Best Tips to Start Training: How to Start Exercising

If this year you want to leave the sedentary lifestyle aside for good and for this you have already started training, we leave the best tips to not lose motivation and prolong the exercise over time.

Advance little by little and with patience

The first thing is to set objective and simple goals to achieve it, so as to move gradually towards an active life with regular training.

If we go from the couch to wanting to run 10 kilometers in one day, we will surely lower our arms before the time when we perceive an effort that is too intense and incapable of sustaining it over time.

Therefore, it is advisable to make progress towards the goal with patience, gradually increasing the intensity or duration of the exercise we perform.

Record your progress every day

To check that our effort is worthwhile and encourage us to continue training, it is very helpful to record your progress every day.

We can use mobile applications or gadgets that allow us to see the positive changes due to regular training, or we can record with pencil and paper if we reduce or gain centimeters in some parts of the body, if we subtract kilos and fat, or if we gain speed or add kilometers traveled.

Make a place in your agenda

It is essential to establish habits that are repeated every day or on a regular basis over time. For that reason, we do not advise to leave training for when we have time, but to make a place in the agenda for it.

Committing to a regular schedule on certain days of the week can be very helpful to sustain training over time. Therefore, we advise to clear our agenda and place the exercise session as one more task in the day that we need to accomplish and do not want to postpone.

Treat yourself to clothes, sneakers, or other sports equipment

When you see progress or as an incentive, you can give yourself sports clothes, sneakers, or some other useful object for your exercise sessions from time to time.

Subscription to a fitness center, a gadget, or the annual payment of an application that encourages us to train and allows us to record progress every day can also be good gifts.

Receiving incentives linked to training will always encourage us to keep moving, as these are positive reinforcements that will make it clear that our perseverance and effort deserve a reward.

Vary your training routines, try a new sport.

As with everything, we can easily fall into monotony and boredom if we always perform the same routine or workout.

Therefore, it is advisable to vary your workout routines or try a new sport or activity from time to time.

This will not only help us to give a boost to our motivation by the simple fact of representing something innovative and perhaps more fun and challenging but also because it will allow us to see progress.

Our body gets used to always doing the same thing, so changes can be synonymous with progress when training and will represent an incentive to continue exercising regularly, without giving up.

Let the music be your best company

Music, especially if it is to our liking and according to the pace of training, is the best ally to keep us motivated and active.

It has been scientifically proven the motivational effects of music both to start an activity as well as to increase the intensity or duration of the effort.

Therefore, music will always be your best companion when training and we recommend never forgetting it when exercising.

Train with a friend or family member

If you are one of those people who do not like to train alone or find it a totally boring activity alone, we recommend training with a friend or family member.

This way, training will not only be a physical activity but also a pleasant moment with social purposes that can encourage us to keep moving.

These are some tips that will help you to start training and continue doing it without losing motivation throughout the year.

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