Gas Station Drinks: Absolute List

You may be looking for a list of gas station drinks rich in alcohol or caffeine or perhaps some gas station drinks that are healthy for you.

Gas station drinks that soothe your sore throat, wake you up, and taste better than a regular bottle of water, although they are out there they are hard to come by, for this reason, today I bring you a complete list of the best gas station drinks that can even help you lose weight.

Gas Station Drinks List [Top List]

Best Gas Station Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are definitely one of the worst drinks for your body, try to never drink this drink or at least infrequently unless it is a healthy energy drink.

We recommend you try this gas station energy drinks:

  1. XS
  2. V8 + Energy
  3. Rockstar
  4. Pepsi Max
  5. NOS
  6. Mountain Dew Energy
  7. Bang
  8. Amp
  9. Wired
  10. Monster
  11. Red Bull

Best Healthy Gas Station Drinks

Most of the health drinks you can find at a gas station are composed of vitamins, calcium, potassium, and sodium. They are also largely devoid of carbohydrates and sugar.

We recommend you try these healthy gas station drinks:

  1. Ensure Enlive
  2. Gatorade Zero
  3. Pedialyte
  4. Coconut Water
  5. Black Coffee
  6. Vitamin Water
  7. Bottled Water

Best Gas Station Fountain Drinks

If you can’t stand the heat of the day and just want to consume a fountain drink that has a lower amount of sugar than the others, we recommend you try these Gas Station Fountain Drinks:

  1. Squirt
  2. Sierra Mist
  3. Mello Yello
  4. Canada Dry
  5. Sunkist
  6. Fanta
  7. Cream Soda
  8. Powerade
  9. Mountain Dew
  10. 7-UP
  11. Tropicana
  12. Gatorade
  13. Lemonade
  14. Root Beer
  15. Dr. Pepper
  16. Sprite
  17. Pepsi
  18. Coke

Best Gas Station Drinks With Electrolytes

Gas station drinks with electrolytes that you can find will quickly replenish your body’s vitamins, calcium, potassium, and sodium.

These gas station drinks with electrolytes will provide a great deal of nutrition and explosive energy to your body.

We recommend you try these gas station drinks with electrolytes:

  1. Bai
  2. Pomegranate Juice
  3. Powerade
  4. Vitamin Water Zero
  5. Chocolate Milk
  6. Gatorade Zero
  7. V8
  8. Coconut Water

Best Gas Station Drinks Alcohol

Gas stations and services make it convenient and easy to grab some alcohol of your favorite beverage, whether it’s to go to the lake or have a nice barbecue with your friends.

That’s why alcoholic beverages at the gas station is a convenient and quick option. We recommend you try this gas station drinks alcohol:

  1. Tequila
  2. Gin
  3. Rum
  4. Vodka
  5. Brandy
  6. Whisky
  7. Liquor
  8. Syrah
  9. Zinfandel
  10. Pinot Noir
  11. Chardonnay
  12. Sauvignon Blanc
  13. Pinot Gris
  14. Riesling
  15. Wine
  16. Peroni
  17. Corona
  18. Sella Artois
  19. Modelo
  20. Busch
  21. Blue Moon
  22. Natural
  23. Miller
  24. New Belgium
  25. Sierra Nevada
  26. Budweiser
  27. Coors
  28. Heineken
  29. Guinness
  30. Beer

Best Gas Station Drinks With Most Caffeine

Gas station drinks with the most caffeine are a type of beverage that you should drink in moderation, although it is true that if you need a quick dose of energy, caffeinated beverages are a good option for you.

We recommend you try these gas station drinks with the most caffeine:

  1. Protein Shake
  2. Vitamin Water
  3. Sparkling Water
  4. Energy Drinks
  5. Soda
  6. Tea
  7. Coffee

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Final Words

With this list of drinks that you can find at gas stations, you will save a lot of time when buying a drink. Always try to choose a drink at the gas station that is low in sugar and healthy for your body.

Always keep your body in optimal condition so that you can endure your daily commute. Something that can help you is to look for drinks with a high level of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals.

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