7 Easy Arm Exercises For Seniors

What are the best arm exercises for seniors? The solution is arm workouts tailored to the requirements of elders.

While it may be simple to come up with workout routines for seniors, the difficult aspect is determining which routines are most suited to their age.

This article will show you which kinds of arm exercises are best for seniors and how to do them.

Why Should Seniors Be Doing Arm Exercises?

Exercising the arms is one of the most important aspects of the arm routine. It strengthens your muscles, improves blood circulation in your arms, improves muscle tone, and helps to prevent certain types of chronic diseases.

While seniors are too old to go out to the gym, they can still be doing arm exercises in their living room.

The best thing about these exercises is that if done with intensity for 10 minutes a day, they will definitely give you great results in no time.

Seniors should also start doing arm exercises if they want to maintain strong posture and avoid injuries in their future years.

Best Arm Exercises for Seniors

The human arm is a highly versatile and functional body part. It can be used to perform acts like lifting heavy objects, throwing, punching, swinging weapons, etc.

But as we age the range of motion of our muscles decreases. This makes it difficult for some seniors to perform some tasks that they used to do with ease in their younger years.

Some seniors also experience pain in their arms which requires them to avoid using certain arm exercises altogether.

Here are 8 arm exercises that can help you strengthen your arms:

1) Wrist curls

Wrist curls are a simple exercise that can help people with limited mobility feel more comfortable.

They can also help prevent injuries to joints, muscles, or even the tendons in the arm.

The wrist curl exercise can be performed with your arms in your lap or on a chair.

First, place your hand palm down on your lap or chair while sitting upright, and then curve your wrist so that it is curled toward the ceiling.

This exercise strengthens the triceps muscles, which help lift objects effectively.

2) Arm circles

Arm circles are a simple and easy arm exercise to perform. This exercise can help improve posture, as well as increase flexibility and circulation.

It’s a great way to keep those arms toned for the active summer months ahead.

You can start by standing with both feet shoulder-width apart while holding both arms outstretched.

This pose puts your body in a natural balanced position with your weight evenly distributed on each foot.

Now, with your hands pointed down, gently create tiny circles with both arms pointing forward.

3) Elbow flexion

The elbow flexion is an arm exercise that helps improve elbow flexibility.

It is a simple and effective stretch for anyone who wants to improve their arm flexibility.

This exercise can be performed standing or seated and can be repeated as many times as desired.

This exercise simply consists of extending and flexing the arm muscles. This stretch should be held for at least 10 seconds to allow the muscle to relax completely.

4) Lateral raise

The lateral raise is an arm exercise that can be performed to strengthen the muscles on the side of the body. It strengthens the biceps, triceps, and deltoids.

If you have arthritis or another form of joint pain, this exercise can help relieve some of your discomforts because it strengthens the shoulder joints.

This workout begins in either a standing or sitting posture, depending on your preference.

As you inhale, bend your elbow and raise your hand out to the side. On the exhale, return the arm to the starting position.

5) Triceps extension

The triceps extension is a great arm exercise for seniors. It works on the muscles of the back and arms and is very effective in strengthening them.

The exercise also helps with posture and can decrease stress.

It starts by sitting with your back against a wall and then extending your arm out to the side with the palm facing you.

To do this exercise, slowly push up on your arm until you feel a stretch in your triceps muscle and hold for 2 seconds before returning to starting position.

6) Seated curl

The seated curl is a simple arm exercise that targets the biceps muscles. It can be performed sitting on a chair or standing.

This exercise helps strengthen the muscles and joints of the arms, specifically those of the forearm.

To perform this exercise, grab a dumbbell in each hand, keep your elbows at your sides and bend your arms toward your shoulders as if you were doing a biceps curl.

Keep your elbows pointing to the floor and control the movements with your biceps.

Now gently lower your arms and repeat the movement again. Perform 12 to 15 repetitions.

7) Triceps kickbacks

Triceps kickbacks are one of the best arm exercises for seniors. Using this exercise, you can increase the strength and flexibility of your arm’s elbow joint.

It is also an effective way to improve your posture by lengthening the back of your arms.

To begin this exercise, we will bend over a table or chair. With your “free” arm, grasp the table or the back of the chair.

Make careful you bend from the hips rather than the back.

Position the dumbbell close to the body with the working arm and the elbow bent.

Then, when you push the weight back, straighten your elbow. Return to the starting location once you’ve gone as far as you’re comfortable with.

Perform approximately ten reps with each arm.

Benefits of Doing Arm Exercises for Seniors

Arm exercises are a must for seniors as they can help them maintain their strength and reduce the risk of falls.

Some seniors often think that arm exercises will only improve muscle strength and not address other issues such as balance. However, arm exercises can help with the following:

✔️Reducing fall risk: Arm exercises can help seniors maintain their muscle strength and balance which reduces the risk of falls.

✔️Improving overall health: Arm exercises can provide relief from a variety of health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart problems, hypertension, Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis, and more.

✔️Supporting weight management: Arm exercises also help to manage weight loss by improving appetite regulation and metabolism.


How Often Should You Stretch Your Arms?

Stretching your arms and fingers can help you reduce the risk of long-term injury. It also increases circulation and prevents cramps and muscle spasms.

Stretching should be done at least once a day, especially after a long workday or a long day of physical activities.

Doing this will help stretch the muscles in your arms, wrists, and wrists as well as keep you flexible and prevent injury.

How can seniors get rid of flabby arms?

Sooner or later, most of us begin to notice a change in our bodies. We feel weaker, our muscles have less bounce and we have a hard time going up the stairs.

This change is the result of aging and is not only inevitable but natural.

Senior citizens who wish to reduce the amount of flab on their arms can do this by following these simple steps:

  1. Begin with aerobic workouts on a regular basis.
  2. Get some weight training in.
  3. Eat more protein-rich foods.
  4. Stop smoking cigarettes.

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