Proform 600 LE Elliptical Review

The Proform 600 Elliptical is a space-saving elliptical that folds up.

It’s sold at a range of specialty shops and typically costs less than $500.

One of the most apparent advantages is that it folds up. There are also up to 16 degrees of strength and 18 pre-programmed exercises.

There are a few disadvantages to this trainer that you should be mindful of, including the fact that it is a very easy, basic trainer with few choices for you.

So, is the Proform 600 LE elliptical trainer a decent match for you?

Here’s a rundown on what you should realize before making a purchase:

Proform 600 LE Elliptical

ProForm 600 LE Elliptical Trainer
  • 18 inch STRIDE

Design and Comfort: Simple but comfortable

Its construction is cheap, and it shakes a little as you accelerate. Some people have even talked of noisy sounds emanating from this simulator after a week or two of usage.

When it comes to comfort, this elliptical folds up conveniently to conserve energy. However, there is some effort required.

The two-foot bars on the back wheel must be removed before the wheel can be folded. The trainer has easily moved thanks to a little wheel on the front.

The longest distance between the two pedals is considered a stride. Although most ellipticals in this price range offer 14 to 16 inches of movement, this trainer provides 18 inches.

Features Basic

This trainer comes with 18 built-in routines developed by a professional personal trainer. Each exercise is designed to achieve a specific objective, such as calorie burn or time. Depending on the exercise, certain exercises will adjust the resistance for you.

With the hand sensors in front of the console, you will remain within the goal heart rate zone. When you understand the controls, the heart rate is continuously tracked.

On this trainer, the console window is incredibly tiny and not backlit. On this treadmill, it’s often tough to display the fitness stats.

The Proform 600 LE elliptical, like all of the Proform’s recent ones, is not iFit LIVE compatible. Again, this indicates that this elliptical has been available for some time, mostly via Proform’s discount delivery arm.


When it comes to results, the ProForm 600 LE meets all of your requirements for a standard elliptical trainer. Its resistance levels can be changed from 0 to 16, enabling you to build an effective workout with minimum effort.


Product Name600 LE Elliptical Trainer
Product BrandProForm
Weight138 lbs.
Product Dimensions27.16 x 14.96 x 20.67 in.
User Weight Capacity300 lbs.
Warranty90 Days Parts and Labor


If you’re hunting for a low-cost elliptical cycle, consider the Proform 600 LE elliptical bike. It might be enticing to purchase it on the cheap since it is under $500.

However, we will not suggest this elliptical because of the several problems raised by consumer feedback. When we tried it, we considered it to be flimsy. Another disadvantage is that the console is almost difficult to decipher.

The fact that it has absolutely no warranty coverage is also a major red flag.

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