How to Get a Six Pack with Bodyweight Exercises [Steps]

If you’re looking for a simple way to get a six-pack using just bodyweight workouts, there are a few simple measures you should take.

Being consistent with your exercises, eating plan, and aerobic regimen is the “secret” to doing this.

You can perform full-body workouts, follow a low-calorie, nutrient-dense diet, and incorporate jogging and HIIT exercises into your routine.

All of these things together will help you get closer to your target of achieving the elusive six-pack.

It would be more difficult to do this with only your body weight, so I suggest getting a couple of sets of dumbbells to supplement your fitness schedule.

To get a six-pack of bodyweight workouts, follow these moves.

Steps to Get a Six Pack with Bodyweight Exercises

Step 1: Adjust The Diet

How to Get a Six Pack with Bodyweight Exercises

Fixing the diet is the first and most important phase of having a six-pack with just bodyweight workouts.

To see the abs as a guy, you’ll need to get down to a body fat percentage of 5-6 percent.

It isn’t to say you can’t eat something.

Salads, organic oils, fresh ginger, fresh basil, mango, lettuce, beans, peanuts, broccoli, chicken, and salmon are also good sources of nutrients.

On Sunday, plan out your week.

Prepare your meals ahead of time, save them in containers to eat during the week, and stick to a schedule.

There’s no need for cheat meals. Dessert isn’t needed, and alcoholic drinks aren’t required.

Both of these aspects can only serve to deter you from achieving your objectives.

Try not to slip into the eating-out societal vortex. You must adhere to the plan you’ve created.

If you really must go out, go for the baked chicken with salad. Drink plenty of water.

Step 2: Do Bodyweight Exercises

How to Get a Six Pack with Bodyweight Exercises

If you choose to get a six-pack using just bodyweight exercises, you can concentrate on full-body workouts as well as ab workouts.

The more strength you gain, the faster it would be to lose weight and consume calories.

Any home exercise space will benefit from using a TRX suspension simulator.

This will help you to work out in the privacy of your own house.

I also suggest investing in a pair of dumbbells to introduce more resistance to your workouts.

To shape demanding supersets, do full-body exercises that incorporate lower and upper body exercises.

Combination drills, such as the lunge to knee lift, are beneficial. Attach a shoulder press if you have dumbbells.

Do a pushup with the TRX and then transfer onto a pike, then repeat with 10 mountain climbers.

After 30 seconds of sprinting in the spot, do 30 seconds of pushup jacks.

Leg lifts when using a side plank.

Perform one minute of crunches before moving on to hip rises.

You should perform an infinite number of variations of workouts to get a full-body workout.

Combine the stability disk, slam ball, and resistance bands for other fitness devices.

You should also perform the following bodyweight workouts to get six-pack abs:

  • Planks.
  • High Knees.
  • Jump Lunges.
  • Crossover Crunches.
  • Air Squats.
  • Jumping Rope.
  • Side to Side Shuffles.
  • Frog Jumps.

Step 3: Do Intense Cardio

How to Get a Six Pack with Bodyweight Exercises

Intensive fitness is the perfect way to consume a lot of excess calories whilst still offering the core and lungs a good workout.

Stair climbers, walking, riding, elliptical, sprinting, and jogging are also excellent endurance bodyweight workouts that can assist you in achieving six-pack abs.

To offer yourself an extra edge, incorporate HIIT combination exercises.

This entails transitioning from absolute, all-out, rigorous workouts to brief rest.

Try performing as many pushups as you can, then jumping squats as many times as you can.

You might also perform a series of high-intensity jumping jacks followed by rock climbers or burpees. Then do sit-ups as a follow-up.

The possibilities are limitless.

Use these stories, as well as some of your own, to ensure that you have the upper hand in your quest for six-pack abs.


If you want to get a six-pack of bodyweight workouts, you can focus on changing your health, doing maximum bodyweight exercises, and adding a more rigorous cardio plan than others. Often vary the workouts, healthier eating preferences, and fitness routines. This will not only keep things new and exciting, but it will also help you escape burnout. With various stressors applied to the body, you can lose weight and burn fat, resulting in a series of abs you can flaunt at any time of year.

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