4 Minute Fat Burning Tabata

Using the Tabata method, which is included in HIIT or high-intensity interval training, can be of great help to train in a short time working cardio, burning fat, and also strengthening different muscles of the body. 

In this case, we propose you burn fat and work legs in just 4 minutes, with these five Tabata routines.

All the routines follow the same methodology of the Tabata system: they propose 8 intervals of 20 seconds of duration alternated by 10 seconds of rest.

During each interval of effort, we must try to perform as many repetitions of the proposed exercise without altering the technique of execution of the same, of course. But in this way, we will get more out of the method to burn fat while we work legs.

Routine 1: ideal to burn calories and fat

The first routine, although it works the lower body, is ideal for those who are trying to burn calories and fat, because it uses complete or multi-joint exercises during which large muscle groups are mobilized, which will raise the heart rate easily.

The first 4 intervals of work we must perform: 

  • Jump squats or squats with jump
  • Deadweight on one leg alternating without additional weight although we could add a kettlebell in each hand if desired
  • Jump lunges or strides with a jump
  • Finally, in the fourth interval of 20 seconds duration, a glute bridge or gluteal bridge is to raise the pelvis from the ground.

In the last four intervals to complete the 4 minutes of training, we repeat the exercises of the first half of the routine.

Routine 2: ideal to perform at the gym

In this case, the routine is not equipment-free, so this alternative is proposed to be performed in the gym.

Likewise, we can use home elements such as a high bench or a low wall to perform this routine that includes the following exercises: 

  • Box jump or box jump, 
  • Step-ups alternated with jumping over the box, 
  • jump squat or squats with jump and strides alternated with a jump as in the previous routine.

This is a very good option to burn calories and fat but above all, to gain power in the lower body as it includes all exercises with jumping that focus the effort on legs and buttocks.

Routine 3: to work hard at home

An option that we can do without any equipment, working at home with different exercises is this routine that includes 8 intervals with different movements.

Thus, the Tabata routine, in this case, consists of the following exercises: 

  • Squats or classic squats.
  • Squat jacks or squats with a jump but opening and closing legs in each of them.
  • Lunges or classic alternating strides.
  • Alternating backward strides or reverse lunges.
  • Jump lunges or strides with a jump.
  • Touches to the ground to one leg with the right first and the next interval with left.
  • Finally strides 360 ° ie, starting forward with right leg, side with right leg, backward with left leg, and side stride with the left to start again.

It is a very good routine to work intensively on lower body muscles, focusing on the development of strength and muscle tone.

Routine 4: just two exercises in 4 minutes

To prove that the Tabata method is very simple to put into practice and that it not only allows you to train effectively in a short time, here is a routine that includes only two exercises in 4 minutes.

Although the workout you will see below lasts just over a minute, the idea is to put into practice the method of 8 intervals of 20 seconds each alternated by 10 seconds of rest.

The exercises will be the air squat which is one of the most basic types of squat and also alternating backward strides. These two exercises will be performed for 20 seconds each alternating between each other for 10 seconds of rest and we will repeat four times these two rounds of exercises to complete the routine in 4 minutes.

Routine 5: without equipment and to raise heart rates

If we want to raise the heart rate and work the lower body intensely on either side, we can implement this routine that does not require any equipment.

The exercises included are: 

  • classic squats, 
  • skater jump,
  • tuck jumps or jump with both knees together to the chest and high knees or alternating knees to the chest.

The last four intervals are the same as the first four so that you can complete the 4-minute workout with only four exercises.

With these five routines, you will be able to work your legs intensely and burn fat in only 4 minutes.

How many calories does a 4-minute Tabata workout burn?

According to research conducted at a recent American College of Sports Medicine conference, Tabata can burn a whopping 13.5 calories per minute (FYI, running burns about 10), and double your metabolic rate for 30 minutes afterward.

Are 4 minutes of Tabata enough?

Tabata training is a type of high-intensity interval training that can supposedly give you similar results to a 30-60 minute moderate cardio routine in just 4 minutes. 

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