I Have No Time to Exercise – What Can I Do??

Every day, it becomes more difficult to make time to workout, because you are at a loss about what to do.

You’re single, tired, and overworked, and all you want is a little time to put together a decent exercise routine without the added hassle of a baby running about while you squat.

No matter how good the time management abilities are, finding time to workout seems to be difficult.

The thing is, you’re eager to get out. Working out is something you love. You are, in particular, one of those people who enjoys working out. There’s just one problem. You don’t have time to exercise! Your day is hectic and jam-packed with events. Everything around you is sucking up your attention, leaving you with little time for yourself. You’re weak, irritable, and have a couple fewer notches in your belt as a result of your lack of exercise.

This is what the routine looks like:

  • 1 hour to get up and get ready for work.
  • Prepare the kids – add 12 hours.
  • Getting to work and settling in – 12 hr.
  • 4 hours of work
  • 1 hour for lunch
  • 4 hours of work
  • 12-hour drive home
  • Add 15 minutes to the time it takes to pick up the kids.
  • 12 hr. change/shower
  • Bathe the children and apply 12 hours to the time.
  • 1 hour to prepare dinner
  • 1 hour to eat dinner
  • 12 hr. of clean-up
  • Add 1 hour to the time it takes to put the kids to bed.
  • 45 minutes to get ready for bed and actually fall asleep.

That leaves you with fewer than 8 hours of sleep, which means you have little time to rest, no time for yourself, and certainly no time for you, the working mom, to fit exercise into your hectic schedule.

If you wish to get more activity, you must have a daily routine that you will adhere to become more time-consuming.

If you let your busy schedule take over your life and exercise fall by the wayside, you will find yourself on an undesirable path in the future. Your overall health can begin to deteriorate when you progressively reduce your exercise.

If you haven’t exercised in 10 days, for example, your brain will begin to shift. The MRIs of a group of marathon runners that took a 10-day break from exercise revealed a decrease in blood supply to the hippocampus, the brain region correlated with memory and emotion, according to one analysis.

Your stamina will drop after two weeks, and your vitals may spike. In another report, people who did 8 months of resistance and aerobic exercise lose half of their blood glucose level gains in only 14 days after finishing the program.

Your intensity continues to deteriorate during the 2-4 week cycle. You’ll start to feel worse, and the muscle tone will start to deteriorate.

At the eight-week point, your body fat levels could have increased by 10% or more. Along with the bodyweight, your waist diameter starts to expand.

So, how can you fit exercise into your routine without jeopardizing your critical sleep schedule?

Simply obey these steps:

Steps To Make Time For Exercise-What Can I Do?

I Have No Time to Exercise

Step 1: Make a Strategy

It’s as simple as having a decision to find time to workout. This is a critical move that you can follow as closely as practicable. Begin by making a plan for the upcoming week. Have a calendar and write down what you need to do each week. Simply fill in the blanks for common needs, resources, and duties (kind of like I did above but for the whole week). Set aside time to complete tasks and be precise.

For instance, 6:30 – 7:30 a.m. I’m going to get ready for work by waking up, meditating, writing in my diary, and meditating. Don’t fall into the trap of hitting the snooze button. When you adjust your wake-up routines, you set the tone for the rest of the day.

Let’s fill in the specifics now that you’ve built your simple plan.

Step 2: Get up and go!

Working out first thing in the morning is the perfect time of day for anyone with a small period of time. So, if you plan to start working out in the morning, you’ll need to schedule time for it.

If getting ready takes an hour, you’ll have two options for fitting in your fifteen-minute workout. You should either wake up a little early or become more time-consuming. I’d like to persuade you to choose the second choice because sleep is important for a safe body.

So, how am I going to get in 15 minutes of exercise?

Try planning or even performing any of these activities the night before instead of getting up, showering, sorting out clothing, making a bag, having a little breakfast, and going out the house.

You should shower before bed, get ready to put on your uniform, and prepare and put your lunch in the fridge. These three items can provide you with the additional time you need to get your exercise in.

You will even get a head start on your exercise by doing it the night before. Simply do so as soon as you wake up. Place your alarm clock and water bottle around the room so you have to get out of bed to switch off the alarm and get to your workout.

Step 3: Be An Active Watcher

Spend your time working out whether you already have a built-in “me time” for your favorite show. This is a perfect way to multitask and have a “mental break” while still offering the body a much-needed tune-up.

Prepare your routine ahead of time or get an activity video on your computer to go along with while you watch. Get any aerobic devices that you can use for days when you aren’t attending lessons or strength exercises.

Since your whole mind is concentrated on your next Netflix television series movie, this move alone will make your workouts feel shorter (if you don’t like working out).

Step 4: Get Your Meals Ready

Prepare the weekly meal plan on Sunday before the start of the week. Pick up the food for the week at the supermarket shop. Prep the meals for a portion of the day. Cook, cut, slice, and divide the meal into portions that can be used during the week.

Divide meals into plastic Tupperware containers. Purchase dishwasher-safe Tupperware that stacks well. Organize the refrigerator so you can quickly see what’s in the freezer for your next dinner.

These days away from work are critical to ensuring your productivity throughout the week.

Step 5: Do An Express Workout

You’ve managed to get in 15 minutes of exercise. Not only are you getting the most out of your day, but you’re still getting the most out of your exercise.

You must schedule the exercise ahead of time in order to finish an express workout.

To make the most of your time, remember to perform compound raises, take ten-second water breaks, and split up your workout into short circuits that target different muscle groups so you can relax some while carrying out others.

These quick exercises may be completed in the morning, at lunch, after work, or right before bed.

There’s no reason that you can’t incorporate a fifteen-minute exercise into your schedule.

Step 6: During the day, look for 5-minute time slots.

Making time to exercise as a full-time working mom is as easy as scheduling many 5-minute fitness sessions during the day. If you don’t have enough flexibility to fit in a fifteen-minute exercise, the next best option is to assess your time management abilities and schedule many mini-workouts during the day.

When you first wake up in the morning, run in spot. At college, use a standing desk or a treadmill. Instead of taking the lift, take the stairs. Try parking further away from the office’s front entrance. When you get home, do some fast pushups or lunges. When brushing your teeth, do a series of squats.

When it comes to fitness, everything benefits and is helpful to the body.

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Step 7: Set and Track Goals

When you set down your goals, you are far more likely to reach them. Those who write down their targets were 33 percent more likely to achieve them than someone who conceived conclusions in their minds, according to one report. According to Grant Cardone, author of “The 10X Rule,” you can write down your targets twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. If you wish to reach them, you can have them at the back of your mind at all times.

Set targets that are important, precise, attainable, and time-bound. If you want to drop ten pounds in three months, write it down and post it somewhere you’ll see it every day, either on your refrigerator, in the bathroom mirror, or near your desk. Keep tabs on your success. Hold yourself to a higher standard. Maybe your target is to work out for fifteen minutes a day. Set a target and keep track of it. It’s the most reliable long-term strategy.

Step 8: Exercise on weekends

If you don’t have enough time throughout the week to squeeze in a good workout, perform those killer exercises on the weekends. You can also aim to get as much exercise as possible through the week, but weekends are also the days where you have the freest time.

Try out one of these 5-weekend activities:

  1. Rather than staying in until 10 a.m., start your Saturday by waking up and having a good workout in. Try HIFT (high-intensity functional training), meditation, walking, or something else that can have the heart racing.
  2. Make time for certain outdoor activities. Take a walk around the lake or take your kids to the park to get some much-needed sunshine. Every now and then, take a break and perform some pushups. Along the way, throw in any squats and lunges.
  3. Visit the zoo. At the zoo, you can comfortably walk 10,000 steps in a day. Make use of a pedometer to keep track of the moves.
  4. Do a HIIT routine (high-intensity resistance training). Because of the duration of the exercise, you can experience an after-burn impact that lasts for a portion of the workweek.
  5. Take a dive, this is one of the safest exercises for the health.

We get the freest time on weekends. You should use the extra time to engage in some enjoyable and balanced sports.


We exist in a society of little time and resources. Allowing the workout level to dwindle due to time pressures may have a negative impact on your fitness and satisfaction.

Make a weekly routine that requires you to workout throughout the workweek. Stick to your weapons and be true to yourself. You are the only one who knows how far you’ve come, where you want to go, and what you want to do.

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