Deadlift Supersets for Max Gains [5 Deadlift Supersets]

One of the strongest exercises for increasing back and leg intensity, power, and endurance is a deadlift superset.

If you’re performing a Romanian deadlift superset, a squat deadlift superset, a push press superset, a sumo deadlift superset, or some other deadlift hybrid workout, the best exercise to combine with your deadlift can complement and improve the muscles you’re working on.

Many of the movements that you can do with deadlifts target the same muscle groups.

Your quads, hamstrings, thighs, back, and forearms can be properly worked with the exercises you can superset for deadlifts.

In comparison to the deadlift, there are other deadlift combos that pair movements that function unrelated muscle groups.

This may be a superset of push press deadlifts, for example.

The deadlift would function your back and legs in this situation, whilst the push press would target your deltoids, upper back, and stomach.

A 55% raise is a perfect way to get your reps in during your deadlift session.

You’ll basically be performing a 5x5x5 raise for a deadlift superset.

For 5 sets, do 5 reps of the deadlift and 5 reps of the paired workout.

This method can force the muscles to raise a weight above their maximum capacity while still growing the physical flexibility of certain muscle groups.

Do the deadlift supersets first to ensure you have enough strength to complete the raises. Simply warm up first.

Deadlift Supersets

1- Romanian Deadlift Superset

The Romanian Deadlift superset is one of the most effective ways to improve glute and hamstring muscle mass and power. This deadlift combination is excellent for toning the legs and back.

Start by doing 5-10 reps of the regular deadlift. You should use a barbell or dumbbell for this exercise. You’ll immediately proceed to the Romanian Deadlifts for another 5-10 reps after finishing this set. Go on like this for 3 to 5 packs.

The Romanian Deadlifts will hit your hamstrings and glutes in particular. These two workouts will have an excellent leg and back workout on their own. One of the easiest movements to combine with conventional deadlifts is the Romanian Deadlift.

2- Squat Deadlift Superset

Deadlift Supersets for Max Gains

A perfect workout to combine with deadlifts is the squat. Both the squat and the deadlift put a lot of strain on the back and legs. As a result, it’s a good idea to perform the squat before the deadlift. When lifting a large weight onto your back, it’s best to make the majority of your power usage for this lift in order to avoid injuring your back or dropping the weight.

If you need to bail the weight, make sure to use safety bars. The squat will work the quads and glutes better than the other muscle groups in this situation. The deadlift will work your glutes, butt, hamstrings, and quads more equally. When you combine the squat and deadlift, you can properly work for the body’s muscle groups, improving and strengthening them.

Don’t miss out on these exercises to do with deadlifts and squats (Supersets)

3- Push Press Deadlift Superset

The push press deadlift superset is an excellent workout pairing for working the whole body. The lower body muscles will be worked by the deadlift, whilst the chest, delts, and upper back muscles will be worked by the push press. If you incorporate a movement like push-up jacks,  a plank, or mountain climbers into three simple motions, you will actually stress the whole body.

You will go straight from the deadlift to the push press if you use a moderate weight. All of these deadlift supersets are strenuous on the body, testing the stamina and power but still providing a fantastic overall workout.

4- Sumo Deadlift Superset

The sumo deadlift superset is one of my favorite workout combinations. The sumo deadlift is a thigh-toning workout that focuses on the inner thighs. Inside thighs are particularly beneficial for core control, injury prevention, and posture. They’re still essential muscles for sports and leaping.

The pushup or pistol squat, depending on your expectations for the day and the muscles you want to work, are perfect exercises to combine with the sumo deadlift. The gun squat will stress your leg muscles even further, whilst the pushup will test your stomach, abdomen, and hip flexors. If you think both of these workouts to be beneficial to your routine, do a triple superset.

5- Deadlift Pull Up Superset

Deadlift Supersets for Max Gains

Pairing the deadlift with pull-ups is a great way to use the lats in the deadlift superset. Pull-ups are an excellent movement for strengthening the lats, forearms, and biceps. To function the different muscle groups in the upper arms, switch up the grip.

Most of the back musculature would be worked whenever you do both the deadlift and the pull-up. If you can’t manage a pull-up, try lat pull down to strengthen your lats before progressing to a complete pull-up.

Are Supersets Good For Building Muscle?

Supersets are mostly used to develop strength, improve muscular stamina, and save time.

Supersets for bodybuilding are done in the eight to twelve rep range with relatively hard weights, while supersets for performance sports are done in the 15-30 rep range with medium weights.


Supersets of deadlifts are one of the most effective ways to work all of the body’s main muscle groups. Make the most of these to increase muscle mass, stamina, and resilience.

Choose your superset wisely based on your workout priorities and use it as a foundation for other big lifts. You’ll see incremental muscle improvements over time if you vary the angles, speed, sets, rep counts, grips, and form of exercise.

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