Does Truvia Break a Fast? [Coffee with Truvia Break a Fast?]

There is much disagreement about whether Truvia breaks the fast. Stevia is the sweetener used in Truvia, and it is natural, so this would imply that it would not break the fast.

Others say that since stevia is a plant-based sweetener, it has no effect on the stomach or digestive system and therefore does not break the fast.

The answer to this question comes down to how “breaking the fast” is defined. In most cases, breaking the fast means eating something solid.

So in today’s article, we will answer the questions: does Truvia break a fast? does coffee with Truvia break a fast?

Truvia and Fasting

Truvia is a sugar substitute obtained from the stevia leaf.

Truvia is about 200 times sweeter than regular sugar, does not have a bitter taste, and contains no calories, people use it to help lose weight by eliminating added sugars from their diet.

For those who want to try fasting, Truvia can be used as an alternative to sugar to curb cravings and keep the digestive system healthy.

Although Truvia may not satiate the craving for sweets, it will help you reduce the cravings that come with fasting by providing your body with enough nutrients to support fasting.

Does Truvia Break a Fast?

Truvia is a sugar substitute that can be used to sweeten dishes and drinks. However, some people are concerned about whether Truvia breaks the fast.

The answer is “yes and no,” and the reason is that it depends on what your fast entails.

Truvia, for example, will break your fast if you are fasting from carbohydrates, but it will not break your fast if you are fasting from caffeine since it does not contain caffeine.

Truvia may work wonderfully for you if you are fasting for autophagy or weight reduction, as it does not trigger an insulin response due to the low amount of calories and carbohydrates it contains.

If your goal in fasting is to achieve gut rest, Truvia is a poor choice as it breaks the gut rest fast.

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Does Coffee with Truvia Break a Fast?

If you are fasting or on a diet, you may wonder if drinking coffee with Truvia breaks the fast.

It is important to note that coffee with Truvia does not break the fast.

The main reason is the number of calories in the drink: each cup of coffee has only 5 calories, which does not exceed the 50-calorie limit of the 12-hour fast.

Even if you drink two cups of coffee a day, that is only 10% of your daily calorie intake.

Does Truvia Spike Insulin?

Much research has been done to determine whether or not Truvia raises insulin levels. For the most part, the studies seem to point to the fact that it does not raise insulin levels.

However, there have been some reports suggesting that Truvia causes an increase in insulin levels – but none of these were published in peer-reviewed journals, so they cannot be relied upon as proof.

The bottom line is that there is no conclusive evidence in either case, so at this time we are not sure whether or not Truvia will increase your insulin levels.

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