Tire Training Complete Guide: 21 movements for training with a tire

The tire is one more homemade element that we can use to train our bodies. Just as a tractor tire is used in Crossfit, we can also use car tires to get in shape. Here are 21 movements to train with a tire that you can put into practice.

Depending on the size of the tire used, we can use them as a load to replace dumbbells or discs, as support, point to roll on them, jump, or simply as a surface for our feet, hands, or buttocks. They can also be used as obstacles to overcome in the middle of a race or jumping movements.

21 movements to train with a tire

In different ways we can use tires to work the body as we show below:

Exercises with tires as a support surface.

Using a high tire, such as a tractor tire, we can support our hands and perform dips or dips as we would do on a bench to work triceps. We can also perform incline or decline push-ups for greater or lesser intensity, respectively.

We can also sit on a tractor tire or even a car tire and perform trunk and leg flexion extensions to work the abdomen as we traditionally do on a bench.

If we want to use the circular shape of the tire we can perform the classic abdominal extensions using the tire vertically, resting our forearms on it and kneeling on the floor we will roll the element to work the core or middle area of the body in a similar way as we could do with a Swiss ball.

For the lower body, we could position ourselves with our feet resting on the edges of the tire and from there, perform squats on a surface that requires more effort from the body in order not to lose stability.

We could also perform alternating backward strides to work the glutes as we would do on the floor, or from the tire perform the classic dead weight, an ideal basis to gain shape and strength in the lower body that is intensified if we execute it with feet elevated and not on the ground as in its more classic form.

Another alternative is to rest the feet on the tractor tire and the body on the ground, lying face up to perform a pelvic lift or glute bridge and if we support the high back on the tire and feet on the ground we can perform hip thrust, perfect for gluteal work.

Using the highest tractor tire as a step, we can also perform box jumps or box jumps or step-ups or step climbs repeatedly to work the lower body.

Exercises that use the tire as a load

Using a car tire we can perform from shoulder presses if we hold the tire with both hands at both ends as we would do with a barbell, to biceps curls with one hand as we could do with dumbbells or leg curls if we place the tire on both legs just behind the feet and we sit on a bench, imitating the gesture that we would do on a machine.

We can also hold the tire with both hands and perform a halo as traditionally done with a kettlebell or rowing to the neck using the tire instead of a barbell. 

To work shoulders and back we can also use the car tire to perform horizontal rowing with one hand as it is done with dumbbells.

The tractor tire can be used as a load in the classic Crossfit exercise called tire flip, which requires the effort of different muscles of the body at the same time.

We can also use it to intensely work the lower body by performing leg presses as we would do on a machine.

Other tire exercises

As we have said, we can also use the tire as an obstacle and jump alternately between them or in and out of it without supporting or using it as a load, thus performing an aerobic exercise widely used in functional training also called boot camp.

And finally, one more exercise widely used in Crossfit that we can perform with tractor tire is called tire smash or blows to the tire for which we will also need a hammer.

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