Can You Get a Six Pack from Push-Ups? [Tried & Tested]

Push-ups will help you get a six-pack, despite their difficulty.

Push-ups can only give you a six-pack if you do a challenging push-up routine and eat a balanced diet.

No matter how many push-ups you do, if you eat badly, you would never be able to show off your abs.

Abs are usually prepared in the kitchen.

To achieve the ripped look, you should tone and tighten your stomach, obliques, and arm muscles.

How to Get a Six Pack from Push-Ups

To get a six-pack from push-ups, you must first feed properly.

Consume high-protein, high-nutritional-value meals on a regular basis.

Dark leafy greens, fruit, almonds, lean meats, and balanced oils and fats are all appropriate.

Avocado, peanuts, blueberries, romaine lettuce, lean turkey, extra virgin olive oil, broccoli, new herbs, and a variety of other items are also good choices.

Then, in addition to doing a push-up, you can change the speed, length, pace, and form of the push-up.

Perform HIIT exercises that include push-ups.

Instead of the traditional push-up, try push-up jacks.

Perform as much as you can in a row without pausing.

Include drills such as side planks, cross crunches, and cable crossover.

For best performance, work your abs 2-3 days a week.

Don’t hesitate to take time to relax and heal.

Finally, you can engage in a kind of aerobic exercise three or four days a week. This will help you lose weight, boost your heart and lung fitness, and offer you a greater chance of showing off your abs.

Cardio exercises can also help you function the obliques and hip flexors, highlighting the pelvic area even further.

Do these three steps to increase the chances of getting a six-pack of push-ups.

How Many Push-Ups a Day to Get a Six Pack

If you want a six-pack, you can do at least 50 push-ups three times per week.

As previously said, you can vary your workout by doing other workouts that will help you not only tone and strengthen your heart, but also develop other muscles across your body, lose fat, and offer you energy.

You can move closer to your targets quicker if you can do 100 push-ups three days a week.

Don’t overdo it, just pay attention to the body.

Rest, heal, and hydrate as required.

The best results come from proper healing.


If you want to get a six-pack from push-ups alone, you’re in for a long journey, particularly if you’re eating poorly. You must not only perform push-ups, but also diet well, incorporate other workouts into your routine, and engage in cardio 3-4 days a week. Keep cheat days to a minimum and remain on the straight and narrow. It’s incredibly unlikely to have a six-pack if you don’t do one of this stuff. Keep track of your efforts and you’ll get to where you need to go.

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