Strongman Training [How Do You Build Real World Strength]

Strongman training is a kind of weightlifting that involves the use of different items such as a log, yoke, or axle. Its goal is to improve maximum strength, explosive power, and general fitness.

Although strongman training has been around for a long time, it is currently gaining popularity as more people become aware of its efficacy.

The number of strongman events has grown significantly in recent years, as has the number of strongmen competing in such championships.

Lifting items from the ground to a higher position is required for strongman competition training, which includes workouts such as deadlifts, cleans, carries, incline rowing, and shrugs.

What is Strongman Training And How Does it Work?

Strongman training is a strength training program that uses weightlifting, powerlifting, and bodybuilding to target the whole body. It is intended to strengthen all of the body’s main muscle groups.

Strongman training aims to enhance total fitness by increasing full-body strength, power, endurance, and stamina.

The equipment used in Strongman is one of the major distinctions between it and other types of weight training.

Free weights and equipment are seldom used in strongman exercises. Instead, they concentrate on developing strength and power by utilizing foreign items such as logs, boulders, and kettlebells.

What Muscles Does a Strongman Train And Develop? And Where Do I Begin? 

The following is a list of the muscles that a strongman trains and develops:

  • Abdominals.
  • Back.
  • Arms.
  • Chest.
  • Glutes.
  • Hamstrings.
  • Quads.

If you’re new to strongman training, the greatest place to start is with building core strength and explosiveness.

Exercises like squats and power cleans are performed with heavy weights for sets of 5-8 repetitions.

Why You Need to Start Strongman Training

Strongman training involves using heavy items like barrels, logs, and boulders to create a workout that targets all of the body’s main muscular groups. It’s not for the faint of heart, but the payoff may be enormous.

There are many advantages to strongman training. It aids in the development of grip strength, core strength, leg strength, and mental toughness. You’ll also receive a fantastic upper-body exercise that will help you gain strength over time.

Strongman exercise also helps to avoid injuries by strengthening the joints and muscles that surround them.

If you’re looking for a new way to challenge yourself in the gym or just want a new form of exercise in general, strongman training may be just what you need!

What You Need to Know Before Starting Your Training

Strongman training is very specific and, in many ways, a very different type of training.

The drills used in strongman training are not the standard exercises seen in the typical gym.

To prepare for these events, one would have to undergo a strict routine of practicing their lifts and implements from a variety of perspectives.

The typical routine for most people would consist of 4 elements:

  1. Power-based exercises such as squats and deadlifts.
  2. Heavy loads such as farmer’s walks or yoke loads.
  3. Maximum strength movements, such as push presses or the trunk press.
  4. Grip strength movements, such as pulling farmer’s handles.

Strongman Training

How Do You Build Real World Strength

Day 1: Upper body

  • Clean and Press: 3 × 12
  • Sled Pulls: 10 to 20 meters distance
  • Deadlift: 3 × 12
  • Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press: 5 x 5

Day 2: Lower Body

  • Tire Flips: 3 × 12
  • Barbell Back Squat: 5 x 5
  • Front Squat: 3 x 6
  • Farmer’s Walks: 5 to 25 meters of carrying

Day 3: Pull

  • Deadlift: 3 × 12
  • Rack Pulls: 3 × 12
  • Farmer’s Walks: 3 × 12
  • Barbell Rows: 3 × 12

Day 4: Full Body

  • Lifting of Logs: 3 × 12
  • Sled Pull: 3 × 12
  • Tyre Flip: 3 × 12
  • Atlas Stone Lifts: 3 × 12

5 Most Common Mistakes That Beginner Strongmen Make in the Gym

Understanding the mistakes that beginners make in the gym is just as important as understanding how to do what you should be doing.

The most common mistakes that beginner strongmen make in the gym.

  1. Not warming up your muscles before lifting weights.
  2. Lifting weights with poor form to compensate for lack of strength.
  3. Training too heavy too soon, not training enough volume at lower intensities.
  4. Neglecting to maintain proper nutrition and hydration levels while working out.
  5. Not providing enough time for muscular recovery between workouts.

Benefits of Strongman Training

Check out the benefits of strongman training:

1. Get Stronger

Strains on your muscles cause you to get stronger. The more the strain, the stronger you’ll be.

2. Increase Power

The increased strength may also give you an increase in power.

3. Boost Your Endurance

Endurance training is just as important as strength training but people often forget about it since they’re not being taxed as much by it.

4. Speed Up Healing

Strongman training can be used to stimulate your body to heal faster because of the increased blood flow and oxygenation that comes with working out.

5. Improve Bone Density

Strongman training can help increase bone density.

6. Increase Balance and Coordination

This type of training can help improve balance and coordination

7. Build Muscle Mass/Lean Body

Differences Between Powerlifting and Strongman

Strongman events are more dynamic since they incorporate a variety of strength and fitness skills.

Powerlifting is a more traditional weightlifting competition where the athlete needs to put up a heavier weight.

The strongman events are more varied – at the World’s Strongest Man Competition, for example, there were five different events that were judged on their own merits, while powerlifting is one event with three different lifts.

The difference between the two sports is that powerlifting takes place in a traditional weight lifting competition whereas strongman has many different events.

In addition, powerlifting only has three lifts but strongman has five or six if you count the carry.


How do strongmen get so strong?

Strongmen practice with a variety of instruments to enable them to develop strength from all angles of the body.

As opposed to traditional raises, equipment such as the yoke, Atlas blocks, axle, and log demand more effort from the heart and grasp.

How can I increase my superhuman strength?

  • Depth Bounces – 10 jumps from a box 3-5 feet long.
  • Push-Ups with Claps – 10
  • Hops on one leg – ten.
  • Throws with a med ball – 8
  • 20-yard power skips
  • The distance between the bounds is 20 yards.
  • 8 medicine ball slams
  • 10 hurdle hops per foot.
  • 20 seconds on the jump rope.

Which exercise best builds strength?

Focus on muscle-strengthening workouts like dumbbells, resistance bands, resistance machines, and bodyweight exercises like push-ups, squats, and lunges.

Another factor to bear in mind is that your frequent exercises can engage all of your big muscles.


Strongman training is the best way to get in shape for strongman events.

The conclusion of this section can be stated as follows: There are many benefits to choosing a strength training routine over other forms of exercise, however, it’s important to train safely and with proper technique.

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