How to Use Your Dumbbells to Work the Abs

Dumbbells are one of the most well-known sports elements for everyone and that we not only find in the gym but also, we can have a pair at home. 

Therefore, we show you that you can not only use them to work arms or legs but you can also use your dumbbells to exercise the abdomen: six exercises to put into practice.

With dumbbells, we can intensify the work of our abdomen if we use them as a load in different movements, but we can also use large dumbbells as an unstable support surface and thus also demand a great effort to the middle or core area.

6 exercises to put into practice

Some exercises for the abdomen with dumbbells that we recommend trying are:

1- Trunk lifts on the floor.

They are the classic exercise that we usually perform without equipment and when we just started in the practice of movements for the abdomen.

We can accentuate the effort made by our middle zone if at the height of our chest we place some dumbbells that we will hold with our hands, thus avoiding pulling the neck to climb and hinder the gesture.

Our abdomen will find it difficult to lift the trunk because it will have more weight to mobilize and therefore, it will be a great movement to put into practice with dumbbells.

2- Russian twists

The Russian twist is a demanding exercise that at the same time allows us to work the rectus abdominis and obliques and burn calories.

Sitting on the floor with legs bent and feet slightly elevated, we take back the trunk to place it at 45 degrees, and with one or two dumbbells in our hands, we turn the trunk to either side of the body to carry the weight on the sides of the trunk repeatedly as shown in Vitónica.

3- Lateral trunk flexion

It is a movement that has many years of use and is performed standing with dumbbells in both hands.

The exercise consists of bending the trunk to either side of the body, due to contract the abdomen and buttocks, and bend the knee to concentrate the effort on the core or middle area and not overload the back.

We can do it on one side only and then on the other or, alternately, lower the weight on one side and the other side.

4- Trunk rotations

With a heavy dumbbell between both hands, arms extended in front of the trunk, and sitting on a mat, we can perform this movement that requires the work of the oblique abdominals above all, although back muscles are also involved.

The gesture that we must perform is to rotate the dumbbell between the hands to either side of the body, slowly and trying not to move completely but stabilize while our arms rotate.

5- Lumberjacks or woodchoppers

Imitating the gesture of a lumberjack, standing with a heavy dumbbell or two between both hands, we must take our hands from the top right to the bottom left or vice versa, and can also perform the gesture vertically or horizontally.

We will work mainly on obliques and also muscles of the arms with this exercise that although in this case is proposed with dumbbells, it can also be performed with pulleys, bar, or medicine ball.

6- Abdominal extensions

Just as we would do with a barbell or abdominal wheel, we can work the deepest and most neglected muscles of the abdomen with a pair of dumbbells.

In a prone quadruped position, with knees on the floor and hands-on dumbbells, we roll the dumbbells forward, allowing the torso to descend but not fall to the floor.

This is a demanding movement for the middle area but really effective for working deep muscles such as the transverse abs.

With these six dumbbell exercises, you can achieve a complete and effective abdominal workout at home or in the gym.

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