[17 Best] Outdoor Exercise Ideas Without Equipment

There are some outdoor fitness concepts that do not need any supplies.

The ‘secret’ to a well-planned outdoor fitness program is to focus on bodyweight workouts and cardio.

If there is a park nearby, you can supplement your exercise by using the crossbars of the equipment.

There are now workout locations around jogging paths that will provide decent places for pressing and pulling.

Find a sports stadium, dive in a pool, or play hopscotch with a pal.

Any of the best outdoor fitness ideas will not only provide you with a fantastic workout but will also encourage you to have some fun.

So, without further ado, here are 17 outdoor fitness ideas that don’t need any supplies.

Outdoor Exercise Without Equipment [Ideas]

1- Yoga or Bodyweight Workout

A bodyweight exercise or Yoga is one of the easiest ways to get the workout in outside without using any tools.

Perform any difficult lunges, pushups, and sit-ups.

Increase the intensity with squat jumps, crossover crunches, and difficult burpees.

During the workout, stretch and do some challenging stays.

On the next yoga session, try the chair, shark, or eagle poses.

A bodyweight workout or Yoga is an excellent type of exercise that does not require any tools.

2- Climbing the Stadium Stairs

Outdoor Exercise Ideas Without Equipment

Do you know of any empty high school or middle school football stadiums in the area?

Try doing some stair climbing.

This is an excellent way to strengthen the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.

Stadium stair climbers would be one of the most difficult exercises you’ve ever performed.

3- Wind Sprints

Wind sprinting is my favorite outdoor fitness sport.

Find a field or a road and choose whether to race with or against the storm.

This will not only offer you a wonderful workout but will also put your leg muscles, pulse, and lung ability to the test.

4- Plyometrics

Plyometrics is a form of exercise that involves jumping from one position to another.

A tough series of plyometric exercises is a great outdoor fitness concept that you can do without any tools.

Knee lifts, ass-kickers, side-to-side shuffles, and broad hops are all excellent plyometric movements to do outdoors on a bright day.

These exercises will help you gain more momentum, stamina, and resilience.

5- Push-Pull Park Poles

Working the lats without a pole to pull on is difficult.

Go to the park and locate a pole and perform pushups, pull-ups, and lines.

You should even use the pole to help you with squats and lunges.

6- Swim Laps

Outdoor Exercise Ideas Without Equipment

Swimming laps in a pool is another wonderful recreational sport that doesn’t need any machinery.

Swimming is particularly taxing on the body’s musculature, heart, and lungs.

So, locate a beach, purchase a summer swim card, and start working out.

7- Running for Distance

A pair of running shoes is all that is needed for one outdoor workout concept.

Run in your house, locate a park, or sign up for the next Spartan Race or 5k.

Running is an excellent way to stay in shape, boost your cardio, enhance brain health, and lower your risk of a variety of diseases.

8- Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash races

If you like competition, you can participate in a rough mudder or warrior sprint.

You just need to turn up for these one-of-a-kind outdoor fitness events.

Grab a mate and take part in one of these fantastic fitness tournaments.

9- Jacks in All Trades

Jumping jacks are one of the best outdoor fitness concepts you can perform without any supplies.

You don’t even need shoes; just find some grass and begin exercise.

Jumping jacks are excellent for building stamina. They are also excellent for strengthening the legs and shoulders.

10- Wrestling

Wrestling is an exercise that is often more difficult than you expect.

Grab a mate and join us for this strenuous full-body exercise.

This is particularly beneficial for those who are younger and have a lot of energy.

11- Hopscotch or Tag

Return to your youth and play a friendly game like tag or hopscotch.

Play with your children.

A basic outdoor game like this can put more strain on your body than you realize.

12- Go for a Mountain Hike

Outdoor Exercise Ideas Without Equipment

Hiking a mountain is an example of an outdoor activity that does not need any supplies.

To reach the summit, all you need is a decent pair of hiking boots, some water, and a little willpower.

Gather a party and head to a secret pond, waterfall, or stream up in the mountains.

13- Experiment with Parkour

Parkour is a modern outdoor fitness concept that you might consider doing.

This strenuous activity will get you running and leaping in directions and positions you never imagined imaginable.

Just try to be healthy, carry a mask, and have fun tossing yourself around in bizarre ways.

14- Pursue The Children In the Park

An easy, but useful and enjoyable outdoor workout concept is to chase your children across the field.

Park furniture is always strong enough for adults to ascend.

Run up the ladders, slide down the ramps, and cross the monkey bars to resurrect the younger you.

15- Go for a run on the beach

Running on the beach is a daunting outdoor fitness concept.

In the offseason, many elite athletes do this.

This is one of the most difficult exercises for the body and takes a lot of commitment from both your mind and body.

16- Participate in a Water Workout

You will get a workout not only by swimming laps in a pool but also by doing workouts that test the whole body.

Lunge jumps, reverse flies, chest flies, Squat jumps, and shoulder raises are all good exercises.

Both of these may be achieved underwater using the body or hands as resistance.

17- Jiujitsu or Karate

Karate or Jiujitsu is the last outdoor training option that does not require any tools.

Make your exercise enjoyable by practicing your strikes, defensive moves, and escapes in the fresh air and heat.

Karate and Jiujitsu are also demanding workouts for the mind and body.


Some of the better outdoor fitness suggestions for beginners would be ones that you can pursue with a mate. Choose exercises that will not only challenge your muscles but will also offer you a good aerobic workout. Choose a good place for your workouts, such as a forest, ocean, or mountain. All may benefit from physical activity. 

What you need to do is be able to invest in the time and effort to do what you love. The great outdoors is ideal for elevating your mood, increasing your stamina, and keeping you in great shape along the way.

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