Boot Camp vs CrossFit: Which is Better

Whether you are a connoisseur of this discipline or if you have never heard of what Crossfit or Bootcamp is, this article will interest you. 

Because today we are going to explain the differences between these two sports routines that have become so fashionable in recent years.

Boot Camp vs CrossFit

I’m sure you’ve been seeing people on Instagram uploading photos of their toned and fit bodies for a while now, and you’re probably wondering how that’s possible, or if it’s all just posturing (which it is). 

But the truth is that most of these people you follow on social networks follow some kind of high-intensity training, such as Crossfit or Boot camp, as it is the best way to get a healthy and fit body. 

Crossfit Advantages

1. Work of the Cardiorespiratory System

Even being an activity of great impact of force, we force the cardiorespiratory system to work at its limit with the consequent modification in our physiological system.

Increased production of erythropoietin, which is responsible for the production of red blood cells and these carry oxygen, therefore increased oxygen transport to our muscles and organs.

Growth of the cavities of the heart and hypertrophy of its walls, with this we get that in each beat more blood moves, as the heart can pump more blood in each beat and the blood circulates with more force. 

2. Resistance to Muscle Fatigue

Not only do we achieve resistance to physiological fatigue, but also to muscular fatigue. 

By working at a muscular level repeatedly and with short or no breaks, we get our muscles used to high-intensity work maintained over time, taking into account that the higher the intensity, the less time we can maintain the effort.

3. Muscle Hypertrophy

For people who may be interested, with Crossfit we get slight sarcoplasmic hypertrophy and moderate sarcomeric hypertrophy so that we will have fairly rocky hypertrophy to contain many myofibrils per muscle fiber.

4. Fat Burning

By performing this type of training we will get that after training the body is burning more calories in the form of fat, up to 72 hours later.

5. Motivation to the Top

Crossfit is a sport that allows us to surpass ourselves and measure ourselves in each workout, it will keep us motivated and motivated.

In addition, we will release more endorphins in Crossfit than doing any other sport and it will allow us to maintain a more stable psychological state.

Crossfit Disadvantages

1. Injuries

Some of the proposed exercises can be highly harmful to our joints and even tendons.

2. Special Equipment

Not all gyms are adapted for CrossFit work, depending on the city we will find it difficult to find a gym that allows us to train this modality. 

So, if your goal is to train CrossFit, you should go to a center that allows you to develop your routines with a total guarantee.

3. Non-Specialized Assistants

Many centers do not usually practice how to perform basic weight lifting exercises such as clean & jerk, and when performed incorrectly can be highly damaging to the spine, so try to put yourself in the hands of a good professional.

4. Overtraining

If we do not monitor the workloads, or whoever manages us does not take them into account, it is easy to fall into overtraining: that is, we have exceeded the limit of exercise load that our body can assimilate. 

If we notice headaches, loss of appetite, or insomnia, I recommend taking a week of total rest to regain strength and avoid injuries or health problems.

5. Wear and Tear and Danger of Breaking Down

By pushing the body to the limit, in the last minutes of training our intramuscular and intermuscular coordination will be impaired, this leads to poor execution of movements and exercises, therefore a danger to our back, muscles, and joints. 

Try to put the exercises with heavy loads at the beginning of the training to avoid this inconvenience.

Boot Camp Advantages

1. Burns Calories

With the practice of this high-intensity discipline, the metabolism is activated and calories are burned even at rest. 

Therefore, it is very beneficial for weight loss plans, since it achieves this goal in a dynamic and fun way. You won’t be able to stop!

2. Tones Musculature

Tone your muscles in an effective and very complete way. Boot Camp exercises involve several muscle groups, so you will feel how your body is exercised in a general and evident way.

3. Combat Laziness

Many people, feel that they lack a degree of motivation that makes them continue with practice over time. 

Boot Camp military training imposes a certain discipline that forces you to continue in a fun way until you achieve results. 

The instructor explains the dynamics and guidelines, so you won’t have time to let boredom knock on your door.

4. Releases Tensions

And is that practicing Boot Camp, integrates TRX, ropes, bars, wheels, changes of pace … it is very difficult not to eliminate tensions and release stress, practicing a discipline as dynamic as this. 

If you suffer from insomnia, you will surely sleep like never before after one of these classes.

5. No trace of Heaviness

There are those who decide not to enter some directed classes because they are long and heavy. When they are too monotonous, they make us look at the clock to see how much time is left to finish. 

In this way, it is impossible to feel motivated and be constant. Boot Camp doesn’t even leave time to look at the clock. The classes fly by and by the time you realize it, your body has worked harder than you could have expected.

Differences Between Crossfit and Bootcamp

Although at first glance, Crossfit and Bootcamp may appear to be similar workouts, the truth is that they are quite different sports routines. Why?

1- Crossfit is training that is usually performed in a gym or training room where you work in varied ways agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, power, strength … but always following the same routine.

2- Bootcamp is a much more dynamic workout that we do outdoors. In fact, we find that more and more gyms and sports halls include BootCamp in their directed classes because they attract many athletes who are unmotivated with conventional sports routines. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that it has become one of the most sought-after disciplines.

During these sessions, you use bars, ropes, traction wheels, changes of pace… It’s impossible to get bored! In addition, it will become your perfect de-stressor, because with such a dynamic activity you eliminate tensions and release stress. 

What is clear is that in the Bootcamp you sweat a lot and burn a lot of calories, because we activate the metabolism in such a way that even at rest we burn calories!

Also, unlike Crossfit, with Bootcamp, you firm your muscles, but something to keep in mind is that you do not develop them in excess, that is, your body will look more defined and toned but you do not increase muscle mass.

What are the Similarities Between CrossFit and Boot Camp

1- Both aim to develop all the physical qualities of their practitioners. 

2- They use functional exercises. 

3- They use exercises that involve a wide range of motion, such as push-ups or squats. 

4- Traditional weight machines are not used, but materials such as medicine balls, kettlebells, ropes, or barbells are used.

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