Insanity Upper Body Weight Training [Review]

Insanity Upper Body Weight Training is the last DVD in the Insanity series.

What is Insanity Upper Body Weight Training?

The Insanity workout is a high-intensity fitness regimen. Bodyweight exercises and high-intensity interval training are included. Insanity exercises last 20 to 60 minutes and are done six days a week for 60 days.

Beachbody creates Insanity programs, which are led by fitness guru Shaun T. These exercises are considered tough, and they are normally only suggested for those who have a baseline level of fitness.

Consult your doctor if you want to attempt the Insanity program. They can advise you on whether this level of fitness is appropriate for you.

Insanity Workout

Without a doubt, the greatest aspect of the Insanity series is that there are no plyometric exercises in it. The series emphasizes plyometric exercises, but it also includes some traditional weight training to keep you on track.

In comparison to the other DVDs’ very high degree of plyometrics, I feel the weight lifting element of this home workout set is rather straightforward. But, in terms of doing what it sets out to achieve, it ticks all the right boxes.

I’m going to presume that if you’ve made it this far in the series, you’ll understand what I mean when I say stuff like Heisman’s and Power Hooks. If you are reading this for the first time and are interested in my Insanity reviews, go to my navigation bar and input “Insanity” (without the quotation marks) beneath where it says Search Charles Lloyd Fitness.

1- Warm-up Round #1

Speed Jog: In previous Insanity DVDs, we conducted a standard jog; today, however, we are performing a speed jog…

So, what’s the difference between fast jogging and running?… I’m not sure!

Jump Rope.

Jumping Jacks.

Heisman’s: When executing this, be sure you keep your knees high.

123-123: Just like the Heisman Trophy, make sure you get those knees up.

Power Hooks: When executing your hooks, make sure you’re virtually in a squat position.

2- Warm-up Round #2

  • Speed Jog.
  • Jump Rope.
  • Jumping Jacks.
  • Heisman’s.
  • 123-123.
  • Power Hooks.

Stretching / Rest Period

3- VERY Basic Weight Lifting Guidelines

PowerBands at Home vs. Weights: The trainers in the video utilize weights. Instead of weights, I have used BodyLastics Power Bands because I’m a partner of a local exercise room with absurd weights and I can’t see the point of having a full weight set in my home (when the bands work just as well as being WAY easier to deal with – except for something like PowerBlocks or Bowflex SelectTech).

Reverse Pyramiding: In the series, we will practice reverse pyramiding sets, which means you will start with 12 repetitions at a given weight for one set, then increase the weight significantly (say 5 lbs.) and perform 10 repetitions, then repeat this procedure for 8, then 6 repetitions (if you want). There are just three total sets. Your last set should be the most difficult, with the last rep barely able to be squeezed out (this is referred to as “to failure”).

4- Workout

360 Shoulder Presses: These are seated military presses with a twist. Simply press up with your palms facing forward from a seated position with the weights at shoulder height, rotate your arms so your palms are facing each other, then slowly drop them down so the dumbbells are now in front of your face, then rotate them out to the starting position with a set of dumbbells (or bands). That is one repetition. *Avoid slouching, maintain your back straight, and your abs tight*

Pulse Bicep Curls: If you’ve done any of the P90X routines, you’ll remember this exercise. From a sitting posture, hold one dumbbell in a “static” posture (halfway up/at 90 degrees) while curling with the other arm.

In-Out Abdominals with Tricep Push-Ups: Here, we’re combining two different Insanity workouts. By now, you should be very familiar with In-Out Abs. A plyometric triceps push-up is being added to the equation.

The in and out abdominal parts of the workout is done regularly. Instead of just getting into a regular plank, go into a triceps plank position with your arms glued to your sides in the lower plank position, chest barely a few inches off the ground, and then power your way back to position number one. That’s the third time.

Floor Sprints: Another classic in which you just sprint from a standstill position in plank position.

Take a break.

Round # 2 – 10 reps

  • 360 Shoulder Presses
  • Pulse Bicep Curls
  • In-Out Abs w/Tricep Push-ups
  • Floor Sprints


Round # 3 – 8 reps

  • 360 Shoulder Presses.
  • Pulse Bicep Curls.
  • In-Out Abs w/Tricep Push-ups.
  • Floor Sprints.

Alternating Squat Bicep Curls (Concentration Curls): Alternating Squat Bicep Curls is definitely a better name for this exercise, however, I’m accustomed to calling them Concentration Curls.

Grab one dumbbell from a squat posture and put your elbow (the same elbow that is holding the dumbbell) to the inside of your quadriceps such that it does not waver and remains stable.

Start curling with your other elbow on top of the other quad. Remember, we’ll be reverse pyramiding, so pick a suitable weight. After your set, switch to the opposite bicep.

180 Lateral Raises: For this exercise, get some weights that you can hold straight out in front of you (meaning they will be lighter than normal). Hold your dumbbells with your hands facing front and your back straight close to your sides from a standing posture (position the weight so that they are slightly in front of you). Raise your arms from your sides to the crown of your head. Make a 180-degree circle with the weights on each side at the same side, like this “( )“ – Slowly bring them back to the same position, making sure you are managing the weight at all times.

Elevated Tricep Dips: If you’re unfamiliar with tricep dips, check out my blog article from a few years ago. This video’s variant has you alternating legs up.

Power Jumps: More of them, please.

Take a break.

Round # 2 – 10 Reps

  • Squat Bicep Curls.
  • 180 Lateral Raises.
  • Elevated Tricep Dips.
  • Power Jumps.


Round # 3 – 8 Reps

  • Squat Bicep Curls.
  • 180 Lateral Raises.
  • Elevated Tricep Dips.
  • Power Jumps.

Rest / Water Break.

Take a rest or a water break.

Full Rotation Fly: Do this on a flat bench while laying on your back with your heels on the bench. Begin by holding a dumbbell in each hand and extending your arms out to your sides, palms up (this is a fly position).

Then, with your arms straight, use your chest muscles to “fly” the dumbbells up over your chest until they nearly touch. Return the weights to position one, then “fly” (arms straight) until the dumbbells are above your head, then return to position one. This is one repetition.

Push-up with Front Raise: Use a weight that you can lift with your arms straight, similar to the 180-degree lateral raise. Start with dumbbells in your hands and a plank posture for a traditional push-up (feet at shoulder width). When you return to the up position, raise the dumbbell in front of your head with your right arm (straight out). This is one rep; for the second rep, repeat on the other side. All of these movements are in check.

High Knees with a Twist: Another oldie from the Insanity workout. This is a timed workout rather than a rep exercise.

Take a break.

Round #2 – 10 Reps: Pay attention to your form….

I’ve said it at least a thousand times, but here it is again. EVERYTHING SHOULD BE IN FORM!

  • Full Rotation Flys.
  • Front Raise/Push up w: Be sure to keep your shoulders wrist and elbows aligned.
  • Twist/High Knees w.

Round #3 – 8 Reps

  • Full Rotation Flys.
  • Front Raise/Push up w.
  • Twist/High Knees w.

Take a water break.

Insanity Upper Body Weight Training

Leg Raise /Chest Press: This exercise is also best performed on a flat bench. This is just what it sounds like. Begin with a dumbbell chest press with your legs 6 inches off the ground. As you push the weight up, you will also be elevating your legs and maintaining them straight. DO NOT lift your legs straight up to a 90° angle. The idea here is to keep your abdominal muscles under tension throughout the workout. Each push and lift counts as one rep.

Bent Over Rows / Flys: Begin with a flat back, knees bent, and dumbbells in both hands. Begin to “row,” which means that if your arms are dangling down to the ground in your bent-over posture, use your back muscle to bring the dumbbells to your sides, then return to position one. Return to position one by “flying” the dumbbells outwards to shoulder height, as you did previously. This is one repetition.

Ski Abs: Here’s another workout that we’ve done thousands of times.

Take a break.

Round #2 – 10 reps

  • Chest Press Leg Raise.
  • Bent Over Rows.
  • Ski Abs.


Round #3 – 8 reps

  • Chest Press Leg Raise.
  • Bent Over Rows.
  • Ski Abs: After your eight go for extra credit!.

Cool Down Stretch


Are insanity workouts worth it?

True. Without a doubt. I’d never heard of insanity until three and a half years ago when I realized that the older I got, the worse my fitness became. I couldn’t even bend down to tie my shoes without falling over, and I couldn’t perform a pull-up for the life of me.

I tried it because a couple I know suggested it. Something about pushing play, seeing the movie, doing the exercises, and then having my a$$ kicked without leaving my house if I just hit all the proper keys. In addition, Sean T. That guy is fantastic, and even from behind the camera, he made me want to try more.

Only around 20 minutes of a 45-minute program could I initially handle, and then I would sit the rest, only participate when it was straightforward or when I could collect the breath. Once a week, twice, then three times a week, I would do that.

I was ready to complete the whole program six days a week around three months after I started. The effects were rather spectacular after six weeks. Friends and relatives who hadn’t seen me in a long time were taken aback. I wasn’t overweight previously, but I also wasn’t in shape. I shed inches on my waist, felt strong, and looked amazing, and though I did make certain dietary changes, I did not complete the diet. I ate anything I wanted and made up for it with a lot of exercises. Now I’m among the fittest of my buddies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is insanity upper body weight training?

Insanity exercises last 20 to 60 minutes and are done six days a week for 60 days.

How many calories do you burn in insanity upper body weight training?

Exercise at this high-intensity level, according to the Insanity website, may help you burn up to 1,000 calories each hour.

Will insanity build muscle?

Insanity is not a muscle-building exercise, but it will burn calories, resulting in weight loss and a cleaner overall appearance. And it is this that will give you the “ripped” appearance. However, if you are a slim man trying to bulk up, Body Beast is the way to go.


Overall, this is an excellent exercise and an excellent introduction to weightlifting if you’ve never done it before. There isn’t anything I would modify about this set since it targets all of the main upper body muscular groups. I just wish Beachbody had added a Lower Body Weight Training workout; it would have given Insanity the mirror-spit polished gloss of an already fantastic series.

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