P90X Core Synergistics [Review]

This is my P90X Core Synergistics review.

Core Synergistics was the first exercise from the P90X series that I completed. This is the DVD that piqued my curiosity about the whole system. The premise is that your core is the synergy from which the rest of your body pulls. My initial idea was that this was some old item that the Chinese and Japanese term “Qi” or “ki.” In some ways, it is; in others, it is simply a group of dudes working out their abs. We should coin a new name for the Western world and name it “Sy.”

Because everything originates from the center and all of your body parts are connected to your core in some way, the main concept behind this exercise is to train your core muscles to make your whole body stronger. You will be working on the following muscles:

  • Upper and lower abs: both upper and lower abs.
  • Transverse Abs are the muscles that surround your upper and lower abs.
  • Side Abs: Obliques

Unlike most other P90X exercises, this one just requires one set of each exercise. There are a plethora of them.

How Long is P90x Core Synergistics?

P90X Core Synergistics is an hour-long exercise that strengthens and conditions the whole body. “Core Synergistics mixes resistance, cardio, and balance training in a full-body, core-focused workout,” Saunders explains.

P90x Core Synergistics [Workout]

1- Push-up with Staggered Hands/Stacked Foot

Because I am poor at push-ups and my bottom body is around 5 or 600 percent stronger than my upper body, beginning with staggered push-ups is an excellent way for me to put a lot of work into appropriate form while completing this activity.

This is a push-up in which you have your feet stacked on top of each other, one hand near to your chest, and the other hand “staggered” or out in front of you.

The wonderful thing about this workout is that you perform 5 repetitions for each hand; the bad thing is that you perform them till failure, which is until you can no longer perform them. If you complete your exercises in the morning, this will help clear the cobwebs!

2- Banana Roll

These are the same as the Banana/Superman Roll that I discussed in my earlier article Cardio X. You begin by laying on your back with your legs and arms elevated off the ground (You are only using your core muscles).

Then, utilizing solely your core muscles, do a series of rolling motions on your sides, stomach, and back. This was a pretty difficult task for me. Julie likes the banana roll (;P), and my explanation is that I’m too tall and my legs are too heavy. That is a valid reason.

3- Crescent Lunges with a Lean

I’m back in my element now; you’re executing a 45-degree lunge from one side to the other. Throw in some resistance bands or dumbbells and either keep them at your sides or hoist them over your head for increased intensity. This activity is much superior to coffee!

4- Squat and run

You’ll need your dumbbells again here. You begin in a runner’s post as if you’re preparing to run a marathon, with your arms fully extended (meaning in a full stride position). Then you just begin swinging your arms as though you were sprinting. You do a similar activity in Cardio X, which I reviewed a few days ago.

5- Sphinx Push-up/Military Crawl

You’re in a plank position – a push-up posture with your elbows on the ground. All you have to do is raise your hands one at a time, then lower them to your elbows. Julie’s favorite workout is this one. She also tortures her poor pupils at Sacramento’s Capitol Athletic Club every Monday morning with this identical activity.

6- Bow to the boat

This is the same action as in my previous review of Yoga X, as well as a motion in my future review Stretch-X. This is comparable to the Banana/Superman; not identical, but near.

7- Skaters with a low lateral stance

You begin in a very deep side lunge and just shuttle back and forth while maintaining that extremely -deep side lunge. This is one of those maneuvers that is better seen than described.

8- Lunge and reach

You’ll need your dumbbells again here. Using the same deep side lunge as in the Low Lateral Skaters, grasp your dumbbells and lunge down until your dumbbell reaches the floor, then return to the starting position, pushing the dumbbell above your head.

9- Push-ups in a Prison Cell

I’m sure I have a few family members performing similar things right now at one of our wonderful California correctional facilities. This is a slightly modified version of the 8-count-bodybuilder that I discussed last month. You begin in a standard push-up posture, but as you go down, you pull your left knee to your chest while maintaining the rest of your body straight, then return to the up position.

Reverse the process with the opposite leg. To maintain your body straight while tucking your knee to your chest, envision yourself in a tiny contained environment and use it as your guidance.

10- Side Hip Raise

Everything is done on your sides, as the title suggests. Check out my article Side Planks for a graphic representation. This is essentially what you are doing. You may change the intensity by moving your arm up or down on your forearm.

11- Squat X-Press

This is one of my favorite Core Synergistics DVD workouts. Bring out your dumbbells or resistance bands once again. Put your feet wide apart and squat down deep so your thighs are parallel with the ground while standing. When you come up from the squat, bring the dumbbells up with you and form a large X with your body. This is the first repeat. This is a pretty basic workout that is beneficial to your whole body, not just your core. I’m a big supporter of minimalism.

12- Chaturanga to plank

This is when the celebration goes into overdrive. As the name implies, you begin in a plank posture and then lift one leg up to your head… or as close to your head as you can get.

Hold this posture for 10 to 15 seconds before lowering to the yoga Chaturanga stance. Continue doing this until you get enraged with the person who made this move up and realizes what a horrible, twisted monster they are.

13- Push-ups while walking

The name alone conjures up images of danger. Begin in the push-up posture, and then move forward with one hand and one foot, as if you were walking on your hands and feet. The caution, like with the Plank to Chaturanga, is to maintain the plank posture and not sag or droop. Take four steps forward and four steps back, repeat for 60 seconds and then go on to the next exercise.

14- Banana/Superman

I mentioned this in my Cardio X exercise earlier, but I didn’t go into depth. What you’re doing is assuming the banana position. A banana posture is achieved by laying on your back and lifting your legs, arms, and head off the ground using just your core muscles.

The Superman position is similar to the banana position, except you are on your stomach, with your legs, arms, and head off the ground. Roll between your stomach and back while keeping your legs, arms, and head up. This is a really effective core motion that hurts a lot.

15- Lunge Tricep Curl Press

The Lunge Tricep Curl Press is a difficult move to master; it’s more about getting into a routine and sticking to it. Drop into a 45-degree lunge while gripping your dumbbells or resistance bands and extend your arms parallel to the floor.

Extend your arms like a tricep extension, then stand up and curl the dumbbells/resistance bands and push them up over your head like a military press. When you put your arms down, raise your other leg and do the same on the other side. Keep in mind that this is all about rhythm.

16- Towel Hoppers

Place a towel on the floor and jump from side to side. There is strength in simplicity.

17- Push-ups with a high and low reach

Because you’re so far into the DVD, this was one of the most challenging activities to do correctly. Begin in a push-up posture, then transfer your weight to one side and reach up with the other hand as high as you can, rotating your core outward with the hand in the air. Come back down and repeat on the opposite side. It’s all about balance and strength here. This exercise is simple to do but difficult to master.

P90X Core Synergistics

1- The Steam Engine

This maneuver was also included in the Cardio X Review. You’re in a deep runner’s squat and all you’re doing is moving your arms back and forth like you’re running. If you’re not completely saturated after this workout, you’re not trying hard enough. This workout is basic, straightforward, and effective.

2- Dreya Roll

I believe Dreya is featured on one of the P90X DVDs. This is a fun, easy-to-do workout. All you have to do is curl up into a ball on your back, rock your body up to your shoulder with the rest of your body facing straight up, and then roll your body up and onto your feet. If you’re a true hero, you can perform a jumping jack, call your mother, or cook a ham sandwich while you’re awake. Again, it’s simple, enjoyable, and effective. Everyone gains in this situation.

3- Plank to Chaturanga Iso

If you’ve thrown your heart and soul into it, you’re probably exhausted at this point. What you’re doing here is transitioning from a plank to a Chaturanga posture and then back to a plank. I was exhausted by this time. It was quite difficult for me at this moment.

4- Defensive back

This exercise will be familiar to everyone who has read my P90X Plyometrics review. You take four big monster-tire strides forward and six hops back. Rinse and re-rinse. You have 60 seconds.

5- Raise the table dip

This is an excellent polishing exercise. I’m not sure I performed them correctly; the halfback almost killed me since I was attempting to perfect my form. You begin in a table position, then raise one leg off the ground and into the air as high as you can, then lower your butt down (do not contact the ground), and then come back up. That is 1 rep; knock out as many as you can in 1 minute and you are finished.

How many calories do you burn doing p90x Core Synergistics?

Although the program claims that each exercise burns 600 calories on average, if you measure your calorie intake and expenditure, you may be seeking a more individualized picture of calories burnt throughout P90X.

P90X Calories Burned Calculator

Simply choose your P90X exercise program, input your weight, the time of your P90X exercise, and lastly the intensity of your P90X exercise to calculate your estimated P90X calories burnt.

To help you choose the right P90X exercise intensity, utilize this easy tool to estimate the effect on your heart rate:

  • Low: You may sing while working out.
  • Mid: You may converse while working out.
  • High: During your training, you were out of breath and unable to speak.

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