How to Install Pull Up Bar Without Door Frame – 3 Ways

So, it looks like you bought a pull-up bar without making sure your door has a rim or post-frame?.

Don’t worry I know you are looking for how to install a pull-up bar without a door frame, for this reason, I will show you 3 methods on how to install it in all possible situations.

how to install Pull Up Bar Without Door Frame

Steps to Install Pull Up Bar Without Door Frame

In this post, we will show you 3 methods to attach your pull-up bar in case you don’t have a door with an edge or frame, as we know you want to stay fit and healthy in the comfort of your home, so you will have total freedom to choose which of the 3 solutions you prefer the most.

Method 1: Bracket Mount Method

how to install pull up bar without door frame

Here are the materials needed for this method:

  • 2 to 3 metal brackets to support the weight.
  • 4 weight-bearing wall screws.
  • Washers to accompany the screws (only 4, although optional).

NOTE: Be sure to drill through the lintel beam of the door entry, as we will be placing brackets that function as hooks and will be at right angles and there is a possibility that the wall will break the screws.

Step 1: Take measurements with a pencil

Simply hold your pull-up bar up at the doorway, as you would normally mount it if you were in a framed doorway.

Then locate the spot on the wall where you want to position or hook your pull-up bar.

Then mark the inside ends of the bar with a pencil, to use as a reference for drilling the hole.

Step 2- Mount Your Bracket

Before you start assembling the bracket you must make sure that your bracket has studded holes, that the diameter of the holes fits the screws tightly and that it is capable of supporting weight.

Once this is verified, the first thing we will do is align the bracket with the pencil marks we made on the wall in step 1, and make sure your bracket is in an “L” shape and not upside down on the wall.

Next, place one of your screws into one of the holes at the end of the bracket and prepare to drill into the wall.

Drill into the wall with the bolt until the bracket touches the wall and repeat the same procedure with the other holes in the bracket, i.e. one at each end.

Step 3: Verify if the support is stable

Place your pull-up bar on the bracket we just installed, we will do this to make sure our bracket is stable, so you can hang a little to test.

In the event that the bracket starts to pull away from the wall or feels insecure, you should probably tighten the screws a little more or add some extra screws to your bracket or accompany them with washers.

Method 2: Mounting on Wood Block

how to install pull up bar without door frame

Materials needed for this method:

  • Approximately 1-inch thick wooden board.
  • Mounting tape.
  • A washcloth and a Soap.

In the event that you don’t want to drill your wall, this method will surely help you, as you will only use a double-action or mounting tape and a wood-like molding to hang the hook of our pull-up bar on it.

However, for peace of mind and safety, it is advisable to drill the woodblock into the wall.

Step 1: Woodcutting

We will need a flat, rectangular-shaped piece of wood board about 3 inches high and about 1 inch thick.

Here you can use a piece of disconnected door molding or a slat.

In the event that you don’t have a piece of wood with the dimensions described, you can cut a length of wood to fit the length of the pull-up bar hook.

Step 2: We will clean the wall

Next, you must clean the wall at the top of the door, just above the door, as a clean surface ensures the adhesion of the mounting tape.

Simply use a dab of soap and a washcloth to clean the top of the door and dry the wall surface for better adhesion.

Step 3: Mount the plate

On the perimeter and in the center section of the side of the board you decided to stick on the wall apply your mounting tape, we do this for safety.

Now completely align your board horizontally in the exact location where you will place your table.

Then push down on the board with constant pressure, we do this for about 1 minute. We do this so that the mounting tape and the wall have good adhesion.

NOTE: Make sure your mounting tape is highly resistant, because if you use the wrong tape, the wood may come off the wall when you are training.

Therefore we always suggest that you drill your wall for extra security.

Step 4: Time to test your mount

Once your board has fully adhered to the wall, attach your pull-up bar and wait 5 minutes before hanging to test its stability.

We recommend that you start your workout the next day after doing this method.

Method 3: Wall Hook Method

how to install pull up bar without door frame

Materials we will need for this method:

  • 4 weight-bearing wall studs.
  • 2 wall plugs, one general one would be fine.

In this method we will use 2 wall studs to hold the domino bar, replacing the edge of the door.

If we go to the first mounting method you will see that it is quite similar to the bracket mounting method.

In this method, again we will locate the lintel beam that is just above the door where we will place our pull-up bar to drill into the wall.

Step 1: Mount the hooks

Before you start mounting our wall hooks, make sure the hooks are drill-in hooks and not adhesive hooks, as adhesive hooks are not very secure and may fall off.

Take this suggestion, as wall hooks that are drilled can support a lot of body weight.

Step 2: Hook alignment

Before you start drilling, make sure that the 2 hooks you will place are lined up in the right place on your wall.

In order for the pull-up bar to hold the wall properly, the height where you will place your hooks must be adequate, so use a pencil to mark the exact spots where you will place them.

Once you have lined up your 2 hooks, you can drill the hooks into the wall.

Step 3: Testing the Hooks

Never forget to test your pull-up bar before you start your daily workout.

Therefore we always recommend hanging for about 1 minute to make sure your wall hooks are fully supported.

How to Assemble a Doorway Pull Up Bar

How To Install Pull Up Bar Without Screws

How to Install Pull Up Bar Without Door Frame

Step 1: Extend the drawbar

The first thing we are going to do is grab one end of the bar and twist it until it is long enough for placement.

Then we are going to twist the other end of the bar in the opposite direction until it reaches the length of the stall frame or the aisle.

In the event that you try to move the bar one way and it does not move, try turning it the other way.

Step 2: Install the bar in the hallway or door frame.

Now we are going to install our bar in the hallway or on the door, so we must place it with just enough tension that it cannot support your own weight but is stable enough so that the bar will not fall over.

Next, we are going to take the center part of the pull-up bar and twist it in the opposite direction or towards you, until it feels tight enough on the door frame.

Be sure to twist with all your might until the center part stops.

Step 3: Test the resistance of the bar.

Before you begin the push-ups, you should always make sure the bar is securely fastened. You will do this by hanging your body weight on it.

When performing push-ups, remember which way the bar is tightened or loosened so that you position yourself properly and don’t loosen the bar.

Therefore, hang in the direction that helps you keep the bar taut.

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


If you purchased the locking bar, simply remove the latch screw and release the handle to install it. Then move the latch to the center of the bar and tighten it, followed by the screw.

The function of the latch is to prevent the bar from shortening toward itself and falling out during use.

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