Strongman vs Bodybuilder [KEY Differences]

The main difference between a strongman and a bodybuilder is that the bodybuilder focuses on increasing muscle mass to improve appearance and aesthetics and the strongman focuses on maximizing strength and power, regardless of physical appearance.

The Strongman vs. Bodybuilder has always been a heated debate among the athletes who work in this field.

Both of them have their own pros and cons but there is no clear winner between these two sports.

We should not compare these two sports like they are the same because there are some key differences between them that make one of them better than the other for certain requirements.

Strongman is more about brute strength while Bodybuilding is more about having well-built muscles over all parts of our body.

Let us take a closer look at the similarities and differences between these two sets of competitors.

What is a Strongman?

A Strongman is a weightlifter who competes in the sport of “strongman,” in which the events involve physical strength rather than muscular endurance.

Strongman events are usually held in separate competitions from weightlifting events but are sometimes held together.

It is impossible to list all of these types of events, as there are many, but some examples are the Atlas stone event, the log press event, the tire flip event, and the truck pull event.

What is a Bodybuilder?

Bodybuilding is a sport that consists of developing the human musculature to the maximum through weight training and bodybuilding.

Bodybuilders can be men or women. Muscles are built by performing hard workouts in the gym. For muscles to grow, bodybuilders have to train regularly and follow a certain diet.

The goal of bodybuilding is to develop large, defined muscles through consistent exercise and clean eating habits.

Benefits of Strongman Training vs Bodybuilder Training for Building Muscle Mass and Strength

Strongman training is a kind of weight training that includes a variety of exercises. This kind of exercise works on all of the body’s main muscular groups.

It also aids in the development of functional strength. Unlike bodybuilding, which is primarily concerned with muscular development without much regard for performance, strongman training is more concerned with performance-related objectives.

People who want to improve their strength may benefit from this kind of exercise.

Strongman training may help them improve their powerlifting and Olympic lifting abilities.

Difference Between Bodybuilding and Strongman

Strongman vs Bodybuilder

A bodybuilder is a person who strictly follows a regimen of weight lifting and exercise to develop his physique.

A strongman, on the other hand, is not limited to lifting weights and exercising. They incorporate other forms of strength as well as general fitness.

Bodybuilders work out with the intention of seeing improvements in muscle size and definition, while strongman works out with the intention of seeing improvements in performance.

1- Goals and Ambitions

The strongman and the bodybuilder are athletes who train with heavyweights but have very different objectives.

The strongman wants to develop maximum strength and power, while the bodybuilder focuses more on building aesthetic musculature, as his goal is to produce the “ideal” body, similar to how a sculptor might create a statue of a Greek deity.

2- Training

The difference between a strongman and a bodybuilder may seem slight at first glance, but the training of each is drastically different.

bodybuilder’s goal is to increase muscle size, while a strongman’s goal is to improve his power.

This difference in goals leads to different exercises and training methods.

Competitive bodybuilders use dumbbells and barbells in the same way that artists use pencils and paints.

Unlike the strongman, they do traditional exercises such as deadlifts, squats, atlas stone deadlifts, sandbags, farmer’s walks, and the Log Press.

3- How they eat

Food is simply a means to an end for a competitive bodybuilder. It is just a source of fuel for muscle building.

For strongman, on the other hand, being overweight is not an issue, as most people see weight gain as a positive thing because they associate it with power improvements.


Why Do Strongman Look Fat?

The strongmen look so fat because they appear to be overweight due to their huge muscles. If you were to select a professional bodybuilder and a professional strongman, you could tell who is really stronger by performing some basic functional exercises.

Why Do Strongman Look Fat? – Read the complete article here

Are strongmen stronger than bodybuilders?

Many “strongmen” are generally much heavier than the Strongmen; as a result, the Strongmen are much tougher than bodybuilders since they train for maximum power, while bodybuilders only show off their sculpted bodies.

Are bodybuilders actually strong?

Bodybuilders are, in fact, very powerful. If the bodybuilding sport does not emphasize weight, muscle is muscle. And, on average, bodybuilders are much heavier than the average person.

Lifting heavy weights to grow the muscles is a big part of bodybuilding.

Are strongmen unhealthy?

Strongman training is no more hazardous than bench pressing without a spotter, pushing to take a set beyond failure, or stretching without warming up first for a recreational lifter operating within his limitations.

Strongmen’s loads may be very heavy, and injuries can occur during competition.

Do strongmen use steroids?

To compete at any level, some powerlifters and powerlifters take steroids in order to survive in competition.

To compete at any level, all powerlifters and powerlifters (as well as bodybuilders) use their steroids even if they pass their tests.

Are strongmen powerlifters?

The strongmen are not powerlifters; recall that powerlifting focuses on three particular exercises, making it ideal for anyone looking to push their weight-lifting limits.

Strongman, on the other hand, has a more varied training method that focuses on lifting and hauling real-world items.

Why are bodybuilders so strong?

What happens is you tear your muscles through the exercises and repair them with proper nutrition. These repeated cycles of tear and repair make your muscle strength.

In simple words, you get adapted to more weights and your stamina improves.

Are bodybuilders healthy?

Yes, bodybuilding may assist improve bone health. Resistance exercise connected with bodybuilding, according to LiveStrong, places pressure on your bones, forcing them to adapt, become stronger, and become denser.

A healthy diet and exercise may prevent osteoporosis and make you less vulnerable to fractures.

Why do strongmen not have abs?

Bodybuilders do not have abs since they do not work out or eat properly. They are also often large guys who must bear their weight for an extended period of time before their training makes them lighter.

Why do bodybuilders look so different to strongmen?

Bodybuilders and strongmen look so different because bodybuilders are all about appearance; they strive to decrease fat so that the muscle shows more, they want to achieve that triangle torso and slender hips, and they even dehydrate before a competition so that the skin tightens over the muscles.


In most instances, bodybuilders and strongmen do identical workouts throughout their training sessions.

They both concentrate on muscle development, increasing muscular size and strength, and both routines involve movements like the deadlift and squat.

However, there are distinctions between strongman and bodybuilder exercises, such as the weight they carry on their backs.

A typical strongman might carry about 400 pounds, while a bodybuilder would only carry 100 pounds.

The weight differential helps decide what is most essential to each person or what is most necessary for them to be successful in their particular activity.

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