10 Exercises to Pair with Battle Ropes

There are some drills that you should combine with fighting ropes to get a better full-body workout.

The “secret” to a successful fight rope workout is to have a variety of workouts that target your thighs, arms, back, and abs.

Battle ropes can mostly work the elbows, upper back, stomach, and forearms.

Including squats, planks, sit-ups, and lunges throughout your workout.

The more difficult the fight rope exercise, the more muscle you’ll build over time, the more calories you’ll burn, and the more stamina you’ll gain.

Combine these ten workouts for the next combat rope workout.

Exercises to Pair with Battle Ropes 

1- Squat Hops

Squat Hops are a type of exercise in which you perform a series of

Add a squat jump to the mix as you’re always tossing your weapons and the fighting ropes up and down.

The squat hop is a simple movement that can be used with fighting ropes to help you strengthen your quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes.

Be sure to land gently and with proper form.

2- Side Lunge to Curtsy Lunge

A side lunge and curtsy lunge are excellent exercises for developing the inner and outer thighs as well as your glutes.

Because of the seamless move from one hand to the other, it’s simple to pair with the fight ropes.

Combine these two workouts for a full-body workout.

3- Sit-ups

Exercises to Pair with Battle Ropes

Doing sit-ups in your fight rope routine is an excellent way to strengthen your heart.

It may be difficult to keep your limbs pumping when sitting up and down, so wearing a pair of dumbbells over your shoes can make the sit-ups simpler.

With this perfect HIIT exercise, you will strengthen your heart while still burning calories.

4- Lunge Jumps

Lunge Jumps are a form of lunge jump.

Lunge hops can serve to make the combat rope routine more difficult.

They will work the whole leg which will go well with the combat rope workout.

If you can’t perform the lunge jumps, do reverse lunges instead.

For extra difficulty, consider split squats.

5- Jumping Jacks

The jumping jack is an excellent way to increase your stamina while still working your elbows, calves, and outer thighs.

The jumping jack would benefit our heart, lungs, and blood.

They’re also excellent for both waking up and cooling off.

6- Planks

The plank is an exercise that you do not think goes along with the fighting ropes.

Make things more difficult by adding a one-legged plank to the routine when waving the fight cord on the other arm.

If you do something over an extended amount of time, your abs and shoulders can catch fire.

7- Reverse Flies to Chest Flies

Swing the ropes over your chest and back upwards, pressing the rhomboids to close, instead of only performing the normal combat rope wave.

You’ll get a perfect pectoral and upper back exercise.

After a couple pairs, the upper body would be on fire.

8- RDL’s

Exercises to Pair with Battle Ropes

The RDL is an excellent exercise to combine with the fighting cord.

Like a good morning, doing an RDL with the fighting ropes will work your butt, glutes, and hamstrings in particular.

Your whole posterior chain will be put to a rigorous exercise.

9- Ski Hops

Prepare for your next ski trip by combining fighting ropes and ski hops.

Jump side to side while keeping the legs tight together.

Your quads, as well as your shoulders and glutes, will start to notice it after a while.

10- Sumo Squats

The sumo squat is the last movement that can be combined with a fight rope workout.

The sumo squat works your whole body, but it focuses on the quads and inner thighs the most.

For extra difficulty, try keeping the sumo squat at the foot.

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Exercises to Pair with Battle Ropes


When you’re planning the next fight rope workout, make sure to include other stretches that work your thighs, abs, and back at the same time. Combine combat rope exercises for ski hops, lunge kicks, or jumping jacks. This will not only make your exercise more exciting, but it will also take your mind off the grueling workout your arms and shoulders are now undergoing. The combination of these workouts will aid in the development of lean muscle, the burning of calories, and the creation of a body you can be proud of.

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Exercises to Pair with Battle Ropes

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