How To Cut The Sweetness Of Protein Powder [5 Ways]

Protein powders are a great way to add some flavor and nutrients to your food.

Though they can be sweetened, there are ways that you can cut the sweetness of protein powder while still adding sweetness and flavor to your food.

A popular way to cut down on sugar is by using stevia or another natural sweetener instead of added sugar. You can also use artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, Saccharin, or Sucralose instead of granulated sugar.

This article will teach you how to cut the sweetness of protein powders and still enjoy an amazing taste.

Why Are Protein Shakes So Sweet?

Protein shakes are often high in sugar, which might be the reason for their often-sweet taste.

The most common sugars in protein shakes are fructose and lactose. These sugars are also called “natural sugars” because they occur naturally in fruits and milk.

Some people say that this confuses the body’s system by making it think it’s consuming more calories than actually arrive in the body.

But why, do protein shake taste so sweet? I reached out to some experts and found out that it’s because they use sucralose which is known as the most popular artificial sweetener in the world.


Sucralose is a non-caloric artificial sweetener that is used in protein shakes. It is often used in high-protein drinks because its sweetness can mask the bitter taste of protein powder.

It’s not that the sweetener itself has a taste, but rather it changes the perception of other flavors that are present in the drink.

There are many reasons why protein shakes are always sweet. One reason is that they are often made with sugar, which creates an overly sugary flavor profile.

Another reason is that manufacturers want to make them more palatable for consumers who might not like the taste of protein powder itself.

In addition to being a powerful sweetener, sucralose is also considered a safe alternative to other artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and stevia.

How to Cut the Sweetness of Protein Powder?

how to cut the sweetness of protein powder

Protein powder is a commonly used supplement in many recipes, but it often happens that people don’t know how to cut the sweetness of protein powder.

Here are 5 tips to successfully cut the sweetness of protein powder:

1- Ice cubes

Protein powders with a high sugar content can be irritating to the stomach and taste too sweet.

So when you want to reduce the sweetness of protein powders, ice cubes are a good way to make it more tolerable.

A few ice cubes in your protein powder will make it less offensive and help reduce the sugar content.

You can also freeze a whole banana along with your protein powder and then use a quarter of an ice cube at a time.

2- Use Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder is a substance made from the beans of the cocoa tree. It’s often used in baking and cooking and is also known to help reduce the sweetness of protein powders.

Cocoa powder can be used to cut the sweetness in your protein powder mixes. To make this trick work, you can add cocoa powder right before you mix your dry ingredients together into a batter or dough.

This will only work with powdered proteins that already contain sweeteners like honey or maple syrup.

3- Add fruit

By adding fruit to protein powder, you can boost the sweetness of the protein while reducing the amount of sugar it has. This allows you to get more fat-burning and weight loss benefits.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before adding fruit.

For example, fruits like apples and bananas tend to extract sweetness at a faster rate than other fruits like raisins or berries.

It’s also critical to select fresh, bitter fruits to remove excess sweetness since they absorb tastes better than other fruits.

4- Use instant coffee

Cutting sweetness in protein powders is an essential step in achieving the desired taste.

However, this process can be tedious and time-consuming for people who want to make the perfect protein powder.

Instant coffee is a great way to cut the sweetness of protein powders. It is also good for adding flavor to stews, soups, sauces, etc.

It helps to cut the sweetness of protein powder by mixing it with instant coffee.

Protein powders may contain sugar, which makes them taste sweet.

By adding the instant coffee powder to the mixture, you can reduce sugars that could affect your health or weight loss efforts.

5- Add low-fat Greek yogurt

Low-fat Greek yogurt can be used as a protein supplement to reduce the sweetness of protein powders.

To do this, it is important to cut the sweetness of protein powders with low-fat Greek yogurt before mixing it with Greek yogurt.

Many of the health benefits of using low-fat Greek yogurt as a protein powder substitute are that it is gluten-free, lactose-free, cholesterol-free, and low in sugar.

Mixing it with protein powder will reduce the sweetness quickly, as this type of yogurt is bitter.


What do you do if you don’t like the taste of protein powder?

If you have been using protein powder for a while and you don’t like the taste, there are things that you can do to make it a bit more palatable.

One way is to add a little water and flavor it with some vanilla extract.

Another way is to buy unflavored protein powder and add your favorite fruits or vegetables.

Why is premier protein so sweet?

A lot of people wonder why premier protein shakes taste so sweet. Protein shakes are made with whey which has a high concentration of lactose, or milk sugars that are easy to digest.

When you mix whey protein powder with liquid, the lactose is released into the solution and it tastes sweet because the lactose has a lower molecular weight than glucose (sugar) does.

How do you change the taste of protein powder?

It is not always easy to change the taste of protein powder because it contains different ingredients.

One way to do it is by using other flavorings such as fruits or vegetables because they will add an unexpected element to the flavor.


Overall, it is safe to say that if you’re looking for a protein powder that is low calorie and low sugar, choosing a powder with coconut oil as one of its main ingredients will be your best bet.

And if you want to sweeten your protein powder with something other than sugar, like stevia (a natural sweetener), it will also be beneficial for your health.

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