Exercises to Pair with Thrusters [7 Best Exercises]

You can combine thrusters with a variety of exercises.

Thrusters are an excellent way to build knee, arm, and triceps strength and stamina.

The “secret” to finding a perfect exercise to combine or superset with a thruster is to be efficient with your workout and be able to switch from one exercise to the next without waiting.

Choose movements like renegade rows, burpees, and reverse lunges to challenge the thrusters and improve your general strength and stamina.

If you give it your all, your body will be exhausted in only a few short sets.

Pair or superset the following exercises with thrusters. Dumbbells are the easiest and most effective way to do these workouts. Have a variety of weights on hand so you can easily go from one to the other.

Exercises to Pair with Thrusters [Best Exercises]

1- Renegade Rows

Renegade rows may be used with dumbbell thrusters.

Drop to the floor with your dumbbells in pushup position after you’ve completed the thrusters.

On either side of the neck, alternate a pushup with a row.

When you combine these two movements, you work the whole chest, hips, triceps, and shoulders.

2- Reverse Lunge with Bicep Curl

The reverse lunge and bicep curl is a perfect way to separate your legs and biceps.

Since they work-related muscle groups in various ways, this is a perfect workout to superset with a thruster.

The bicep curl would complement the function of the triceps extension during the thruster, and the reverse lunge will hit the inner thighs rather than the normal squat.

3- Dumbbell Burpees

If you’re going to perform a burpee, you may as well use a pair of dumbbells to make things much more difficult.

Be sure you don’t overdo it and use a mild resistance weight to maintain your shape solid and secure.

The dumbbell burpee combined with the thruster can include a demanding and exhausting HIIT exercise, testing your stamina and strength over time.

4- RDL’s

A hamstring-stretching RDL is a perfect way to counteract the quad-stretching thruster.

The Romanian deadlift is an excellent workout for strengthening your hamstrings and glutes, as well as one of the most powerful leg movements for your posterior chain.

Following a series of thrusters, you will enter the RDL right away.

5- Pushup to Pike

Exercises to Pair with Thrusters

Move straight into the pushup to pike after doing a series of squats and shoulder presses.

This mixture would not only work your legs and shoulders, but it will also work your chest and heart.

For a killer shoulder and core exercise, combine the pushup to pike with a thruster.

6. Reverse Flies

Combining thrusters and reverse flies is a perfect way to move from the legs and shoulders to the upper back.

The reverse fly is an excellent exercise for challenging your rhomboids and rear delts.

During this exercise mix, the erector spinae would also be put to the test.

7. Triceps Kickbacks

Pair the thrusters with the triceps kickback exercise for a perfect triceps workout.

If you plan to superset these exercises together, this will not only work the back of your muscles, but it will also allow you a fast break during your thruster set.

Since the triceps are just an accessory muscle category during the thruster, use the triceps kickback and allow it the key muscle mover.

Such drills that can be combined with thrusters are:

  • Sumo Deadlifts are a combination of deadlifts and squats
  • Squats with a split.
  • Climbers of the mountains.
  • Jacks Pushups
  • Squats on a weapon.
  • Lunge Jumps
  • Sumo Squats are a form of squat that is similar to a
  • Lunges with a curtsy.
  • Raises in the front and sides.
  • Punches with planks.

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These dumbbells allow it simple to move from one exercise to the next without having to pause.

The weights range from ten pounds up to fifty pounds.

This range of dumbbells is sleek, sturdy, and lightweight, making it ideal for use in the comfort of your own home.

Exercises to Pair with Thrusters


Pair or superset your thrusters with exercises like RDLs, reverse flies, and dumbbell burpees to make your workout more efficient. If you want to transition from one activity to the next with no rest, you’ll get a perfect HIIT workout that will boost your total strength and stamina easily. You’ll build lean muscle mass all over your body, burn fat, and boost your heart and lung health by doing so. Exercises with thrusters are a great addition to the routine routines.

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