[Guide] Coolsculpting for Men and Why Men Should Consider It

Men in America are more likely than women to have higher BMIs. It has also been observed that three out of every four males are overweight or obese.

Obesity’s causes are complicated, and the remedy is not simple, but one place to start is by selecting a method that targets fat cells that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Coolsculpting for guys uses the same non-invasive cryolipolysis technique as Coolsculpting for women, with one exception.

The applicator tip is shaped differently to accommodate the male body form.

This guide will teach you all you need to know about Coolsculpting for guys and why men should consider it.

What is CoolSculpting and How Does it Work?

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive body FDA-cleared procedure contouring procedure that uses a device to freeze and eliminate fat cells.

The fat cells freeze and die because they cannot survive in an environment of extreme cold. Your body will naturally dispose of them over time.

CoolSculpting for men is becoming increasingly popular because it can target their stubborn areas like love handles or man boobs (aka “moobs”).

Here’s how it works:

Coolsculpting uses controlled cooling to freeze fat cells, which then die and are naturally removed from the body.

It is an FDA approved, non-surgical technique that can be performed on areas such as:

  • Stomach.
  • Chin.
  • Hips.
  • Abdomen
  • Upper arms
  • Thighs and back.

The process takes about two hours and requires no anesthesia or needles. You can wear tight clothing the day of your treatment and return to your normal activities immediately afterward.

Benefits of CoolSculpting for Men

Technology is not only limited to the female species.

Men also want to look and feel their best and with technology, we can help them achieve their look and feel goals.

Men with a weight problem and who are looking for a way to reduce fat in certain areas like the love handles or abdomen may want to consider CoolSculpting.

In general, the benefits for men are the same as they are for women.

But there could also be potential health benefits to men from doing this procedure such as the reduced risk of prostate cancer and reduced incidence of erectile dysfunction.

The benefits of using this technology include:

  1. The process produces progressive effects, so your fat reduction seems natural.
  2. You will not be required to take time off from work.
  3. Because the skin barrier is intact, there is no danger of infection or scarring.
  4. The operation is risk-free.

What are the Risks Involved with Coolscuplting?

Coolsculpting is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess fat cells by freezing the underlying tissue. Having undergone the procedure, there are some things that people should be aware of.

The risks involved with Coolsculpting are not very great but still exist. The side effects of cooling sculpt are usually mild and tend to include:

  • Redness.
  • Bruising.
  • Numbness.
  • And mild burning sensation.

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks involved and anyone considering this treatment should speak with their physician before proceeding with treatment.

How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost? And What Are the Other Costs Associated with This Procedure?

The cost of CoolSculpt varies depending on the amount of treatment needed and the area being treated. The average cost for one session is $2,500.

The price of cool sculpting varies from person to person and depends on a few factors such as:

  • The area of the body where you want to have the procedure done.
  • The amount of fat you want to remove.
  • Your weight and height.

CoolSculpting is not a cheap procedure because it requires a lengthy process with multiple treatments per area being treated.

This is because it takes months for fat cells to die off after they are frozen with CoolSculpting.

The cool sculpting procedure can also be expensive if more than one area needs treatment because it requires multiple appointments and each session has its own fee.

In this regard, it is essential to meet with a specialist and complete an in-person consultation. This will provide you with a more precise price prior to your first CoolSculpting treatment.

How much does Coolsculpting cost for chin?

CoolSculpting for the chin typically costs roughly $1,400, with each treatment lasting around 35 minutes. It is possible that one to two therapy sessions will be required.

How much does Coolsculpting cost for arms?

CoolSculpting is a procedure that may be used to remove stubborn fat from the upper arms. Smaller regions might cost as much as $650 for each treatment.

Because each arm is treated throughout the treatment, the overall cost of the session may be about $1,300.

How much does Coolsculpting cost for lower abdomen?

The cost of CoolSculpting for the stomach region is projected to be $1,500 per session. Some healthcare professionals offer two treatments for the stomach.

Each therapy lasts anywhere from 35 to 60 minutes. Although the results are permanent, some individuals want to have further treatments to eliminate even more fat cells.

Coolsculpting Male Before and After

Coolsculpting for men’s belly fat

The best way to get rid of stubborn belly fat is to cool it down. Here are the before and after

coolsculpting for men

Coolsculpting for men’s chest

For people who want to lose some weight from their chest, Coolsculpting may offer some benefit by removing those stubborn pockets of fatty tissue from the area. Here are the before and after

coolsculpting for men

Coolsculpting for men’s abs

Coolsculpting can help remove fat from the abdomen or love handles, but also from other places such as the thighs and arms.

It’s a great way for men to get abs and manage their weight without having to go under the knife. Here are the before and after

coolsculpting for men

Coolsculpting men’s love handles

The abdominal region can be a stubborn area for fat loss, but with Coolsculpting it’s possible to see results in as little as 4 weeks!

The fat cells in this area are more sensitive to cold than other areas of the body and when they’re frozen, they die off.

This means your love handles will gradually disappear over time without any need for diet or exercise!. Here are the before and after

coolsculpting for men


What to Consider When Choosing A CoolSculpting Clinic?

Choosing a clinic near you can be easy if you know what to look for.

The first thing to consider would be whether or not the clinic has been certified by accredited medical boards like ASPS and others.

Choosing a board-certified doctor can also provide peace of mind as they are more likely to be experienced and skilled than an inexperienced doctor who has just passed their certification exam.


CoolSculpting for men is a new procedure that has been introduced to the cosmetic industry. Men are now able to achieve the same results with this type of procedure that women have always been able to do.

The conclusion of my paper is that CoolSculpting for men is a new procedure that has helped many men look better and feel more confident about their bodies.

It’s also less expensive than many other procedures, making it affordable for many people. With the introduction of CoolSculpting for men, I am confident that we will see more and more of these procedures in the future.

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