Schwinn 470 vs Nautilus E618 – Which is The Best?

At various price ranges, the Schwinn 470 and Nautilus E618 are both excellent ellipticals.

If your money is tight, the Schwinn 470 is the best alternative, but you will forego certain amenities, such as decreased inclination choices, and the Schwinn 470 has a shorter guarantee.

If you have additional cash, the Nautilus E618 is a superior option.

Elliptical Machine Benefits

  • Low impact exercise: lessens the pressure and tension on your legs.
  • Stamina and cardio: improves the health of your heart, lungs, and muscles.
  • Weight loss: The equipment burns 270–400 calories every 30 minutes (depends on weight).

With so many elliptical machines on the market today, it may be difficult to select the finest elliptical machine for your requirements.

With this in mind, we’ve limited your options down to two of the finest devices on the market right now.

Let’s examine what the Schwinn 470 Elliptical has in common with the Nautilus E618.

Common Features

  • 29 Workout Programs.
  • Integrated cooling fan.
  • Integrated speakers.

Schwinn 470 vs Nautilus E618

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Review

The Schwinn 470 has a number of features, like an above-average resistance system, Bluetooth data export, and a 20” footpath, which are often seen in higher-priced competitors.

It also has heart rate-regulated exercises, among other features, allowing you to tailor your fitness regimen to your preferences.

This smooth, silent machine allows you to download your performance statistics through the Schwinn Connect software.

It also has 25 computer-controlled resistance levels, allowing you to customize the intensity of your exercise.

The Schwinn 470 also has a 10-degree motorized adjustable ramp, allowing you to regulate the inclination to fit your exercise requirements.

Schwinn Fitness 470 Elliptical
10° motorized adjustable ramp enables incline control for fun and challenging workouts; 25 levels of resistance for a wide range of workout intensity options

Nautilus E618 Elliptical Review

The Nautilus E618 pedals include footplates that may be adjusted to provide personalized heel support. Its multi-position handlebars include built-in controls that let you change the slope and resistance throughout your workout.

Nautilus E618 Elliptical Black, One Size
Your purchase includes One Nautilus Elliptical Trainer E618; Raises or lowers the incline from 0-10 degrees at the touch of a button

Schwinn 470 vs Nautilus E618 [Direct Comparison]

1- Features

Both elliptical machines utilize Bluetooth technology and feature a media shelf for consumers to use.

Aside from that, they are both comparable in terms of their capacity to connect with other fitness monitoring applications.

For fitness monitoring, the Schwinn 470 elliptical connects to the Schwinn Trainer App, while the Nautilus E618 connects to the Nautilus Trainer 2 app.

The Nautilus model has a cooling fan and built-in speakers. The Schwinn 470, on the other hand, comes equipped with built-in speakers, an MP3 input connection, and an adjustable fan.

It also has dual-track LCDs and a USB charging station as extras.

When it comes to strides, the Schwinn 470 has a 20” Precision PathTM Foot Motion Technology stride, whereas the Nautilus E618 has a 22” Precision PathTM stride. Both machines can mimic a realistic running motion thanks to this function.

2- Dimensions

The Nautilus E618 is larger in size than the Schwinn 470. The Nautilus is 73” L x 27” W x 67” H and weighs around 231 pounds, while the Schwinn is 70.1” L x 28.2” W x 63.2” H and weighs about 189 pounds.

3- Weight Limits

The maximum weight of the Nautilus E618 is 350 pounds. The Schwinn, on the other hand, has a 300-pound weight restriction.

4- Build Quality

The Schwinn 470 elliptical is constructed of steel tubing and has a scratch- and corrosion-resistant coating. The Nautilus E618 is well-made and features a robust frame.

5- Workout Programs

Both the Schwinn and Nautilus versions feature 29 pre-programmed exercise routines.

There are nine heart rate control exercises, four customs, two fitness tests, and one fast start workout on the Schwinn 470.

In the meanwhile, the Nautilus E618 includes four heart rate control exercises, one fitness test, and one recuperation program.

6- Incline/Decline Functions

The Nautilus features inclination settings that may go up to 15 degrees. The Schwinn’s inclination can only be changed by 10 degrees.

7- Integration with Explore the World™ App

The Explore the WorldTM app immerses users in a range of virtual environments, such as races and trails in various areas of the globe. Both machines are compatible with the aforementioned software.

8- Heart Rate Monitoring Functions

The Schwinn 470’s handlebars feature pulse grips for measuring heart rate. To utilize the telemetry heart rate monitoring, you must purchase a separate chest strap. The Nautilus also measures your heart rate and comes with a chest strap.

9- Warranty

Nautilus offers an extended guarantee on its frame (15 years), components (5 years), electronics (5 years), and labor (5 years) (2 years).

The Schwinn 470 comes with a 10-year frame guarantee, a 2-year mechanical warranty, a 1-year electrical warranty, and a 90-day labor warranty.


The elliptical is an excellent piece of home aerobic equipment. An elliptical is a flexible machine that provides a lot of value for money, with its many health advantages ranging from improved cardio and more training choices to help you lose weight and maintain your fitness.

Both the Schwinn 470 and the Nautilus E618 are excellent options, but we suggest the Nautilus E618 if you have the additional cash.

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