How to Disassemble an Elliptical Machine: A Step-by-Step Guide

Whether you are dismantling your elliptical machine for disposal, adding new parts, cleaning or lubricating the machine, our guide shows you How to Disassemble an Elliptical Machine step by step.

Tools Needed to Start Dismantling your Elliptical Machine

Before you start disassembling your elliptical machine, it is important that you make sure that your machine is turned off and unplugged. Then check if you have all the necessary tools to start disassembling your elliptical machine.

Tools you will need

To learn how to dismantle an elliptical machine, you will first need to have the following tools at hand:

  • To store the pieces in small parts we will use several packages so that they do not get lost.
  • We will need a marker to identify each bag of parts.
  • Insulating tape for the insured and clean cables.
  • A clamp and a screwdriver, as it usually varies according to the type of suit the machine has.
  • To protect the pieces we will use bubble plastic.

Once you have organized each of the tools on the list we can start disassembling.

How to Disassemble an Elliptical Machine Guide

When you have made sure that your elliptical machine is turned off, unplugged, and that you have all your tools you can start disassembling it by dividing each piece into individual parts.

The simplest or easiest way will be to disassemble its body from the pedals and the moving legs, which are the ones that can move back and forth while you are transporting it.

It is recommended that you make videos and take pictures of each part that you disassemble so that you remember everything you have done for the future. This will also make it easier for you to reassemble the machine and you will not have to use the manual to do this activity again.

Step 1: Unscrew the base, handlebars and pedals.

Most elliptical machines consist of three main parts:

  • The moving legs or the pedals on which you place your feet.
  • the base of the elliptical.
  • And the two movable handlebars.

You have to loosen the screws with a key where the pedal, base, and handlebar sections are connected. Then simply separate each piece individually with a screwdriver.

Step 2: Carefully label the screws, bolts and nuts in a plastic bag.

You should always make sure that all the small parts that have been disassembled are secured and labeled in a plastic bag, including the screws, bolts and nuts that have been removed in the process. the best way to do this is:

  • By placing each piece in a plastic bag.
  • Make sure that each label belongs or corresponds to the disassembled part.
  • With packing tape stick each labeled bag on its designated part.

Step 3: Obtain the necessary wrapping and packaging supplies.

To properly pack and wrap your elliptical machine, you must obtain

  • Regular plastic or bubble wrap.
  • You will need pads.
  • Some blankets.

Tips for Packing and Wrapping Your Elliptical Correctly

Now that you have everything disassembled, you have the packing materials you need and the supplies, I will now tell you everything you need to know about how to pack the elliptical in order to move it or to move it.

Step 1: Organize each part

When disassembling your elliptical machine, it should have 3 or 4 main parts:

  • The handlebar.
  • The pedals.
  • The base of the machine and the trunk where the main console is located.

Take each of these parts and organize them using labels as in the previous process with adhesive tape. This will make assembly easier.

Step 2: Protect it with padding

In this part, we will wrap each unscrewed part in bubble wrap or plastic and then process it to add moving pads or blankets to add extra cushioning to our elliptical machine to protect it during the move.

Step 3: Secure each box with packing tape

After each of the parts are wrapped in plastic bubble wrap and movable blankets to protect your machine, we will proceed to use packing tapes to wrap them at each end, this we do to secure them while we transport it.

Final Note

Definitely the elliptical machines apart from being heavy and large are difficult to pack, for this reason it is important to keep them safe when you are going to move it.

Disassembling it also makes the pieces lighter, which will make it more difficult for you.

If you cannot disassemble the elliptical or if you cannot get help before moving it, it is always a good idea to hire professionals to disassemble it for you.

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