Insanity Asylum Vertical Plyo [Review]

This is an Insanity Asylum Vertical Plyo review.

Let me preface this review by saying that if you are not in good condition, you will be eaten alive throughout this exercise. What is the source of my theory? That is an excellent question. I’m assuming you’re familiar with Power Jumps. We perform some [ONE LEGGED POWER JUMPS] towards the end of the exercise! Yes, one-legged; if that sounds like your first trip to the dentist rather than your ideal first date, apply elsewhere! Only maniacs…

The following tools are required:

  • Ladder of Agility
  • Power Bands
  • Speed Rope

This video is insane on a whole other level than the Speed and Agility exercise, in that it is more of a strength workout than the Speed and Agility workout, which is simply that, speed and agility. The warm-up in this video was much simpler than the one in the previous Asylum video, but the One-legged power leaps more than made up for it.

Insanity Asylum Vertical Plyo [Warm-up]

1- Jump Rope Split Squat

Squat Split Jump Ropes are just switching feet with a little stoop while using a jump rope. Make careful you land on your toes to protect your knees. Maintain a firm core. **Do not land with your knees over your toes** When you’re at full throttle, you’re in a squat; keep your buttocks back and out.

2- Right leg

You’re doing the same exercise as before, but this time you just keep your right leg ahead; all of the same principles apply. Expel your buttocks.

3- Left Leg

You’re doing the same exercise as before, but this time you just keep your left leg ahead; all of the same principles apply. Expel your buttocks.

4- Adductor Jump Rope

Jump rope, put both legs (knees and feet) together from the left side, stop and continue to jump. Again, squat and slowly push your ass out again. Keep your core strong at all times to avoid back discomfort.

Set down your jump rope.

5- Adductor Tuck Jumps

Jump vertically with your arms in a “T” posture under your chin and your elbows straight out, knees and feet together, and alternating hands touching the ground as you fall down. Land gently this time, and maintain your core tight.

6- Ladder Hop Squats

Starting at one end of your agility ladder, jump forward and backward of the ladder, contacting every box of the ladder as you hop (with a straight back/in squat posture). Remember, this is a squat workout, so you will feel the lactic acid buildup unless you are an ultra-athlete. Even if you have no idea what lactic acid is, you will feel it.

7- Hop Scotch Jump Rope

You should get out and play more if you haven’t heard of hopscotch! The Hop Scotch Jump Rope is made up of two hops in one leg, two hops in the squat posture, and two hops in the opposite leg (get the other leg up to hip height). For the specified time, continue to execute them. **You are familiar with the exercise**.

8- Double Jumps Jump Rope

A straightforward double under jump rope workout, double under include pulling the rope under you twice for each leap. For this workout, you must gain some vertical height.

9- Wide Spider Lunge

From a plank position, “spider” one leg to one elbow such that your knee lands on one tricep, then return to the plank position. Rep with the other leg.

10- Ladder Rotational Jumps

This training is like the one that you have just done with ladder hop squats, but you’ll add a 180% rotary spring (clockwise) to the ladder and hit every box twice each jump. Keep your buttocks down since it’s a hot exercise.

For the time allowed, go up and down the ladder. Jump from the bottom, not the top – counterclockwise Continue your leaps, but this time hops counterclockwise for the time allowed.

30 seconds for a water break

11- Stretch

These should not be overlooked. Stretching is what keeps you flexible and helps you avoid injury. Just ask anybody who has undergone joint reconstruction surgery; they will never have the same flexibility they previously had, barring a technological breakthrough in joint elasticity.

Insanity Asylum Vertical Plyo [Workout]

1- Long-Standing Jump

Adjust the rungs of your agility ladder so that you can leap the whole length of the ladder. Simply long leap over the ladder and run back to the beginning; since this is a Vertical Plyo exercise, you must jump from a squat and push hard if you want to enhance your vertical skills. Why not start at the opposite end of the ladder halfway through the exercise? I have no idea!

2- Fly split squat back

You will need your power bands and your agility ladder for this workout, not the lengthy bands you use for arm curls, but the ones that look like large flattened rubber bands. You are leap scissor kicking (one foot touching inside the ladder with each jump) and pushing the bands out as far as you can while keeping your arms straight, just as you did in the first warm-up activity you performed today.

Choose a resistance band, which is not too tough, but not so easy, that you don’t work. You use your back and leg muscles simultaneously. Do not try to get in touch between jumps with the ladder. All additional safeguards are also applicable (core tight, land softly, knee over ankle).

3- Back Fly Tuck Jumps

Tuck jumps are similar to Power Jumps, except that your hands do not contact your knees in the vertical position. You’ll be doing the identical arm exercise that you performed in the last session. **Know your limits** Maintain proper form; performing it correctly is much superior to completing more repetitions.

4- Low Stance Jacks

This exercise is quite similar to the Adductor Jump Squats you performed during your warm-up. Wrap the power band around your ankles and go into the same posture you did in your warm-up activity Adductor Jump Squats (hands under your chin in a “T” position) using the same band or a greater resistance band depending on your leg strength. Jump your legs out and touch the ground with one hand, exactly as you did in the warm-up, with a straight back and a low stance.

Take off your resistance bands.

5- Single Leg Jump Rope

Yes, go ahead and do it. Switch jumping legs halfway through. Take the heaviest resistance band you can manage. Take out your resistance bands once again.

6- Resistance Power Jumps

Standing back from your agility ladder with your resistance bands around your ankles, feet shoulder-width apart, do your regular Power Jumps, landing with a straight back in a squat posture. Step inside the agility ladder halfway through the workout and repeat the same activity. Make an effort not to touch the ladder with your feet.

7- Resistance Plyo Push-Up

Take another pair of resistance bands for your arms with your bands still around your legs. Push a plyometric push-up (push yourself off of the ground) and alternate with your arms on the agility ladder to land the foot on the regular plank to wide position plank (alternating from wide arms push-ups and normal push-ups).

Remember, this is a plyometric workout, so get as much air as you can in this one. Halfway through, walk your feet inside the agility ladder, then perform the same thing with your feet as you did with your hands. **This is when the workout kicked my a$$** I had to pause a few times during this exercise. There is no shame in it! – This has quickly become one of my favorite workouts! This is essentially the start of me being kicked in the a$$ for the remainder of the exercise!

8- Resistance X Jumps

If you’re acquainted with P90X, you’ll recognize “X” leaps (jump straight up and form an “X” with your body, then land with your feet together). The difference here is that you still have your hands and feet tied together with the same tension bands you used in the prior exercise. Reach down and touch the ground after completing your “X” leap with a straight back and legs bent. Continue performing them for the given time.

Remove all of your bands.

9- Mountain Climber Switch Kick

Switch to a normal standing mountain climber with your arms straight up. Land on one leg after kicking your legs out. Bring your heel up to hip height for this exercise. Get inside your agility ladder halfway through and continue, trying not to touch the ladder with your feet so you fall within the boxes.

Take out your jump rope.

10- Low Squat Jump Rope

Get into a low squat and begin jumping. Use all of your usual safety measures while jumping to avoid injuring yourself. For me, this was the point at which I had to pay close attention and not get careless. When you are sloppy, you are more likely to injure yourself. The distinction in this exercise is that you land on your heels while keeping your toes up.

11- Rotational Jump Squat Agility

Leap in and out of the ladder from a squat posture, then jump 180 degrees (clockwise) over the ladder and repeat the procedure. Halfway through the workout, switch to counterclockwise jumping.

12- Decoy Split Jumps

Step into the position of a standing runner with one leg inside and out of the agility ladder. Then jump and kick the scissors so that the ladder is on the same leg. Try not to stumble the ladder with your foot.

13- Scissor Jump Agility

Jump up and scissor your legs, as you fall reach down and touch inside the agility ladder box (that is behind you) this will compel you to reach down.

After every ten leaps, walk your hands out and do five push-ups. Then return your hands to the beginning position. You will do 40 jumps and 20 push-ups in total.

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