Ways You Can Build Arm Muscles Without Weights

If you want to achieve arms of steel but no longer go to the gym or do not have machines or sports equipment, we give you one last alternative to train your arms at home, using only your own body.

The Body And Your Home For Arm Training

To train all arm muscles, including biceps, triceps, forearms, and shoulders, without using machines or expensive equipment,

We will use the body and your home to achieve a good physical workout. Among the elements that we can use at home, we find a chair or bench, plus a towel or carpet if we want to have something more than the floor itself to support our hands.

With these objects that we find in every home, without the need for dumbbells, weights, or other sports equipment, we can achieve good muscle training to gain tone, volume, and strength in the arms.

How To train Your Arms At Home

As we have said, using the weight of our own weight and some objects that we find in every house, we can exercise the muscles of the arms through the following exercises:

Dippings or bottoms

Consists of standing in front of a step, or bench, or chair, with your back to it. We will rest the palms of our hands on the edge of the object and we will distance our feet with our knees bent so that our trunk is suspended in the middle.

From there, bending the elbows behind the body, we lower and raise the weight of the body. We will work triceps in all its portions.

Push-ups on the floor

This is a very popular exercise that we already know how to do, we just have to remember not to break the waist but to stay in a straight line while raising and lowering the body by bending the arms.

With traditional push-ups, we will work triceps, front of the shoulder, and to a lesser extent biceps.

Isometric biceps curl

With a belt, rope or towel, a towel, we step on it with both feet and hold the ends with both hands. Flexing the elbows, we pull the object until it is fully stretched and hold the position for about 15 seconds, then rest and start again. We can do this with one arm at a time.

Side walk-in plank position

Just as if we were going to do push-ups, but always keeping our arms extended, we will move to the side moving our hands and feet.

V” push-ups

The push-up is performed by shortening the distance between feet and hands and lifting buttocks, while legs and arms remain extended. Forming an inverted “V” with the body, we perform the push-ups to concentrate the work on the triceps and shoulders.

Clearly, push-ups and their variations are great allies when exercising arm muscles at home, using only our own body weight.

However, using homemade objects and self-loading movements we can achieve an effective workout that will allow you to show off your arms with volume and strength this summer.

Tips To Remember When Training Arms At Home

Like every muscle workout we do, training at home requires some planning, so we recommend working the arms with the above exercises two or three times a week, respecting at least one day of rest between each one of them.

In addition, before starting to work, a brief warm-up of all the muscles to be used is required and at the end, it is recommended to stretch the areas worked to promote relaxation and subsequent recovery.

A final tip is to complement the work of arms with a complete workout and aerobic exercises, as well as a good diet and hydration, to achieve the desired results.

With these tricks and the exercises given above, we can train arms at home, using only our own body, and achieving a real and effective workout.

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