Best Exercises to Strengthen Your Abdomen with Elastic Bands

If you have already resumed the gym, you’ve gone on vacation, or have opted for training at home, elastic bands are a good element that you can use to work the whole body.

For this reason, we propose six exercises to strengthen the abdomen with their use and that you can do anywhere.

Among the best exercises for the middle area of the body are those that require its stabilizing function.

3 Exercises to Strengthen Your Abdomen with Elastic Bands

Some of the most recommended with elastic bands are:

1- Anti-rotation exercises

These are those movements in which the middle zone intervenes to prevent the torso from rotating, i.e., it contracts to maintain the body posture.

One of the options we can perform with an elastic band is the Pallof press in which we must pull an elastic band mobilizing our arms without turning the torso as shown in Vitónica.

We can also perform a push-pull with elastic bands attached to a column and our body positioned in quadruped, with one hand holding the band, ie, with three points of support.

2- Anti-extension exercises

In these movements the core intervenes avoiding the arching of the lumbar spine, that is to say, the muscles of the middle zone are contracted to avoid that the curve that we have in the low back is accentuated.

Some exercises that we can perform with elastic bands are called dead bugs or dead bugs holding the handles of the rubber with our hands for greater intensity in the exercise.

We can also perform a reverse crunch with the elastic bands attached to our feet in which we must bring our knees to our chest.

3- Anti-flexion exercises

This group of exercises includes those in which the core is contracted to prevent the hip from turning or twisting to one side of the body.

With elastic bands, we can perform the side plank with a pall of press or side plank pall of the press which is of great intensity and requires great work of our middle zone.

Another option is to perform glute bridge or pelvic raises on the floor with an elastic band over the hips, held with our hands to the floor.

These are six exercises with which we can strengthen the middle zone with elastic bands, working at home, at the gym, or in our vacation destination, since we can easily include this element in the suitcase.

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