Healthy Diet Vs Lifestyle Change: Which is the best option?

With the growing desire to get rid of unnecessary fat and lose weight, the weight loss industry has become one of the most lucrative and attractive industries in the world.

Have you ever asked yourself the question, why do marketers prefer the term “diet vs. lifestyle change” instead of just “diet”, is a good question indeed!

Why do you think that is?

According to Boston Medical Center, about 45 million Americans go on a diet each year, and, believe it or not, Americans spend a whopping $33 billion each year on weight-loss products.

But, despite this enormous statistic, about two-thirds of Americans are still overweight or obese.

What is Diet?

The diet is temporary, with deadlines and short-term goals. The whole term of dieting refers to lasting as long as possible by following a regimen until you achieve your goal and return to your normal routine.

The reality is, dieting feels more like and is depriving you or punishing you rather than feeling like a reward because when you start seeing the first results, you tend to go back to your old routine or old habits of exercising regularly and not eating a well-balanced meal.

As a result, the weight goes back up.

When a person is on a diet, all the food he sees becomes a temptation that he must avoid at all costs if he is to achieve his goal. But, what will probably happen once he achieves his goal or objective is that he will break all his past and present limits, that is, all the effort you put in on your side will be lost.

What’s the Importance of Dieting?

A diet is the best way to lose weight and it is also a natural way. In addition, it can improve your health and body composition if you combine it with a good exercise routine.

The best way to achieve nutritionally healthy values is by participating in a planned training routine and eating a nutritious, healthy diet.

A healthy diet helps your organs and tissues function effectively. Without a good diet, your body is more prone to disease, infection, fatigue, and poor performance. But unfortunately about 95% of people who follow a diet regain their weight in 1 to 5 years.

What is a Lifestyle Change?


Lifestyle changes are when you think long term about changing your lifestyle, for this reason, the changes become permanent and lifelong, hence the name lifestyle changes.

When you do this you are not only doing it because you have a goal or the main objective in making the change, if not to live longer taking care of yourself, that is to say, now you are seeing a broader picture about your health, therefore you will live happier and healthier until you get older.

When you pair your diet versus lifestyle change with your positive outlook another see that the results are limitless, as your body will be healthier, instead of constantly burning and crashing.

How to Make Healthy a Lifestyle Change?

When you want to make several changes at once, a lifestyle change can be a challenge. Lifestyle change is a process that requires support and time so that you can achieve success. It also requires commitment, research, planning, and sticking to it if you want to make a change.

To help them make lasting lifestyle changes the American Psychological Association has given the following guidelines:

1- Start small

Don’t expect to make big, drastic changes, remember that your primary goal is long-term, so give your body time to adapt to the new changes you are making.

2- A small change at a time

I know that many people have the ability to multi-task that other people cannot, but definitely replacing their bad eating or behavior takes time, so it will be a slow but sure process. So if you want success, you have to accomplish one goal at a time.

3- Get a friend

When it comes to making healthy lifestyle changes, it’s best to have 2 or 3 friends with you, because if you are with people who have the same goals as you, it will be more difficult to achieve your goals, but it won’t be impossible.

4- Ask for a support

To strengthen your commitment accept help from people who care about you or if you cannot reach your goals you can only ask for help from a psychologist, that making changes is definitely difficult, requires commitment, and requires time, but I am sure you can do it.

Diet Vs Lifestyle Change


Key Characteristics of a Healthy Diet

  • You will lose weight quickly for a short period of time.
  • Depending on where you eat will depend on your eating habits.
  • Foods are classified as “bad” or “good”.
  • The restriction of your caloric intake is enormous.

Key Characteristics of a Healthy Balanced Lifestyle

  • Well-balanced food to nourish the body
  • Moderation, not restriction.
  • Constant and regular exercise.
  • Losing at least or about 1-2 pounds per week.


Diet vs. lifestyle change has to do with the good changes you are making to your body, that is, you should not have a time frame and you should not rush, because if you want permanent results that will last a lifetime, you must give your body time and nutrients to working properly.

You have to be kind to your body so that your body responds with kindness, remember that your goal is to make lifestyle changes, not to let your body go through extreme hunger, or deprive it of good food.

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