Nordictrack Commercial 1750 vs ProForm PRO 5000 [Comparison]

The main difference between NordicTrack Commercial 1750 and ProForm PRO 5000, is that the ProForm PRO 5000 has a 4.0 CHP motor which is very powerful, however, the NordicTrack 1750 gives you a weaker 3.75 CHP motor which is not bad.

NordicTrack and Proform are market leaders in both entry-level and high-end treadmills. The NordicTrack 1750 model is a commercial treadmill intended for home use, thus it is of higher quality.

They are both highly regarded and good heavy-duty treadmills for runners and taller users.

High power motors, 12 MPH, 2260′′ running Deck, numerous built-in programs, Heart Telemetry, WiFi, Bluetooth, built-in speakers and fans, 10-inch HD touchscreens, and 15% motorized inclination are all features shared by both versions.

Both of these treadmills have a 3% drop, which is a more uncommon characteristic for mimicking downhill running.

Both versions have a one-year iFit subscription, which grants access to up to 16,000 more exercise programs and features. iFit Coach offers personalized, interactive training.

Differences Between The NordicTrack 1750 and Proform 5000

These two treadmills have almost similar specifications. The NordicTrack, on the other hand, is a commercial model designed to a higher standard of quality.

The consoles vary in appearance and button arrangement. The NordicTrack costs about $300 more than the Proform.

The NordicTrack 1750 Commercial Treadmill has received much more positive feedback from customers.

A comparison table showing the differences between the two NordicTrack commercial treadmill models is shown below.

Common Features

  • 3.75 HP Motor
  • 2.5-inch rollers
  • 0-12 MPH
  • 0-15% Incline
  • 3% Decline
  • 22 x 60″ Deck
  • 10-inch HD Touchscreen
  • Bluetooth® with APP
  • Heart Telemetry
  • 50 On-board Workouts
  • Max Weight: 300 lbs.

Nordictrack Commercial 1750 vs ProForm PRO 5000

NordicTrack commercial 1750

The Commercial 1750 is a high-quality NordicTrack machine with solid construction and a good selection of training routines.

While we have some concerns about the iFit subscription that is now required for Icon’s (NordicTrack’s parent business) higher-end devices, we still like to see a treadmill that is designed to be both stylish and practical.

This treadmill has been constructed with noteworthy quality and enhanced dependability; nevertheless, we are unhappy to discover that NordicTrack raised the price of the Commercial 1750 while reducing the value.

Still, we can see how much value there is when comparing this rollercoaster to the others in this price bracket.

As a result, the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is our 2021 First Place Best Buy Winner in the $1,500 to $1,999 price range.

ProForm PRO 5000

Proform’s Smart Pro 5000 is a model that sits between the 2000 series and the Smart Pro 9000. This treadmill is a nice, durable treadmill with solid construction and a plethora of exercise routines.

We do, however, have a few reservations regarding the iFit membership and the business support.

This year, though, things are different! Proform has reduced the price by hundreds of dollars, putting the Smart Pro 5000 in a whole new pricing range! Taking all of this into consideration, we have named the Smart Pro 5000 our First Place 2020 Best Buy among treadmills priced between $1,300 and $1,499 dollars.

Nordictrack Commercial 1750 vs ProForm PRO 5000 [Direct Comparison]

1- Console

While both treadmills have the same size, full-color, HD touch screen with one-touch controls, iPhone connector, and speakers, the layouts vary somewhat.

The Proform 5000 console is more square, with one-touch controls running down the bottom.

The Nordictrack 1750 is a little more curved, featuring one-touch controls on the screen’s sides. One is not superior to the other; it is just a matter of personal taste.

2- Cushioning

The cushioning of the Nordictrack 1750 is customizable. You may increase the padding for further joint protection. You may also turn it down for a more road-like experience.

The cushioning of the Proform 5000 treadmill is not adjustable.

3- Tablet Holder

As of this writing, the Proform 5000 treadmill has a tablet holder. As a result, you may connect your tablet and browse the web or watch programs while running.

The Nordictrack 1750 treadmill does not have a tablet holder (although you can easily pick up an inexpensive tablet holder from a local shop – so this isn’t a deal-breaker).

4- Drive System

A new interactive driving system has been added to the new 2020 Nordictrack 1750. There are now two motors: one for the inclination and another for the speed control.

This means that the treadmill reacts to iFit global trails and streaming exercise courses quicker – in real-time.

It also means that the treadmill reacts quicker when you use the console controls to adjust the inclination or pace.

This is a minor change, but many people appreciate it since it brings the iFit trails closer to virtual reality training.

The treadmill simply reacts quicker to your iFit Trainer commands – or to the slope of the terrain you’re jogging on.

This technology also makes the treadmill even quieter than it was before. This new drive mechanism has not yet been upgraded for the Proform 5000.

5- Bluetooth Speakers

The Nordictrack 1750 was also updated this year to include Bluetooth Next Gen speakers.

This means you may sync your music playlist to the built-in console speakers without the need for any cords or plug-ins.

This is not currently available on the Proform 5000.


So, what’s the difference between the Proform 5000 vs Nordictrack 1750 treadmills?

They are both powerful treadmills with powerful engines, extra-long running belts, inclination, AND decline.

The Proform 5000, on the other hand, has a somewhat different console layout as well as a tablet holder. It’s also somewhat less expensive.

The Nordictrack 1750 has adjustable cushioning, a new interactive drive system for quicker changes, and Next-Generation Bluetooth speakers.

So it all depends on what you really want.

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