P90X Chest Shoulders and Triceps [Review]

In January 2012 my first P90X training was completed. I will finally start my P90X Review after 4 years of P90X. Each P90X DVD will be reviewed on its own. Since today is the first day of my new turn, I’m going to evaluate every DVD with my 90-day program progress.

The three rotations of P90X are classic, lean, and double. Since I’ve been through those rotations now, the rotation I make will be in slightly other order, but don’t worry, every DVD is covered and reviewed irrespective of the rotation you’re doing or doing now. You can just look at the corresponding reviews at the end of this review and then review the different workouts.

The exercises completed in the right sequence are given in each P90X review. I may remark on many exercises, some of which will only be the first time you experience the training. The review will be written so as not to take you through the exercise but to provide you an overview of each DVD.

P90X Chest Shoulders and Triceps

They were good with the previous P90X exercises, but I don’t have to term them hard to dig and to make significant efforts to finish the training. This one, though, is THE one. By the fourth workout, I was already fatigued. Later in the week, I will conduct this training again and determine if it was as difficult.

I give it a 5 Face Charles Award for being so challenging. He kicked my ass severely.

As you will note, several of the other P90X routines have several exercises. I’m going to notice where.

P90x Exercises

1- Slow-Motion 3-n-1 Push-ups

Here are what we are starting with: push-ups I am weakest. Indeed, I’m sort of thankful since this one, I know, is where I most need support.

You begin with a typical, wide grip push-up, but you do it slowly as the name of the exercise implies. You go down for four seconds, then back up for four seconds. Then, when your hands reach shoulder width, you shift your grip to a normal push-up. Then you switch to military drives (your hands are close to your sides). If you can’t do more, you stop. So yes! So yes! So yes! We’re beginning with a bang.

2- In & Out (Not the hamburger) Shoulder Fly

It’s simply an upright shoulder fly no-frills. You do a side rise once you come out of it. You choose and stay with your number here. Choose a heavier weight and do less weight if you desire size. Pick a lesser weight and make higher representatives if you desire tone.

3- Chair Dip

In Bench Tricep Dips here Julie and I outlined this. That’s exactly the same.

4- Plange Push-up

It was a kind of strange individual. The only difference is that you have your hands near your frontal cage, compared to a higher one. This activity is underway by the jury.

5- Pike Press

I never did this push-up, but Julie teaches it in her courses at a boot camp. With your legs extended, your butt high in the air, and your hands stretch out, your body is in a spike posture (mind out the gutter). You next push up such that your head’s crown contacts the ground and returns. This is a training smoking shoulder.

6- Side Tri-Rise

This also happened on the day of Shoulders and Arms. “Lose your weights, since they are not necessary for you. You lie on your back, as the name says. Use your off-the-ground arm before your chest, or wherever you are comfortable on the floor, to grip your shoulder using your arms already on the ground. Then use the arm before your chest to push up your body. It’s an excellent workout in body weight. That’s what I adore!” — Lloyd’s Charles

In her boot camp courses, Julie also utilizes it!! It’s quite efficient and also one of her favorites.

7- Floor Fly

It was a nice workout. I never thought about it. I never thought about it. You need a cardboard piece here or anything that is readily sliding on the floor. You begin with a typical push-up, but you rush with your hand and then push it up and rub it back in with one hand on the piece of card. Do four of them then swap the arm on each hand. It develops some severe chest muscles and triceps to help and kill me practically.

8- Scarecrow

I believe I’ve done some of these in the past; I’ve used them as a Floor Fly recovery. I use resistance bands from Bodylastics. This workout starts with severe bands of resistance.

Put your arms in a posture parallel to the floor with your elbows, using your weights or resistance bands. You are just moving your forearm from top to bottom while maintaining your arms in parallel. It will burn significantly after a few seconds when you pick the proper weight. But a big workout.

9- Overhead Tricep Extensions

This was also done on the Shoulder and Tricep days, although the Lying-down Tricep extensions were also termed. If you have dumbbells, the only difference is that you stand up. If you have resistance bands, they’re the same – “They’re called “Crushers.” More generally. 

When you lie with stupid handles, you stretch out your arms high and just use your triceps to pull your weight down to the facial sides and back up again. You rise up with the bands and perform the same, except that you bring the bands to your head. It’s one of the cornerstones of my usual training sessions,” he said.

10- 2 Twitch Speed Push-up

P90X Chest Shoulders and Triceps

They are termed 2-tweets because you engage your twitch muscles quickly and slow for this workout. The slow push-ups that you performed before are precisely identical to the slow push-ups.

You perform four push-ups quickly and then four push-ups in slow motion. After that workout, I was pretty well done. I could have climbed inside the fetus and began to suck my thumb for comfort. It wrecked me! That annihilated me! (Julie did them last week and had a couple folks want to do the same thing in her boot camp session!!)

11- Y-Press

This is essentially the same as a conventional military press or shoulder press, except you get in Y posture as you’re pushing up. I enjoyed this practice however if the 2-Twitch Speed Push-up did not demolish me it would have liked better.

12- Lying Tricep Extensions

You only accomplished this a minute ago when you were using resistance bands. You perform the skull crushers I’ve just outlined when you use dumbbells.

13- Side-to-Side Push-ups

Oh, kid more pushups! more pushups! Just as the name says, shake your hands and feet side by side (or your knee if you suck like me) and push your feet up regularly. I didn’t show my fatigue in the two-twitch push-up if I was not done already. (Again, one of the favorite exercises of the Julie Bootcamp. The rock!!)

14- Side-Leaning Tricep Extensions

These are like ordinary extensions of the triceps.

Yep, however, you tilt towards the side.

15- One-Arm Push-up

Do not let you fear that. Do not let this frighten you. Tony demonstrates a number of changes. I never imagined I could really push a single-arm but guess what I can do, and in no time you will do too!

16- Weighted Circles

This workout kicks the ass using bands of resistance. These are precisely like the scarecrows, except your arm is from shoulder to finger in parallel. All you are doing here are bracelets that have as much weight for the given duration. This workout I adored. I liked it.

17- Throw the Bomb

Just imagine you’re a quarterback and chuck a bomb (throwing a football as far as you can). You don’t use a football the only difference, you use weight. This is when the resistance bands really demonstrate their supremacy, the harder the resistance is thrown out. Great, great practice. Great, great practice.

18- Clap or Plyo Push-up

For one reason I haven’t spoken about 1 arm push-ups. The finest part of P90X is — it gets out of hand here. It’s just silly, I adore exercises, I discovered it. It is so difficult that at this time even 1 lady and 1 man pushed their knots. For this workout, Tony is really going in the air; rather spectacular.

You’re pushing up the conventional version or Clap variants, but launch yourself into the air and clap, come down again and do it.

The Plyo version pushes but throws you off the ground so you’re fully in the air. Watching Tony do his thang is extremely great. I am on my knees. I am on my knees.

19- Slow-Mo Throw

It’s kind of like the bombs placed together in Scarecrow and Throw. When your arms are before you, return your hands to your ore, then return with your arms in front of you to the parallel position, and finally bring your arms to your sides.

20- Front to Back Tricep Extensions

These are essentially like standing triple extensions, except the front half is added to the workout. That means you’re going in front of your face, rather than just going back behind your head. I’m back on familiar terrain after killing myself with all the push-ups.

21- One-Arm Balance Push-ups

It’s a wonderful chest training and core exercise, I adore this exercise. This is one of P90X’s excellent stuff, Not only can push-ups develop and reinforce your body, but your core as well. You can’t construct your core on a bench with a bench! Both perform push-ups!

22- Fly-Row Press

This is simply a fantastic name that allows you to combine 4 distinct activities. The flight of the Dumbbell, the upright row, the stupid overhead, then the back curling. All this you did previously; you merely combined it.

23- Dumbbell Cross-Body Blow

It’s over! It’s over finally! I am pleased to see it’s finished, this is the first exercise in this program. If you use stupidity, it is the same as throwing stupid cross-body stings. I feel with resistance bands work better since you increase the resistance.


How long is P90X chest shoulders and triceps?

This training takes around 55 minutes. It features a warm-up and stretches for around 9 minutes, followed by a workout for 43, then cools down and stretches for less than 4 minutes.

Is chest and triceps a good combination?

Yes, together you can train your chest. They push the motions, therefore it’s perfect to match them with an exercise.

Can you do shoulders and triceps on the same day?

Yes, you are able to exercise the bottom part and higher part the same day, for instance, on a standard two-day split. Or you may train your muscles—back and biceps, and the other day you pull your muscles—chest, shoulders, and triceps, and your back and biceps.


To conclude, follow the P90X nutrition handbook attentively if you want to get the greatest results and then monitor your progress next. Make sure the worksheets are used by P90X.

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