How To Become A Strongman? [Here Are The Steps]

It’s a reasonable concern, and one we’ve all considered at some stage. People who are involved in weight lifting and strength conditioning, in particular.

Can you take a regular gym-goer or a random citizen off the street to transform them into a strongman with the right preparation and nutrition? Or do you have to be fortunate and have good genetics to be effective in strongman?

Or, even more critically, when you inquire, “Can anybody become a strongman?” You are, in effect, inquiring.

Can I become a strongman?

Let’s look at the evidence and see what we can do.

Is it possible for someone to become a strongman? Anyone could potentially become a strongman if they wished to participate in a strongman competition and altered their strength training appropriately, but to excel at Strongman, a combination of good biology, committed training unique to strongman movements, and a strong mental attitude to a rather demanding form of strength training are required.

Is this something you think you should do? Is this what you expected to hear?

If you have any more doubts, let’s take a deeper look into the many facets of what it means to become a strongman to see if anybody will ever become a strongman.

What really is a strongman, and what would it take to become one?

First and foremost, let us dispel all misconceptions regarding Strongman.

1- Genetics

You don’t have to be a 7-foot-tall 300-pound giant to win a strongman. In reality, there are several weight ranges to choose from while competing. There are u80k, u90KG, u105KG, and opens. (The letter u stands for “under.”)

There are also events for women in their own weight divisions, as well as seniors for competitors above the age of 40.

Although genetics would undoubtedly play a part in your ability to compete in a strongman, this does not imply that you must be physically large in frame and weight.

You may be a naturally smaller guy (or gal) who is content with a bodyweight of about 90kg, but you do have excellent genetics for strongman and power training.

2- Competitions

Second, you don’t have to pose on the World Strongest Man podium to be effective at strongman.

This is no different from most other sport, such as boxing or basketball. You will also be very competitive at these events, love them, and even play in lower categories if you like to without being a world-class athlete.

Getting to the top as a world-class competitor is a whole different standard of every sport or practice.

Strongman is more than simply a competition for the world’s toughest man. There are several smaller tournaments varying in complexity and skill level. There are also tournaments for novices, first-timers, and locals.

Before committing to something in existence, it is important, to be honest about yourself and your priorities, and a strongman is no exception.

So, is it possible for someone to become a world-class free-weight strongman? Very likely not.

At 100kg, may anybody become an amateur strongman? Which seems more plausible now.

Another post I wrote on the distinction between a bodybuilder and a strongman can be found here.

Strongman vs Bodybuilder [KEY Differences]

So, what exactly would it mean to become a strongman?

While I cannot talk about anyone at the highest rank, I have competed in my first match and have experienced and practiced alongside several strongmen, so I have a fair understanding of what it takes.

In my opinion, it boils down to three factors:

  • Strong Attitude/Ethic.
  • Strong Body.
  • Desire to Compete.

Let’s go into each of these in greater depth.

How To Become A Strongman [Steps]

how to become a strongman

Step 1: Strong attitude/Ethic/mindset

This is, without a doubt, the most critical piece of the puzzle. It doesn’t matter that you have the physical genetics of a giant like an author Bjornson if you dislike lifting weights or don’t have the correct temperament for strongman preparation.

A strongman’s mentality, on the other side, would not be constrained by physical limitations. Take a look at this guy as an illustration.

Although strongmen come in all shapes and sizes, there is a general mindset and personality that comes with being a strongman.

Although it is challenging to bring into terms what this mentality is, you will get a decent understanding by describing a traditional strongman during preparation.

Lifting heavy objects is anticipated, but it is not unusual to find them coated in chalk, tacky, dirt, blood, cuts, and bruises. They will not be afraid to practice outdoors in the cold or rainy if necessary, and will also excel in those conditions.

Strongman gyms are also designed to resemble dungeons with open sections.

Strongmen would not be able to force themselves physically and psychologically, bringing themselves under extreme pressures in order to become stronger.

Step 2: Strong body

It is self-evident that you must be tough in order to become a strongman, but this might not be the case.

Strongman isn’t just being the best at one or two activities like powerlifting; the best and most effective strongmen are all-around performers.

As a result, incidents may be very random at times. Like piling large sandbags into a truck and then moving the van to the finish line as quickly as possible.

At the 2019 Arnold Strongman Classics, you will ride the wheel of suffering.

Though raw power is important, agility, pace, resilience, versatility, and explosiveness all play important roles.

If you’re new to strongman or want to bring an ordinary man or woman to the strongman stage, this is a fantastic place to start.

  • Increase your shoulder power.
  • Increase your back power and endurance.
  • Strengthen the grip.

We’ll go into why this is essential next, along with tournaments and activities.

Step 3: A strong desire to compete

The drive to compete isn’t all about outperforming anyone else and being a champion.

There are trophy hunters out there, but the overwhelming majority of strongmen recognize that the preparation is difficult and that each is on their own path of self-improvement.

Because of this, most competitors, in my opinion, cheer for each other and also lend each other their equipment (such as chalk and tacky) if they require it.

A real strongman desires fierce rivalry for it motivates him to improve, challenge himself, and develop.

Main events

To become a strongman, somebody must be strong all along, as discussed above, but there are a few key events that will appear in several competitions. To become a strongman, you must excel at these cases.

These three motions, or variants on them, can appear in almost any strongman competition.

Overhead Press – Axle and Log

This entails lifting an axle weighted with weights (similar to a thick rigid barbell) or a log from the floor to over the head.

Not only is it taxing on the body to lift it from the floor to the face, but pressing it overhead necessitates broad shoulders.


Whether it’s not a traditional deadlift, it’ll be more like a vehicle deadlift, trap bar deadlift, or axle deadlift.

The deadlift for my first competition was done on a special axle bar with atlas stones on either end.

The deadlift will take several types, but the basic action is the same and would involve a firm back and a good grip.

Carry and loading

This could basically be achieved with something, although the more popular methods are sandbags or stones.

Furthermore, since these events are won by speed, stamina and agility are just as vital as strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be fat to be a strongman?

When it comes to adding power and,  weight, it’s usually really tough to do so without still gaining weight. Fat is both intertwined, strength, muscle. For this cause, many athletes, including bodybuilders, will go through bulking and cutting processes.

How tall do you have to be to be a strongman?

If you want to be a WSM finalist, you should be at least 6 feet tall, weigh 400 pounds or more, and have a large digestive capability. Ed Coan, who stands 5′4′′ or 5′6′′, is the most prolific powerlifter of all time. Over the course of his career, he set marks in four weight divisions.


The lesson to take away from this essay is to avoid pigeonholing oneself or others into believing the strongmen must be a certain way.

People who are into strongman come from all walks of life, some from powerlifting, others from bodybuilding, and some who don’t even lift weights and only happen upon it and fall in love with it.

Everyone is in their own path and comes to weightlifting for a variety of purposes.

Someone may enjoy the movements in strongman but have little motivation to perform, which is perfectly good.

Have your own aspirations in mind, love what you’re doing, and take labels with a grain of salt.

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