Basic Equipment For Keeping Fit at Home

 It is clear that any man who likes to take care of himself and look good can not miss in your home a number of basic elements that will help to strengthen and muscle certain areas of the body.

In these times, there are many who prefer to set up their mini gym at home, since the arrival of autumn and cold weather make laziness take over us and the fact of going to a gym is no longer as appetizing as it could be in spring.

For this, there is nothing better than to follow the clues that our colleagues at Vitónica give us about some of the basic elements that should not be missing in our little corner dedicated to bodybuilding and fitness and with a more than affordable cost.

 8 Basic equipment for keeping fit at home


A basic and essential element to strengthen our muscles. The disc dumbbells are our best allies for the home as they take up very little space, being advisable to have different discs of various weights to be able to regulate the intensity.


Having a good training surface is also essential. For this, you can not miss a mat or a mat, either to perform sit-ups or to leave the dumbbells on the floor. The famous fitball can also be used for any type of exercise.

Elastic bands

It is the ideal complement to the dumbbells, they can even be their substitutes if you work them properly. They take up very little space and are very effective for working muscle by muscle.

Forearm tongs

In a comfortable and simple way, we can define our forearms while watching TV and hardly take up space because we can store them in any drawer.

Exercise bike

If we have enough space, having an exercise bike at home will be of great help, especially to work the aerobic base. It is not one of the elements that occupy less space, but nowadays there are folding ones that can be stored in any corner.


In the event that we do not have enough space to install an exercise bike, a simpler and less cumbersome remedy may be the rope. Nowadays there are different types of skipping ropes, even electronic ones that measure the calories expended and the number of jumps we have done.


If we want to work more thoroughly on the abdominals or simply want to find a suitable place to work with our dumbbells a bench can be our solution. Its disadvantage is that they tend to take up quite a lot of space but if you have a large room, a bench will become your best ally for your back.


Along with dumbbells, the mirror is the other element that we could define as indispensable. It is essential to have a mirror in front of us when performing bodybuilding exercises to be able to correct possible mistakes when picking up our dumbbells and thus avoid possible injuries.

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