Sole E25 vs Sole E35 – Which is Better?

The main difference between Sole E25 and Sole E35 is that the Sole E35 is heavier than the Sole E25. Apart from the fact that its flywheel is 25% heavier and its pedals are adjustable, unlike the Sole E25.

SOLE is the market leader for elliptical trainers of excellent quality. SOLE is tending to be costlier than other brands, including various business methods.

Both Sole ellipticals are widely known and make elliptical trainers ideal for the home.

Both versions feature magnetic resistance, motorized incline, telemetric, and pulse grips, as well as controls integrated into the handles and built-in fans and speakers.

The Key Differences Between the Sole E25 and the Sole E35

The SOLE E35 features a heavier frame and a heavier user. The E35 has a 5 pound heavier flywheel for a significantly smoother ride. The Sole also features upgraded premium handlebars with built-in controls.

While all consoles are backlit, the E35’s display is significantly bigger. The E35’s pedals can articulate and adjust, while the E25’s do not.

The E35 has an extended warranty on components and electronics ( 5 years vs. 3 years). Both come with a lifetime frame warranty.

The Sole E25 is much less expensive, costing less than $1000. A comparative table showing the differences between the two elliptical machines is provided below.

Common Features

  • Cross Trainer.
  • Magnetic Resistance.
  • 20 Resistance Levels.
  • Backlit LCD Console.
  • USB Charging Port.
  • Bluetooth with APP.
  • Heart Telemetry.
  • 10 Workout Programs.
  • Tablet/Book Holder.
  • 20-inch Stride.
  • Built-in Fan.
  • Built-in Speakers.
  • Handlebar Controls.
  • Bluetooth Audio.
  • Water Bottle Holder.
  • lifetime frame warranty.
  • 3-year parts & electronics.

Sole E25 vs Sole E35

Sole E25 Elliptical Review

Sole E25 vs Sole E35

The Sole E25 elliptical is the brand’s most cost-effective elliptical machine, combining cheap cost with moderate force and excellent quality.

It promotes joint-friendly training for the whole body with moving handlebars and a natural-feeling, well-designed elliptical pathway.

In terms of exercise diversity, the Sole E25 allows you to create and store two personalized routines in addition to the eight preset workout programs intended to suit a range of training objectives.

Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine
Entry-level elliptical trainer with heavy 19-pound flywheel for smooth performance; Power incline feature adds resistance while targeting different muscle groups

Sole E35 Elliptical Review

Sole E25 vs Sole E35

The E35 elliptical is another winner from Sole Fitness. It is reasonably priced and well-engineered.

This $1,499 cardio trainer will last for many years and will provide exactly the perfect amount of difficulty for most trainees.

It won’t be outgrown soon, and it comes with a best-in-class guarantee for added peace of mind.

Learn more about the E35’s exercise programming, unique features, and buyer safeguards in the sections below.

Sole E25 vs Sole E35 Direct Comparison

1- Stride Length

The Nautilus E616 and Nautilus E614 have a 20-inch stride length.

If you are taller than 5’4′′, you may prefer a stride length of 20 inches or more, and if you are taller than 6 feet, a stride length of 20 inches or more is a must. Individuals under 5’4″ should use ellipticals with stride lengths ranging from 18 to 20 inches.

2- Resistance

The Sole E25 features 20 levels of eddy current magnetic resistance, while the Sole E35 simply has magnetic resistance.

3- Drive System

The Sole E25 has a 25-pound flywheel, whereas the Sole E35 has a 35-pound flywheel.

4- Maximum Weight Capacity (LBS)

The maximum user weight for the Sole E25 and Sole E35 elliptical machines is 325 pounds and 375 pounds, respectively.

5- Number of Programs

E25 sole (10 programs).E35 sole (10 programs).

6- Incline, Decline Features

The Sole E25 has a 0 to 20 degree, power-adjustable, 20 level range, whereas the Sole E35 has a 0 to 20 degree, power-adjustable, 30 level range.

7- Heart Rate Monitor

Knowing your heart rate throughout a workout is essential for getting the most out of your activity.

Nowadays, there are many methods to measure our heart rate, but a built-in heart rate monitor provides extra advantages, such as heart rate-focused workout routines.

Pulse grip and chest strap heart rate monitoring are available on both elliptical machines.

8- Console and Display Properties

The LCD console on the Sole E25 has a 6.25-inch display, while the LCD console on the Sole E35 has a 7.5-inch display.

9- Warranty

The Sole E35 has a Lifetime frame, a 5 year mechanical and electrical guarantee, and a two-year labor warranty, while the Sole E25 only has a Lifetime frame, a 3-year parts warranty, and a one-year labor warranty.


The SOLE E35 model has a stronger frame, premium handlebars, a heavier flywheel, and a greater user weight. The E35 comes with an extended parts and electronics warranty. Both versions are covered by a lifetime frame warranty.

The Sole E25 retails for less than $1000 and is regarded as an excellent bargain given the feature set.

Both ellipticals include a USB charging connection that may be used to charge your iPad, tablet, or smartphone.

We believe that the SOLE E25 offers the greatest value for money. Both versions are well regarded and provide a low-impact exercise.

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