P90x Back And Biceps [Review]

This is a review of the P90x Back and Bicep DVD. Be forewarned… If you can’t tolerate sarcasm, don’t read this article… You were warned!.

This is the last normal P90X DVD. I’m thinking about doing the P90X+. This begins similarly to the previous DVDs in the warm-up. There are no surprises here. It’s nearly routine now.

The workouts.

I’m not going to go into detail about the exercises in this review if I’ve already done so in prior reviews.

P90x Back And Biceps Workout

1- Wide Front Pull-ups

We did a lot of them in the Chest & Back exercise. There isn’t much to say here.

2- Lawnmower

This was also performed during the Chest and Back exercise.

3- 21’s

This was very great. What you’re doing here is a set of bottom-half curls for 7 repetitions, followed by a set of top-half curls for 7 repetitions, and finally a complete set of curls for 7 repetitions.

4- One Arm Cross-body Curl

You perform bicep curls, but as the title suggests, you move across your torso, do both sides, and then repeat.

5- Switch Grip Pull-ups

This is covered in the Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps Review.

6- Elbows-out Lawnmower

I’m sure you’re wondering what the difference between a conventional lawnmower and an elbows-out lawnmower is.

7- Standing Bicep Curl

You’ve come to the incorrect page if you need assistance finding out what this workout is.

8- One Arm Concentration Curl

Hey, the same rules apply as in the last exercise.

9- Corn Cob Pull-up

Now that you’ve sat down, let’s chat about Corn Cob Pull-ups. We could be here for a long, so go grab a cup of tea. Do you understand? That’s great! I know you’re deceiving me, but whatever.

I think I accomplished four of them WITH HELP. The Corn Cob Pull-up rates right up there with the One Leg Iron Chairs you performed on leg training day, or 1 arm push-ups for me since Iron Chairs aren’t that difficult for me.

This workout begins as a regular pull-up, but as you reach the top, everything changes. While remaining in the up position, move your body to the right, then to the left, then OUT (meaning, while still in the up position, push your body out then back in), then return to the up position and drop down for 1 rep. Excellent work!

10- Reverse Grip Bent-over Row

This is the same as the hefty pants we made in Chest & Back. The only difference is that your palms are now facing forward.

11- Open Arm Curl

These are standard arm curls, but you execute them at your sides to keep your arms “open.”

12- Static Arm Curl

This is the same as what you did on Shoulders and Arms Day. You’ll do 16, so four on each side, then swap.

13- Towel Pull-ups

A straight-up pull-up with one hand holding a towel. Simple and effective. Do them until you are unable to do so any longer.

14- Cogdon Locomotive

It is preferable to use real weights for this workout. It’s a waste of time to do them using resistance bands. Select a weight that is light for what you would perform in a conventional arm curl. Form a deadlift posture. Then start pulling up with both arms, you’re doing 40 repetitions here, it’s easy for the first 15 or so then it becomes hard, if it’s too easy by 30 you don’t have enough weight, if it’s too hard by 30 you don’t have enough weight…

15- Crouching Cohen Curl

This is exactly what you did on Shoulders and Arms Day.

16- One-arm Corkscrew Curl

You perform bicep curls while corkscrewing your arm, much like a corkscrew twist. Begin with your hands towards the back wall, then corkscrew up until your hands are facing you. This is a very powerful maneuver for targeting the whole arm.

17- Chin-up

You’ll figure it out.

18- Seated Bent-Over Back Fly

While sitting, bend down such that your thighs are just a little above your waist. Using your resistance bands or dumbbells, “fly” your elbows out as far as possible to form a scarecrow pose. The trick here is to take off. Most folks who aren’t accustomed to performing flys attempt to push up, which works your traps rather than your back muscles. This is ok on trap day, but not today.

19- Curl up / Hammer down

This works your biceps from both sides. You should be able to perform this maneuver by now. Try it; it works.

20- Max Rep Pull-up

Yes, do some pull-ups till you can’t anymore.

21- Superman

On Core Synergistics and Cardio X day, you previously completed this on Superman / Banana.

22- In & Out Hammer Curls

These are really basic and kick a lot of ass; all you have to do is pound in two directions, in and out.

23- Strip-set Curl

All cards are seen in the DVD’s final exercise. Start with as much weight as you can and begin curling. In the video, he does 8 repetitions, then lowers 5 pounds and does 8 more. You do these till you can’t any longer.


How Long is Back And Biceps P90X?

This exercise lasts around 51 minutes. Tony Horton takes you through a two-and-a-half-minute warm-up, followed by a stretch that lasts just under seven minutes. The major section of the exercise lasts roughly 40 minutes, followed by a 2-and-a-half-minute cooldown and stretch.

Should I Do Back And Biceps On The Same Day?

Strengthening your back and biceps on the same day is an excellent idea since the biceps help with many back workouts. Traditional strength-training recommendations include doing exercises in the sequence of bigger muscle to smaller muscle.

Should You Train Back And Biceps Together?

Back-with-biceps exercises are a clever and effective approach to develop your upper body. Because both muscle groups generate a pulling action and the biceps are involved in the majority of complex back exercises, exercising them together helps you to make the most of your gym time.


In conclusion, this P90X Back And Biceps exercise were fantastic. All of the actions were “doable” in comparison to the push-ups in the Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps program. And, to be honest, I enjoy it.

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