Insanity Dig Deeper and Fit Test [Review]

Insanity is a combination of plyometric and circuit training. This is what I get wet dreams about :p, Let’s get that out of the way first if you’re unfamiliar with plyometric activities.

Plyometrics: A style of exercise training that focuses on producing quick, strong motions. These sorts of activities activate the Central Nervous System (CNS) and significantly improve athletic performance. Plyometrics, in particular, is sometimes referred to as explosive movement training. In other words, plyometrics refers to nearly any sort of workout that involves rapid, explosive movements.

That is plyometrics in a nutshell. No, you do not have to be an athlete to begin this kind of training, and it is, in my opinion, the finest method to keep in shape. Personally, I dislike going to the gym and doing weights for an hour. It becomes dull after a while, and although I understand the benefits of weight training, most people, particularly men, overdo it and totally disregard any form of circuit or plyometric training.

As a result, they are essentially a one-trick pony. They can bench press 450 pounds five times, but they can’t jog a mile in under 30 minutes or perform any cardiovascular exercise for more than 30 minutes without vomiting. To put it another way, if you aren’t currently practicing plyometric activities, START NOW.

The first thing I noticed about Shaun-T (the instructor) when I first put the DVD in was that he reminded me of Quentin Rampage Jackson’s (ex UFC champ) light-skinned younger brother. When I was alone in my living room, I genuinely yelled out loud at the TV, “Dude, you look like Rampage Jackson’s younger brother.” Please tell me these men aren’t brothers.

What is The Dig Deeper On Insanity Workout?

This is the video’s hype part. Basically, it goes through how hard the DVDs will kick your rear, how fantastic you’ll look in ‘X’ number of days, and then throw some shots of some nice-looking folks performing some plyometric exercises inside a gymnasium.

They show off their abs and make you excited about the program. The host discusses the program’s fundamentals. He’s seated on a seat in what seems to be a high school gym, telling you it’s Interval Training. To be honest, the movie starts off looking like a porn film, but then the presenter has a really soothing voice…like a porn star, and it’s really very amusing. He then simply describes how most people conduct interval training, followed by how he does it.

The concept is excellent; I won’t get into specifics, but it seems difficult to even to me. The first half of the DVD is just about 5 minutes long, but it does a wonderful job of getting you excited. I’m already excited about participating in the program since I like plyometric exercises.

Because I’ve previously completed the P90X program, the structure is extremely familiar to me and is true to how Beachbody prepares videos, so if you’re acquainted with P90X and the arrangement of the videos, this is comparable with minor differences.

The last segment of the DVD’s Dig Deeper portion provides the fundamental maneuvers that will be used throughout the program:


Jumps are just jumping up and down, but a plyometric leap involves utilizing your whole body to leap, which improves your explosive capacity. Consider leaping from a standstill to as high as you can, but then reducing the effort to approximately a third so you can do it again. Yes, you are getting into the air with each hop. So you don’t harm yourself, land gently!


Squats are the same as leaps, only you don’t leap in the air and you don’t utilize the same intensity. Everything is the same except for the leaping in the air. These are the fundamental movements of every plyometric/sports training routine.


Planks are similar to push-ups in that you are in the top position of a push-up, hands slightly wider than your shoulders, only make sure your torso is precisely straight, and keep that butt down.


The C-Sit involves sitting on your buttocks with your body and legs “V” ed out so that the only item on the floor is your buttocks and your hands, which are near your buttocks. In this posture, you may do scissor kicks and a variety of other core exercises. The C-Sit is so named because your back is rounded when sitting on the floor.

Overall, it does a decent job of hype-ing up the program, but because we haven’t done anything yet, I’ll save my Charles Face rating till the finish.

Insanity Dig Deeper Fit Test

Okay, I view this as a baseline fitness test that you perform before beginning the Insanity DVDs to see where you are. So far, this is one of the finest features I’ve seen in any fitness/exercise DVD box set, since most training programs I’ve done in the past merely get you started.

Although Bill Phillips did this in the late 1990s with his Body for Life program, it was in book form. Personally, I believe it is one of the most important things you can do before beginning any program, whether it be an exercise program or not.

The idea behind this is to determine your current fitness level in order to track your development in the future. Consider it a beginning point. It’s difficult to know or measure how far you’ve come if you don’t know where you began. So, when watching this DVD, make sure you have a pen and paper ready. The Fit Test will be performed every two weeks in this program.

So, first and foremost, you begin with some warm-up exercises to get your blood moving. It is critical that you do this since you need to raise your core temperature in order to avoid injuries and work out for longer periods of time.

If you are new to exercising out, this may seem strange, but you must raise your core temperature PRIOR to beginning any activity. This is one of the most common reasons why individuals who are just starting out quit. It becomes difficult, and they harm themselves, and eventually, they cease. Worse, Worse, Worse.

Insanity Dig Deeper Workout

1- Warm-up

The warm-up consists of a few minutes of easy jogging in place followed by some jumping jacks. You then quickly go into some Heisman runs side to side, followed by 1+2+3 Heismans and butt kicks. After your Heismans, you’ll execute some high kicks, followed by mummy kicks. If you are unfamiliar with these workouts, there is a compelling argument to purchase the DVD.

2- Stretching

The stretching comprises only upper and lower body stretches. This is very vital; if you are new to any fitness routine, you must stretch your muscles to avoid cramping and injuring yourself.

3- Switch Kicks

The Fit Test begins with this activity. Switch Kicks are exactly what they sound like: you leap into position and kick your legs out in front of you. Remember that this is a plyometrics workout, therefore ALL of your Fit test exercises will include sprinting, leaping, or doing very rapid repeated movements. The object is to complete as many switch kicks as possible in the allocated period. When I performed this exercise, it was really simple for me. There’s no need to worry.

**Minor Rest

4- Power Jacks

Power Jacks are jumping jacks that are used to do squats in the down position. Again, if you are (used to) working out, this is a really simple motion. I had no issue with them, however, I did grow fatigued from attempting to do as many as I could in the time provided.

**Minor Rest

5- Power Knees (aka Coconut Crushers)

Oh well, here is where the adventure begins. All you do with power knees is squat and bring your knee (right or left) to the opposite side of your body to your hands as if you were crushing a coconut in your palms with your knee.

This exercise is known as coconut crushers by me, whereas power knees are known by them. ToMAto is an abbreviation for tomato. You’ll see why I say “Oh Boy” when you get to about 70 or 80. Again, you’re doing as much as you can in the time provided. This is known as a ‘burn-out tactic.

**Minimal Rest.

6- Power Jumps

These were painful if you had previously gone full force with the power knees. Jump into the air and bring your knees to your hands at around waist height in this workout. If you performed a lot of power knees, you’ll feel it. This is fantastic! This is the stuff that fantasies are built of! Yes, I am aware that I am a geek.

**Minimal Rest

7- Globe Jumps (aka box jumps)

This is a difficult maneuver to execute on a regular basis. You do a squat leap (just as it sounds) while leaping in a box, or you leap to the four corners of your fictitious box. Four hops in a box equal one repeat. Don’t expect to complete a lot of them unless you’re a super freak animal or just half-assed it in the prior workouts.

**Minimal Rest

8- Suicide Jumps

These things are a lot of fun, and if you like working, here is where the magic occurs. These are a little difficult to explain, but here goes. A suicide jump is a cross between a plank and a leap. You begin by standing up, then squat down in the plank position, keeping your upper body and arms planted, then swing your buttocks down to almost touching the floor, while pushing up your buttocks and knees into your chest so that you land in a squatting position, then jump in the air, this is one rep, with each jump you a.

You must perform this movement as many times as possible in the allocated period. If it seems difficult, it is because it is if done well. It is critical that you maintain a strong core throughout the workout. Remember that form is always half the show; if you don’t have it, you’re simply tricking yourself.

9- Push-up Jacks

This is precisely what it sounds like. You are simultaneously doing a push-up and a jumping jack. When you are in the down position, your legs are spread, and when you are in the up position, your legs are together. This was by far the most difficult exercise for me. I can go through the rest of the workouts, but this one really put me in the pain locker.

**Minimal Rest

10- Low Plank Oblique

So, if you’ve made it this far, congrats. This is the last exercise.

A low plank is a standard plank performed on your elbows, with each knee (alternating right and left) brought to your chest from the side, similar to executing mountain climbers with your legs out. Make an effort to strike it as hard as you can. This is your starting place for improvement.

11- Cool Down

We basically perform a series of stretches to protect you from stiffening up during the cool down.

Overall, I like the exercise. It has less of a large production feel than the P90X DVDs manufactured by the same firm, which makes it that much better in my view. I only wish they featured an obese woman or guy straining to execute the exercises in the background to keep me motivated. So far, so good; I’m looking forward to the rest of the exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do the insanity fit test?

You begin with a Jog, then proceed with Jumping Jacks, Heisman, 123 Heisman, Butt Kicks, High Knees, and Mummy Kicks.

The Warm Up will provide you with your initial impression of your fitness level. Warming up in the standard Insanity Workouts is usually three rounds of roughly three minutes each. The Fit Test consists of one almost 2-minute round. There is a considerable difference. Again, if you feel intimidated throughout this Fit Test, choose an another activity. My role is to be encouraging and honest with you. You can always rely on an honest evaluation from me, as well as all of my exercise evaluations.

How long do you have to do insanity to see results?

The Insanity program is difficult, but it will take some time before you notice any effects. Generally, you may follow the recommendations outlined below: It takes 4 weeks for YOU to see a difference in your body. It takes eight weeks for friends and family to see a difference.

Does insanity really work in 60 days?

The quick answer is yes. If you stick with the program for 60 days, I guarantee you will see improvements in your physique, strength, and endurance. However, one big area of contention with high-intensity exercises like Insanity is whether they are long-term maintainable.

Can insanity get you ripped?

Insanity is a high-intensity interval training regimen that may test even the most experienced athletes. Insanity routines mix aerobic and resistance training, which is a very effective calorie and fat burner, allowing you to create leaner, stronger, and toner muscles, giving you that ripped appearance.

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