10 Dumbbell Exercises for Shoulders

Dumbbells may be used to do some of the greatest shoulder workouts.

A thorough shoulder exercise, whether at home or at the gym, is the ‘secret’ to massive, round deltoids.

Instead of completing a basic set of shoulder presses, combine workouts like the reverse fly, kettlebell swing, and renegade row to strengthen your shoulder muscles.

Dumbbell workouts should be beneficial to both the shoulders and the arms.

A shoulder exercise without weight is conceivable, but to truly push your muscles, you’ll need to add some additional resistance to your routines.

Try these 10 dumbbell shoulder workouts at home or at the gym.

Best Dumbbell Exercises for Shoulders

1- Arnold Press

The Arnold Press is an alternative to the typical overhead press.

This dumbbell shoulder exercise is an excellent way to begin your workout.

The Arnold press has the advantage of working all of the deltoid heads in one movement.

2- Single Arm Kettlebell Swing

A single-arm kettlebell swing is an excellent technique to get a full-body exercise while concentrating on the deltoid.

You can perform this with a traditional kettlebell, but a dumbbell will suffice.

The main difference is that a dumbbell’s handle may not be as smooth as a kettlebell’s.

3- Renegade Rows

A renegade row is an excellent method to work both the front and back deltoids.

You will not only train the shoulder muscles, but also the chest, abs, hip flexors, and obliques.

Make this dumbbell workout more difficult by doing a pushup jack on the way down instead of a conventional pushup.

4- Reverse Flies

A reverse fly is an effective approach to target both the back deltoids and the rhomboids at the same time.

The reverse fly is an excellent exercise to combine with a variety of others.

The reverse fly may be readily transitioned to a squat, RDL, or bicep curl.

5- Side Raise and Front Raise

The side and front lift is another basic dumbbell workout for shoulders.

Do the single-arm variation to work on your core at the same time.

To truly sear your shoulders, alternate between side and front raises.

6- Thrusters

The thruster is one of the greatest dumbbell workouts for not just the shoulders but the whole body.

Squat with the dumbbells over your shoulders, then stand and shove the weights up into the air.

Rinse and re-rinse.

You will build strong and lean muscle while getting good cardio exercise.

7- Dumbbell Shrugs

The dumbbell shrug is an oldie but a goodie.

Shrugs are a wonderful trap workout that will give you full, trim shoulders.

Fully developed traps, which are often observed on football players and wrestlers, will typically be the first thing noted on expert exercisers.

8- Glute Ham Shoulder Press

The shoulder push on the glute-ham machine is an essential exercise in the YTWLI shoulder and back routine for building the upper back and rear deltoids.

To ensure that you are hitting all of the heads, do all five movements in this regimen.

The YTWLI, which is part of a physical therapist’s repertory, is an excellent approach to stabilize and strengthen your shoulders.

9- Air Punching or Speed Bag

Air punching or airspeed bag is another terrific shoulder workout you can perform with a pair of dumbbells.

A good boxing session will leave your shoulders red-faced.

Add a pair of dumbbells to the mix to make the workout even more difficult.

10- Lawn Mowers.

The lawnmower is the last workout you can perform for your shoulders.

This is a single-arm row that focuses on the back deltoid.

Perform this and all of the following exercises to develop a pair of huge, round deltoids.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 best shoulder exercises?

In my opinion, I think that the best 3 shoulder exercises are:

  • Arnold Press.
  • Side Raise and Front Raise.
  • Thrusters.

How to get big shoulders at home with dumbbells?

To get big shoulders at home with dumbbells you must create a workout designed to challenge the rotator cuff stabilizer muscles and then hit the deltoids from three angles.

As an example,

Begin with the push press: do ten to fifteen repetitions for 30 seconds, followed by a 30-second “rest” with the weights held above. Repeat for a total of two minutes. Rest for two minutes before repeating the technique two more times. Then, without resting, do 12 repetitions of each action (Side Lift, Front Lift, and Reverse Fly), then rest for one minute and repeat three times. You’ve done it correctly if your shoulders are warm in the end.


With a basic pair of dumbbells, you can do some of the greatest dumbbell exercises for the shoulders. What’s even better is that you can complete a complete shoulder exercise from the comfort of your own home. Just keep in mind that you should complete these exercises to exhaustion or as a superset with one another. 

Depending on your objectives, you may combine a shoulder workout with practically any other exercise. A huge spherical deltoid also needs a nutritious, high-protein diet. Rest and recuperate properly, and you will have the arms that many others want.

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