5 Low Stress Abdominal Exercises

A low-stress abdominal workout should be one that does not strain your lower back, is comfortable, simple for beginners, and effectively increases core strength.

The ‘secret’ to a successful low-stress ab workout is to do something other than sit-ups that do not place more strain on your lower back.

If performed properly, an exercise such as a plank or standing knee lift can hold the lower back in a comfortable posture.

A sit-up exposes the back and puts it out of shape.

Often see a doctor before beginning any fitness program, and never exercise when injured.

Try these 5 stress-free abdominal workouts.

What are 5 Low Stress Abdominal Exercises?

1 – Plank

The plank is a safe and stable low-stress abdominal workout.

Because of the way they do this workout, certain people can feel lower back discomfort.

When in plank shape, hold your hips above center and your abs engaged, as well as a powerful and steady core.

Your abs should be flexed to relieve tension on your lower back.

2- Climber on a Mountain…

The mountain climber is another healthy and simple workout for beginners that will test their abs.

You should do this movement in a plank position or with straight arms.

Remember to keep your hips above your center of gravity.

The natural type of this movement is usually sufficient to alleviate discomfort in the lower back.

3- Standing Knee Raises

The standing knee lift is an excellent exercise for beginners.

This simple yet low-impact workout works your hip flexors thus relieving tension on your lower back.

What you have to do is locate something to cling onto when raising your legs into the air alternately.

Standing knee raises will help both young and old exercisers improve their abs.

4- Pike

The pike is a challenging low-stress workout for intermediate workouts.

This exercise may be performed with either TRX suspension belts or a stabilization ball.

Simply get into a plank stance, then raise your hips as high as you can before returning to your playing position.

When you descend, make sure your abs are high and you finish above the center.

5 – Pushup Jack

The pushup jack is a complex AB workout.

Simply drop into a push-up and knock the legs apart on the way back.

Kick your knees back together on the way up.

If you’re a novice, just do a knee pushup instead.

All of these plank formations tend to relieve lower back tension.


A low-stress abdominal exercise for beginners must be healthy, improve core strength, and be doable for the majority of beginners. Choose an exercise that keeps you in a comfortable enough posture to not damage your lower back, such as a plank or mountain climber.

Remember that the trick of any plank-type movement is to hold your hips high above the center and your abs engaged. Before beginning every fitness regimen, always use the proper procedure and meet with a practitioner.

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