7 Exercises to Superset with Leg Press [Here Are The Best]

The right exercise to superset with the leg press may rely on your day’s objectives.

What workouts you can mix with the leg press would depend on whether you choose to base your workout on a specific leg muscle or the legs as a whole.

The ability to easily move from one exercise to the next is the “secret” to finding the right exercise.

As a result, other facilities must be nearby in order for the superset to be reliable and reliable.

The movements you’ll superset with the leg press will necessitate the use of either a pair of dumbbells, a barbell, or the leg press system itself.

Remember that a superset consists of two or three exercises with little or no break in between.

This would not only encourage you to gain more leg muscle but will also have an aerobic impact, improving the heart and lungs and enabling you to lose calories and fat.

Superset the leg press with these 7 successful exercises.

Exercises to Superset with Leg Press

1. Split Squat

The split squat is an excellent movement to combine with the leg press.

Get up from your sitting posture after a series of leg presses, hitch your leg to the top of the backrest, and begin lunging.

Get any dumbbells to make this workout more difficult.

2. Calf Raises

The calf raise is a simple exercise to combine or superset with the leg press.

Reposition your feet and begin calf raises on the leg press machine after you rerack it.

Stand up and get some dumbbells for a simplified version if you want to be safe.

3. The RDL’s…..

The leg press is specifically used to improve your quads.

Combine it with the RDL, which makes use of the posterior chain.

This exercise can target the hamstrings, glutes, and erector spinae the most.

4. Thrusters

Thrusters are another exercise that works great for the leg press.

Thrusters can not only work your legs but can also put your shoulders to the test.

Thrusters are another high-intensity CrossFit movement that pairs well with the leg press.

5. Sumo Deadlift

The leg press works the anterior quadriceps.

Combine it with an exercise that targets the inner thighs to offer the legs a thorough workout.

You will achieve a similar result by varying the position of the legs on the leg push.

6. Hang Cleans

The hang clean is an excellent back and arm workout to complement the leg press.

To easily move from one exercise to another, keep a loaded barbell near your leg press unit.

Doing both workouts together will provide the body with a challenging two-exercise routine.

7. Jump Lunges

The next exercise to superset with a leg press is the alternating hop lunge, which works well as a finishing exercise.

This workout will put the legs through their paces.

Get this one much more difficult by carrying a pair of dumbbells when doing these.


Exercises to Superset with Leg Press

Are supersets good for legs?

Yes, supersets for the leg are good, as it will not only help you develop wider and stronger legs, but it will also boost your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories and lose belly fat quickly. For supersets, finish all reps of exercise A before moving on to exercise B without resting.

What exercise can you superset with squats?

The legs often adapt well to quadriceps and hamstring supersets. Leg presses, and leg curls, and leg extensions, and glute-ham raises, squats, and stiff-legged deadlifts are also examples of supersets.

Are supersets good for building muscle?

Since you are doing two compound exercises one after the other, compound supersets will show incredible muscle development in a very short period of time. Since this sort of superset helps the muscles to relax for a brief amount of time, you would be able to gain power as well as height.


When looking for the right movement to superset with the leg press, choose one that is easy to adapt to, exercises the muscles you want to practice on, and provides a demanding leg or full-body workout. Choose the split squat, lunge, or sumo squat to work the inner thighs.

Try a hamstring twist, RDL, or hip thrust to work the glutes or hamstrings. You will have complimentary workouts that will help you develop strength, lose fat, and offer yourself a balanced and demanding workout if you do these superset combos.

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