How to Take Your Measurements

taking measurements

Always use a cotton measuring tape* while taking measurements. Have someone else measure you for the most accurate results. Also, for circumference measures, ensure sure the tape measure is held securely and firmly (but not tightly) against your body and is always parallel to the floor. Remember to put on appropriate underwear. If you ride …

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Insanity Pure Cardio Review

insanity pure cardio review

So, given the last video’s disappointment, I figured Insanity Pure Cardio had better be excellent. And it did not disappoint. First and foremost, I must confess that I did not follow my own advice on How to Drink Like a World Class Athlete. Yeah, I didn’t do it, and as a result, I got a …

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Insanity Insane Abs [Review]

Insanity Insane Abs

This is a review of the Insanity Insane Abs DVD. This exercise lasts around 30 minutes and *is* really effective. Is it bone-chilling, Academy Award-winning, P90X Ab-Ripper X good? No. However, for the sake of what it is attempting to do, it *is* quite excellent. The reason for this is because 30 minutes spent only …

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Insanity Max Recovery [Review]

Insanity Max Recovery

This is my Insanity Max Recovery review. Before I begin, might I first ask you a question? How much rest can you get by not resting? Certainly, yes, NIL. Would you want to try my second question? Would you be able to return to your normal level of activity if you didn’t rest? Yep. NIL…again. …

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P90X Core Synergistics [Review]

P90X Core Synergistics

This is my P90X Core Synergistics review. Core Synergistics was the first exercise from the P90X series that I completed. This is the DVD that piqued my curiosity about the whole system. The premise is that your core is the synergy from which the rest of your body pulls. My initial idea was that this …

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P90x Back And Biceps [Review]

P90x Back And Biceps

This is a review of the P90x Back and Bicep DVD. Be forewarned… If you can’t tolerate sarcasm, don’t read this article… You were warned!. This is the last normal P90X DVD. I’m thinking about doing the P90X+. This begins similarly to the previous DVDs in the warm-up. There are no surprises here. It’s nearly …

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