7 Speed Training Equipment for Football [Absolute List]

Speed training equipment has become an indispensable tool for soccer players in recent years.

The training requirements of the game have changed drastically, and speed training is considered a crucial element of the game.

There are many types of speed training equipment available, so it can be difficult to choose the one that best suits your needs.

This guide will help you decide which type best suits your needs and give you an introduction to how it works.

Why is Speed And Agility Important in Football?

Speed and agility are important to soccer because they are the foundation of good play.

Good players must be able to change direction quickly, make accurate passes, react quickly to tackles and jump higher than their opponents.

It also helps them reduce the chances of getting injured, which ultimately leads to increased playing time.

How to Select the Best Speed Training Equipment for Your Needs

With so many options available, there are a lot of factors to consider when selecting the best speed training equipment for your needs.

  1. Consider comfort level.
  2. Research different models of speed equipment to decide which one best suits your needs.
  3. Consider the level of training before purchasing any equipment.
  4. Make sure the one you buy is sturdy and durable.

What is The Equipment For Speed?

  1. Aduro Sport Adjustable Weighted Vest 
  2. Stamina Hyper Bench
  3. StillCool Parachute
  4. MYOSOURCE Speed Bungee Cord
  5. GHB Pro Speed and Agility Ladder
  6. INNSTAR Vertical Jump Trainer
  7. BalanceFrom Plyometric Box

Speed Training Equipment for Football

1- Aduro Sport Adjustable Weighted Vest 

Speed Training Equipment for Football

The Aduro Sport is a highly rated and most affordable speed training product.

It is a lightweight, adjustable vest that can be used for sprinting and high-intensity interval training.

Designed to be worn with or without a shirt, the vest has interchangeable weights so you can vary the intensity as needed.

The Aduro Sport is also reflective for those who run at night or in low-light conditions.

2- Stamina Hyper Bench

Speed Training Equipment for Football

The Stamina Hyper Bench is a soccer speed training equipment that provides users with a perfect training day.

The Stamina Hyper Bench, made of steel tubing, has a number of advantages that are not limited to its use for soccer training.

It is also beneficial for other physical activities such as weightlifting and sports.

The bench’s design allows it to fold into a compact size that can fit into any corner or small space without taking up much room. Its height can also be easily adjusted.

Its sturdy construction makes it ideal for heavy use and it comes with a ten-year warranty to give your customers peace of mind.

3- StillCool Parachute

Vertical Jump Training Equipment

The StillCool parachute is high-quality soccer speed training equipment that allows you to explore different activities for your soccer needs.

It is affordable and available in a variety of colors. It is perfect for players who want to improve their ball skills or simply take their training to the next level at home or on the field.

4- MYOSOURCE Speed Bungee Cord

Speed Training Equipment for Football

MYOSOURCE Speed Bungee Cord is training equipment that helps soccer players improve their speed in a more efficient way.

Soccer players can improve their speed in a variety of ways, but the focus of the Speed Bungee Cord is acceleration and deceleration.

It’s simply a matter of using the rope to achieve speed and then using different techniques to maintain it.

MYOSOURCE Speed Bungee Cord offers two types of exercises for this purpose: the acceleration phase and the deceleration phase.

These phases are related to acceleration and deceleration in sport, respectively.

In both phases, there are three exercises you should try: running laps, toe runs, and whips.

5- GHB Pro Speed and Agility Ladder

Speed Training Equipment for Football

The GHB Pro Speed and Agility Ladder is speed training equipment designed to improve the speed, agility, and explosiveness of professional athletes.

The ladder’s design is based on the idea that competitive success is not based solely on an athlete’s speed, but also on how quickly he or she is able to change direction.

Speed training equipment can provide athletes with a variety of benefits by offering greater flexibility, increased muscle development, improved muscle coordination, increased cardiovascular endurance, and improved mobility.

The ladder allows players to take full advantage of their own ability without having to rely on external factors such as coaches or trainers.

The GHB Pro Speed and Agility Ladder is designed for soccer players, but can also be used by other sports such as basketball or soccer, as it has universal application.

6- INNSTAR Vertical Jump Trainer

Speed Training Equipment for Football

The INNSTAR vertical jump trainer is the leading brand of speed training equipment for soccer.

The INNSTAR vertical jump trainer is a popular speed training tool that coaches use to improve their players’ skills. It helps players develop explosiveness, quickness, power, and control.

It can be used to improve jumping technique, develop muscle strength and increase vertical jump performance.

7- BalanceFrom Plyometric Box

Speed Training Equipment for Football

Plyometric boxes are a type of speed training equipment designed to improve running speed and explosiveness.

They are a common tool for soccer players to improve leg strength and agility.

Although plyometric boxes have been around since the 1940s, they have only recently been adopted by soccer players as valuable training tools.

Some soccer players even use them as part of their preseason training program.

The benefits of using a plyometric box as worthwhile speed training equipment include developing explosive power and increasing the ability to jump higher, which translates into greater agility on the field.

Plyometrics are also effective in improving sprint speed by as much as 8% with just one week of use.

Benefits of Football Speed Training You Need to Know

The benefits of speed training are some that you may not be aware of. Here are 10 benefits that will make you want to try out this exercise:

1. Improved muscle strength and power

This is the most common benefit of speed training in soccer and makes sense because power is necessary for sprinting and sprinting requires strong muscles.

One study shows that after a month of this type of training, subjects saw their maximal aerobic capacity increase by 20%.

So, no more fighting fatigue during your games!

2. Better balance

After one month of this type of speed training, subjects saw their balance improve by an average of 5% compared to those who did not undergo this type of training.


Speed training equipment for football is the best way to improve players’ ability in terms of speed and agility, which is critical in soccer.

The use of speed training equipment in soccer is expected to grow in the future because it provides several benefits, such as better performance and more confidence when playing football.

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