7 Best Crossfit Exercises to Strengthen Your Arms

The practice of Crossfit requires a lot of strength and dedication in each workout and with it, you can achieve great results. While much of the work is aimed at the middle of the body, your whole body can benefit. This time we show you the best Crossfit exercises to strengthen your arms.

If you’ve just joined a Crossfit box and want to get your whole body in tune, we recommend familiarizing yourself with each exercise to get a good technique before implementing the movements shown below:

Push-up variations

Push-ups are a classic in any workout routine, but in Crossfit are the following variants the most used and the ones we recommend to strengthen arms:

  • Spartan push-ups or spartan push-ups: consists of performing a push up with your hands misaligned on the ground that is, we will place one palm more forward than the other and with each push up we will change them using a small jump or take off hands off the ground as they show us in Vitónica.
  • Diamond push-ups or diamond push-ups: this is another variation in which the support of the hands is also modified. We must join the thumb and middle fingers on the floor forming a diamond with them before executing this exercise.
  • Rings push-ups or push-ups in rings: it is one of the most intense variants usually used in Crossfit that requires a lot of strength due to the unstable support in which we perform the push-ups.

All these variants of push-ups that are usually performed in Crossfit are intense options to work arms, especially strengthening the triceps.

Movements with weights: kettlebells, barbell, or dumbbells

In Crossfit, the use of extra load is not the most common, although in certain exercises the Russian weights or kettlebells, bars, or dumbbells are essential to strengthen the muscles worked.

In this case, for our arms we recommend:

  • Renegade row: it is usually performed with kettlebells although it is also possible its execution with dumbbells. This exercise consists of adopting a plank position and with the body aligned from head to toe to execute the rowing gesture to work shoulders and arms.
  • Bottoms up clean: with one hand or both at the same time we can perform this movement with dumbbells as a load and work forearms and biceps intensely. The execution is similar to a hammer type biceps curl but adding the complexity provided by the kettlebell due to its unstable form.
  • Battle ropes: in this case, heavy ropes are used as an extra load and can work not only arms and shoulders but also legs or middle body area intensely.
  • Halo: This is one of the most frequent exercises performed with kettlebells and consists of passing the weight (held with both hands by its handles) around the head. It works triceps, biceps, and brachialis.

Pull-ups, muscle up, and others

In addition to the movements mentioned above, we can work our arms intensely mobilizing only our body weight as in the following exercises:

  • Pull-ups or pull-ups: they are an intense movement that Crossfit could not miss, because in addition to working back request muscles of the arms and shoulders strengthening them very effectively. A variant widely used in Crossfit is the L-dominated that also works our arms.
  • Muscle up: its execution involves muscles of the middle area of the body as well as pectorals, and arms, specifically biceps, triceps, and brachialis. It can be performed on a fixed bar or on rings for greater intensity.
  • Handstand walk: if we want real intensity this is the Crossfit exercise that will test us because the weight of the whole body against gravity will be supported and will be mobilized by the muscles of our arms. Not suitable for beginners!
  • Ring dips or ring dips: a very intense variant of the classic triceps dips that allows us to isolate this muscle of the arms and work it in instability, demanding it a lot.

These are the best Crossfit exercises to effectively strengthen your arms while also gaining endurance, toning, and working your core.

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