Insanity Max Interval Sports Training

Insanity Max Interval Sports Training is the subject of this review.

So I’m on the final two Insanity DVDs: this one (Max Interval Sports Training) and the final one, which is a total departure from the plyometric program, and we’re in the weight room.

Insanity Max Interval Sports Training [Review]

This exercise is unique in that it is unlike any other Insanity exercise — it is one of the longest Insanity exercises, clocking in at about 55 minutes, and it is designed specifically for sports training, such as football, basketball, and baseball.

What I enjoy about this exercise is that it is among the top five most difficult in the whole series. What I didn’t enjoy about it was how it crammed everything into a single DVD. Football and basketball players do not work out in the same way; yet, it is a terrific all-around exercise for some of the world’s most popular sports.

Look elsewhere if you’re hoping for something intense like a track and field exercise.

The Max Interval Sports Training structure is similar to the rest of the Insanity videos. Warm-up, stretch, work out, stretch, and then cool down.

I won’t spend too much time detailing the warm-up exercises since I’ve already covered most of them in my previous Insanity reviews. 

1- Warm-Up

Jump Rope

Switch Heels: Begin switching your heels kicking out while remaining in your jump rope technique.

Switch Heels Higher: Repeat the exercise, but this time kick the heels higher (yes you are still moving your arms as if you are jump roping).

Jump Rope Side – Side: instantly swap heels, bring your feet together, and jump side to side from your higher position (Be sure to keep your heels together and land softly).

Cross Jacks: Another one of my favorite warm-ups, which has been used extensively in previous Insanity warm-ups. Cross Jacks are similar to ordinary jumping jacks, except that instead of going straight in-out, your feet cross and just one arm goes up at a time (land lightly to prevent jacking up your knees).

  • Take a 10-second pause.

Knee Pulls: I named them coconut crushers when I did them on a previous Insanity DVD. Assume you’re standing next to a coconut tree, with a coconut within reach with both arms.

So take both hands and smash the coconut with your left knee in one move, then do it again, and again, and again…

Because they are rather simple, move at a good clip.

Knee Pulls Low: These are similar, but not identical. The coconut is in front of you, and you must reach out to get it.

Knee Pulls – Hand on the Floor: For this one, simply keep one hand on the floor and keep doing your Knee Pulls Low. Your left hand will be in contact with the ground.

  • No Break repeat the sequence.

2- Water Break

Sport Number 1: Boxing

Jab Across: A jab is a punch with your non-dominant hand, but we’ll ignore that for this drill. Simply striking “across” your body from right to left is Jab Across. So your right-hand strikes left and your left-hand punches right….straight across (at shoulder height) (Note: Don’t simply punch the air; watch where you’re striking as if you’re practicing for a battle.)

Jab Across 2 & 2: This is the same drill as previously, however instead of punching once, you punch twice before switching.

Jab Across 4 & 4: This is the same drill as previously, however instead of punching twice, you punch four times before switching.

Jab Across 8 & 8: Same as previously, except instead of punching four times, you punch eight times before switching.

Uppercuts: Uppercuts are similar to jabs for the purposes of this DVD, but instead of striking straight across like you just did, uppercuts strike your opponent behind the jaw. When you’re “uppercutting,” be sure you’re bending your knees.

8 Jabs / 8 Power Jumps: “These are a pain when you’re already weary and attempting to work out,” says C. Lloyd. You’re punching straight forward, but unlike in real boxing, you’re standing neutral (that is, instead of standing in a boxer’s position with one leg in front of the other, your legs are shoulder-width apart as if preparing to perform some jumping jacks).

After your 8 standing alternating jabs, jump right into 8 Power Jumps. If you’re unfamiliar with Power Jumps, they’re just leaping into the air and contacting your knees with your hands (while at waist height…yes, in the air). Using your abs is quite beneficial!

Sport Number 2: (American) Football

Football Drills: These were difficult in the last exercise, and they are still difficult today. Doing “Fast Feet” – Legs at shoulder-width apart, knees bent, hands at shoulder height and in a pseudo run, meaning your legs are moving quickly in place – is a Football practice.

When the signal is given, immediately drop into plank position with your elbows at your sides and alternately move to the left or right for an eight-count (while in plank). Then, when the signal comes, go back into position one – here is when a strong core comes in handy.

  • Take a break

Triceps Pulses: Begin in a plank posture with your feet around shoulder-width apart and your elbows glued to your sides. Do one-inch push-ups starting from a plank posture.

  • Take a break.

Starting in a low crouch, pretend to embrace a tree while hopping 4 times to the right and then 4 times to the left.

Offensive Line Elbow: Similar to the Tackle workout, this time you’ll be throwing some short elbows in the face of your opponents – use your left elbow while jumping to the left, and your right elbow while hopping to the right.

Sport Number 3: Basketball

3-point Shot – Run: So, just like you’re shooting a three-pointer, put up eight three-pointers. You’ll have to leap a lot because you’re 5’5 and your guard is 7’2 and you’ll have to get over them (Shoot with the same hand, as the leg that you have in front of you, i.e. shoot with your left if your left leg is in front of you, then alternate after the Run).

Then envision a three-point line in front of you, and you have to “quick feet” all the way to the other side, then start shooting threes with your other hand and leg in front of you. *Land softly* to avoid injuring your back and knees.

  • Take a break

Guard Drills: Begin in a low squat once again. Hold your arms straight out to the side this time, as if you’re protecting a basketball player. Then, while staying in that low squat, jump back three times using your quadriceps and glutes (butt muscles), then make a full 180-degree rotation and repeat the practice.

To get the most out of this exercise, make sure you go into a low squat with your butt back. **Again, keep an eye on your hop** You don’t want to jack up your back. Also, avoid arching your back.

  • Take a break.

Suicide Drills: Insanity has enough suicide drills to cover your whole family and then some. But we’re going to do them all over again. If you are visiting my site for the first time, I will go through them briefly. Suicide exercises consist of just sprinting side to side and touching the ground with the same hand as the outer leg after 5 shuffles. The most difficult element for me at this point was maintaining the intensity since I was really exhausted.

  • Take a break.

Basketball Dribble: These are similar to the iconic Alternating Jump Lunges, but the only difference is that your arms move in the air like you’re dribbling the ball between your legs. (Can you tell me what Alternating Jump Lunges are? Jump Lunges are similar to leaping from the bottom of a runner’s lunge and switching legs in the air before landing in a low lunge).

Sport Number 4: Gymnastics

Pike Jump: Starting in a Pike Position, this time you may raise your butt as high as you can, then perform a short jump with your legs and land gently with your knees bent. Make sure your shoulders, elbows, and wrists are all aligned.

  • Take a break.

Pendulum: I adore them, and they’re also a great oblique workout. Starting in the same Pike position as before, but this time with your legs at around shoulder-width apart, “pendulum” your legs from side to side, meaning start off standing on one leg, then kick out your opposing leg as your other leg comes in to be the standing leg. To prevent damage, keep your knees bent when your legs/footfall down. Only one foot should be on the ground at a time.

  • Take a break.

I covered the following set of exercises in my previous Insanity Review, so I’ll just go through them again briefly.

6 Inches: My very last article and DVD I just covered was on performing 6-inch leg raises, so start in a C-Sit, then lift your legs 6 inches off the ground while on your buttocks for the time provided.

  • 5 Second Break

Flutter Kicks: Similar to 6 inches, except instead of kicking (legs up and down) the air with your legs straight out 6 inches, you “flutter” kick (legs up and down) the air.

  • 5 Second Break

Scissor Kicks: Scissor kicks are similar to 6-inch kicks in that your legs are still 6 inches above the ground and “scissor” (side to side) across each other.

Rep the three-exercise set, taking a short pause between each repetition if necessary. And, lest I forget, **Always Remember, Proper Form Is Always Better Than Anything**

  • 6 Inches
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Scissor Kicks

Take a break.

Sport Number 5: Track & Field

Ladders – 15: Ladders are nothing more than *high* knees. There’s no need to overcomplicate this — the 15 refers to seconds. Make sure you pump your arms.

  • Take a break.

30 Ladders

  • Take a break.

45 Ladders

  • Take a break.

Ladders – 60: Pace yourself and save your sprint for the final 15 seconds.

  • Take a break.

45 Ladders

  • Take a break.

30 Ladders – Sprint…Really!

  • Take a break.

Ladders – 15: Sprint once again.

  • Take a break.

Others Insanity Max Interval Sports Training

1- V-Push Up

Begin in a Pike position again, but this time “V” your hands inwards (as if your fingers were a “v” and your thumb was the second side) such that the base of the “V” points outwards like this >, Now, using your arms, drop your head into that “V” as far as you can go; the closer your head is to the floor, the better. Believe me, I was in the pain locker at this time.
Take a break.

2- Bronco Jumps

LOL, that’s exactly what I did the first time I performed this since I was so weary when I watched him describe it. I was at the stage where being that much weary wouldn’t make much of a difference. This activity, along with the Pendulum, were perhaps my two favorite exercises from the whole Insanity set when I completed it again. Bronco leaps Begin in a squat (knees over ankles), then use your arms to stop your fall, fall to the floor, and kick your legs out; as your legs return to the ground, perform three hops. Rinse and re-rinse. Did I mention how much I like this exercise?.

3- Long Jump

Begin with a basic jog, then move into a sprint with your knees high, when the signal is given, go down into a low-ish squat, power up in a jump, and land in a plié, much as in the Olympics. Rinse and re-rinse. Perform 5 with your right leg leading, followed by 5 with your left leg leading.

4- Cool Down Stretch

Do them, don’t skip them; this is how you avoid harm.


How long is insanity max interval sports training?

This exercise is pretty unusual in that it is entirely different from all of the other Insanity exercises — it is one of the longest Insanity exercises at about 55 minutes, and it is for Sports Training: football, basketball, baseball, and so on.

What is insanity Max Interval Circuit?

It’s a fantastic 60-day advanced cardio program, with the first four weeks being insane. This is one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult, workouts I’ve done in the whole Insanity series.

What is max interval training?

Max interval training is interval training in which you work as hard as you can for three minutes at a time, with a 30-second rest break in between. Exercising at this high-intensity level, according to the Insanity website, may help you burn up to 1,000 calories each hour.

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