Tips for exercising shoulders and arms

It’s automatic if we think about how to exercise shoulders and arms, images of weights, super developed muscles and pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a young man come to mind.

Well, in any case, today we are going to dedicate this special body in shape to detail how to train these important and grateful parts of the body, beyond the preconceived ideas that we can find out there.

Arms are not the only biceps

When training the arms we often give importance only to the biceps because they are the ones that attract the most attention (where the famous ball is formed) and are more apparent, but if we want this part of the body to look balanced and harmonious we must take into account equally the triceps, forearm and shoulder muscles, essential for us to lift weights without risk of injury.

Being aware of which part we are training at any given moment will help us to do it more effectively. Details such as bending or not bending the wrist can differentiate whether we are using more forearms or biceps for example.

That is why it is important to concentrate well when doing each exercise and perform the movements slowly and completely. It is also essential to remain with a straight back and avoid swaying when carrying to prevent bad posture.

Beyond weights

Lifting weights is very important to train your arms well, but there are other sports that will also help you tone, strengthen and bulk up while working other parts of your body.

With rowing, we can exercise arms, shoulders, legs, buttocks, abdominals, and back at the same time we practice aerobic exercise. As if that were not enough you can practice outdoors (I have not yet been lucky enough to try it but it looks to be a joy) or on the machine at the gym.

Another good way to tone your arms while burning calories is swimming. Alternating swimming crawl with breaststroke will get us in shape in general and work on the upper body in particular. Besides, if you are going to the beach this summer, what better than to take advantage of its possibilities!

Nor could we miss the push-ups, an exercise that we have already talked about to work pectorals, abs, and buttocks that also has the advantage that can be performed anywhere.

We can use them to build muscle in the arms and shoulders or even to reduce flaccidity by changing the posture of the hands.

Strong arms are useful in our daily life and help us to improve our overall physical condition and perform better in other sports routines.

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