gym models is the 60 or so exercises available for strengthening and toning muscle groups.

1400 is a well-made and attractive design, but the bed is very narrow, approximately 16 inches, which may be a problem for those who wish to lose weight.

It’s constructed of tough plastic and strong steel, so it should endure a long time.

There are also eight different resistance levels on the gadget.

It comes with four attachments: a squat stand, dip bars, a leg pull, and a multi-purpose attachment. In addition, you will get an exercise flip chart, a dietary guide, an instruction booklet, and a training DVD.

It can support a weight of 250 pounds and comes with a one-year guarantee on all components.

11- Total Gym 1100

The Total Gym 1100 is the last on the list. This is the most basic, least expensive, and first Total Gym model.

It has the fewest attachments, which are the leg attachment and multi-function bar, as compared to modern alternatives. 1100 features six different resistance types and over 60 workout options.

The maximum weight limit is 275 pounds, which is remarkable given that it only weighs 54 pounds. When not in use, the machine, like the others, folds and stores conveniently.

What Is The Difference Between Total Gym Models

The major distinctions between the models 1900, 1400, 1600, and 1100 are the higher the number…

  • The more attachments you acquire, the better.
  • A greater weight supported.
  • A greater variety of workouts that you may do.
  • Additional resistance gradations.

1- Number of Exercises

The amount of exercises you can do with a Total Gym machine is determined by the attachments it has.

The more accessories you have, the more workout options you have. The Total Gym machine has an average range of 60 to 200.

2- Resistance Levels

Resistance levels are another element that distinguishes Total Gym models. The more resistance levels you have, the more control you have throughout a workout.

Resistance is supplied by raising the plane of the action area, which is adjusted manually with the upright.

All Total Gym models include resistance levels ranging from six to 22. More resistance may be added to certain versions by adding a weights bar.

3- Weight Capacity

When it comes to weight capacity, Total Gym models vary as well. A greater weight capacity, like with other exercise equipment, implies longevity and increased machine resilience.

The weight capacity of all models ranges from 250 to 650 pounds.

4- Extras

The more expensive Total Gym versions come with more attachments than the other variants. Workout DVDs are included with each model. The number, however, changes depending on the model.


Total Gym equipment is well-known for being portable, practical, and capable of delivering a full-body exercise via the use of a pulley system and your own body weight as resistance.

It’s an excellent all-around equipment that can be used for both cardio and strength training.

Total Gym isn’t the only “new kid in town.” We compared it against the Vigorfit, which was unimaginatively dubbed Vigorfit versus Total Gym.

While there are a few more Total Gym models available, these are the main choices that should suit everyone.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to make the correct decision when it comes to the Total Gym model you select for your home exercises.

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