Proform 520E vs 720E Comparison

The main difference between the Proform 520E and the 720E is in their workout programs. The Proform 720e has 24 workout programs and the Proform 520e only has 18 workout programs, that’s 6 workout programs difference.

Are you choosing between the Proform 520e vs. 720e elliptical machines? What’s the gap between the two?

These are two very similar-looking entry-level ellipticals with very low costs.

Many people are left asking, “How exactly are these two trainers different?” because the 720E is only one level above the 520E model (and because the prices bounce about a little, making it confusing).

First and foremost, they all have 20-inch strides, a 20-degree power incline, and decent 20-pound flywheels. With EKG grip pulse sensors and dual-color backlit consoles, they’re both iFit LIVE compliant.

So, what’s the difference between them?

This article will provide you with a quick overview of what you need to know:

Proform 520E vs 720E Review

ProForm Endurance 520 E Elliptical Trainer 

proform 520e vs 720e

With the assistance of professional advice, the front-drive ProForm Endurance 520 E is built to help beginners remain inspired and achieve their goals quickly.

This elliptical comes preloaded with 18 routines and can be used with all of the iFit Coach training programs.

The elliptical’s default monitor is a 5-inch LCD, but the console will also keep your own tablet device at eye level for use with iFit Coach and other games.

The fitness plans, other functions, and factory-direct guarantee kit are detailed below.

Proform Endurance 720E Elliptical Trainer

proform 520e vs 720e

The latest ProForm Endurance 720E has a strong foundation for beginners and a few extras to keep you motivated.

It has rotating handlebars, much like any other ProForm ellipticals, meaning you can work out your whole body.

One noteworthy aspect is the 19-inch-long footpath, which is ideally suited to adults of medium and shorter stature.

For a strength incline, the direction can be inclined up to 20 degrees for excellent muscle structure.

As opposed to commercial ellipticals, the resistance on this trainer is decent but light; there are 20 friction settings from a 20-pound push.

Proform 520E vs 720E Direct Comparison

1- Incline

The main distinction between the Proform 520E and 720E is the incline alternative available on these two trainers.

All have a mean incline of 20 degrees. The incline on the Proform 520E, on the other side, is manual, while the Proform 720E has an electric incline.

This implies that in order to adjust the incline on the 520E model, you must first get off the rig.

You can’t access that from the console when you’re in the midst of a workout. This may be inconvenient (though certain people don’t mind).

In comparison, the 720E model’s control incline requires just a press of a button on the console to adjust the incline when you’re working out.

There would be no getting off the machine. There will be no interruptions to the exercise. It’s a lot simpler and more comfortable.

2- Built-in Workouts

The Proform 720E elliptical has a couple more exercises built-in than the 520E. The 720 E elliptical has 24 workouts and the 520E elliptical has 18 workouts.

3- Resistance Levels

The 720E variant has 20 resistance ranges as opposed to 18. There isn’t much of a difference, but the 720E elliptical has a little more space to expand and peak out on the highest resistance stage.

4- Price

The Proform 520E is actually the more accessible of the two, running about $599 with free delivery.

As a consequence, it is a more common alternative among budget-conscious buyers. However, the 720E is also reasonably priced. It’s yours for $799 and free shipping here.

5- Warranty

The warranty on the 720E is even stronger, offering you more value for your money. The 720 trainer comes with a two-year guarantee on components, while the 520 model only has a one-year warranty.

Why is the Proform 720E better than the Proform 520E?

  • The Proform 720E has 24 workout programs as opposed to the 520E’s 18.
  • The Proform 720E has 20 resistance levels as opposed to the 520E’s 18.
  • The Proform 720E has a larger display than the 520E.
  • The Proform 720E has a longer warranty (2 years) than the 520e, which adds more value for your money.
  • The Proform 720E has a maximum user weight capacity of 325 lbs. as opposed to the 520e which is a maximum of 300 lbs.


In the end, what is best would depend on what a runner likes, expects, and is able to pay for.

Although the Proform 720e has more options, a longer warranty, which will last longer, it will still cost a lot more money.

Runners can go for the 520e instead of the 720e because they want any of the 720e’s extra functionality, such as the Google Maps running mode.

What is the explanation for this?

Well, based on a fast comparison, the 720e doesn’t seem to have many fresh or interesting features that will help runners search for a workout.

Why waste more resources because the less costly one is almost identical?
The Max Trainer may be your best choice if you’re searching for anything a bit more reliable.

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